15 Summer Must-Haves for Babies and Toddlers

one year old baby girl is playing , splashing in the pool . baby is first time in pool and she is very happy and excited. mother is sitting beside her

15 Summer Must-Haves for Babies and Toddlers

Summer is right around the corner and for moms, especially new moms, keeping little ones entertained during the hot and sticky months can be a bit of a challenge. It’s not practical to schedule several play dates a day for three months, so we have to find ways to make sure our babies and toddlers get the most out of summertime at home without driving us crazy!


15 summer must-haves for babies and toddlers to keep them active and happy all summer long:


Inflatable pool and splash pad for kids

Kiddie Pool

Tiny inflatable pools and splash pads are a mommy sanity saver on hot days. Babies love to splash around in water and you don’t have to go anywhere but your back yard.

Water floaties for babies and kids


When your kid is really small, this float activity center with canopy or this float ring are awesome options. But once your child gets a little bigger, these puddle jumper floaties are essential.

babyganics sunscreen for babies


Most sunscreen is full of harmful chemicals not suitable for baby skin. Luckily there are a few brands of more natural sunscreen that is baby safe and effective, like this Babyganics SPF50 lotion.

Kids swimsuits


Obviously, swimsuits are summer must-haves. You’ll need a few swimsuits for your kiddos and Ruffle Butts and Coolibar suits are some of the very best. They help keep your baby’s skin safe from the sun while keeping them cool.

Baby Beach Tent

Beach Canopy

Whether you’re spending a day on the beach, at the lake, at big brother’s soccer game, or just out for a picnic, this baby beach tent is a must-have for keeping baby cool and shaded.

Reusable Swim Diaper for babies

Swim Diapers

Swim diapers are an absolute must, duh. The disposable kind are good, but I really love these reusable swim diapers.

baby sunglasses


These baby sunglasses are the cutest! I love that they are flexible and durable and have the comfortable strap to keep them on baby’s face.

babyganics bug spray for babies

Bug Spray

Insect repellant is about as bad as sunscreen when it comes to harmful chemicals that you don’t want to put on baby’s skin. Babyganics Natural Bug Repellant is one of the best I’ve found for a more natural alternative that’s actually effective.

Ultimate portable playard for outside

Portable Play Yard

This ultimate portable play yard can be a lifesaver when you want to include your little one in all the outdoor activities, but also don’t want him crawling into a parking lot when your back is turned for half a second. It might look like a baby jail, but I’m okay with that.

Portable foldable child seat for outside by summer infant

Portable Booster Seat/High Chair

It’s lunch time and you have to simultaneously feed yourself, your toddler and your infant outside in the wilderness without anyone being eaten by ants or dropping food in the pool. Having this portable booster/high chair just may save your day.

baby k'tan baby carrier wrap

Baby Carrier

When you have multiple kiddos and only two hands, wearing your baby in the pool just makes life easier. Baby K’tan Active Wraps are amazing for doing just that! Plus, you can wear them outside the pool on those hot days when you just need a breathable baby carrier to wear your baby without you both having a heat stroke.

Baby water shoes

Water Shoes

I learned the hard way that baby feet are super sensitive, even when walking around at the pool. My kiddos would get blisters on their poor feet just from the bottom of the pool, so I started having them wear water shoes and it helped a lot! These are my favorite water shoes for little feet.

Melissa & Doug Blossom Bright Sprinkler


Once your baby becomes more mobile, you know there’s no way she is going to want to sit in one spot in a baby pool. This is the time to bust out your kid-friendly sprinkler and let the kids run wild in the back yard.

Water beads

Water Beads

Every now and then, playing outside is just not going to happen. Whether it’s a summer rainstorm, a ridiculously hot day or you’re just too busy, having these water beads and other sensory play goodies on hand can be a sanity saver.

water and sand table for kids

Sand/Water Table

Sensory play is so important to a child’s development and summertime is one of the best times to let the kids go to town with messy fun. A sand/water table is a staple for any family with kiddos because it lets them experience sand, water, jello, foam or other messy play with reckless abandon.

Having a few (or all!) of these options available to your kiddos this summer will make your lives easier and more fun-filled. Remember, you only have about a dozen or so summers with these little people before they don’t want to hang out with you anymore, so try to make the best of it!

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