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100+ Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is upon us! What to do with the kids? Here is a list of over 100 summer activities for kids. Which ones will you check off?

Updated May 13, 2024

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Ah, summer. Lazier days, lots of time spent outside, water play, fresh berries, picnics, fighting kids, tired mom, sand-filled cars, and so much more . . . You probably do many things on this list already, but I hope it allows you to find an activity that works for you and requires very little extra thought. With just a little imagination, you can tailor these summer activities to many age ranges and abilities. Check out this list of our favorite summer activities for kids to keep your family busy and avoid boredom.

100+ Summer Activities for Kids

52 Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

Take advantage of the warmer, longer days by playing outside!

1. Play in a sprinkler.

2. Go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt.

3. Play flashlight tag at night.

4. Visit a local u-pick farm and pick summer berries.

5. Swim at a local pool.

6. Camp in your backyard.

7. Create a sidewalk chalk art show.

8. Visit a new playground.

9. Try out geocaching. Download the geocaching app to find caches (treasure) at specific locations marked by coordinates worldwide.

10. Make a lemonade stand.

11. Wash the family car.

12. Go to a baseball game.

13. Have a water balloon fight.

14. Enjoy a day at the beach or lake.

15. Plant a vegetable garden.

16. Have a water gun fight.

17. Build a fort in the woods.

18. Get or make snowcones.

19. Go on a nighttime nature walk and look for fireflies, bats, and other night creatures.

20. Make a homemade water table.

21. Go on a family bike ride.

22. Go fishing.

23. Visit a state or county fair.

24. Go stargazing.

25. Enjoy a local outdoor concert (many towns/cities host free activities for kids, such as outdoor concerts).

26. Fly a kite.

27. Play in the rain and make an umbrella fort.

28. Collect sticks, moss, and stones to make fairy houses.

29. Visit a local farmers market.

30. Have a hula hoop contest.

31. Go bowling.

32. Host a garage sale.

33. Play Dribble, Dribble, Drench – Like Duck, Duck, Goose using a watering can.

34. Play capture the flag.

35. Have an egg and spoon race.

36. Buy ice cream or popsicles from the ice cream truck.

37. Jump rope.

38. Have a scooter/bike parade. Decorate handlebars with ribbons or streamers and invite neighbors to parade around your neighborhood.

39. Roll down a hill or go box sledding.

40. Draw your shadow with sidewalk chalk.

41. Go to a drive-in movie.

42. Have a water balloon toss.

43. Play in a kiddie pool with something other than water (i.e., jello, oatmeal).

44. With inexpensive magnifying glasses, go on a bug hunt.

45. Play foursquare (draw it with sidewalk chalk).

46. Hide treasure and make a map with clues.

47. Host a family summer Olympics.

48. Watch fireworks.

49. Climb a tree.

50. Watch a sunset.

51. Build a sandcastle.

52. Go to the zoo.

30 Inside Summer Activities for Kids

When the weather keeps you indoors, there is still plenty of fun to be had!

1. Go indoor camping.

2. Build a blanket fort.

3. Set up an inside obstacle course.

4. Visit a museum.

5. Have a family movie night with a popcorn bar.

6. Visit the library.

7. Put on a family talent show.

8. Learn a new card game.

9. Create a painter’s tape race track.

10. Have an indoor picnic.

11. Take a popsicle bath.

12. Put on a fashion show with clothes you have at home.

13. Have a dance party.

14. Make ice cream.

15. Go to the movies on a discount day.

16. Play some Minute to Win It games.

17. Choose a chapter book and do a family read-aloud.

18. Do a puzzle or have a puzzle race.

19. Have a spa night with homemade facials and paint nails.

20. Write a story together as a family.

21. Play bingo with some dollar store prizes.

22. Take a virtual tour of a museum in a different state or country.

23. Play charades.

24. Set up indoor bowling with water bottles and a ball.

25. Write a letter to a friend or relative.

26. Play hide and seek.

27. Do a kid’s yoga class on YouTube (Cosmic Kids is good).

28. Play balloon tennis (make paddles out of paper plates and popsicle sticks).

29. Play Pictionary.

30. Have a family game night.

Arts and Crafts Summer Activities for Kids

1. Make your own playdough.

2. Learn finger knitting.

3. Have a family art show – display artwork and have a fancy snack.

4. Learn to make origami animals.

5. Make ice paint.

6. Collect and paint rocks.

7. Make pasta necklaces.

8. Create tie-dye shirts or socks.

9. Make puppets using paper bags or paper plates and put on a puppet show.

10. Draw/create pictures and take them to a local nursing home.

11. Pick flowers and press them in wax paper.

6 Food Fun Activities

1. Make ice cream in a bag.

2. Research a different country’s foods and customs and plan a dinner based on that country.

3. Make microwave s’mores.

4. Build ice cream floats – there are so many fun combinations.

5. Create a no-bake treat.

6. Make popsicles.

STEM Activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

1. Build marshmallow catapults.

2. Experiment with different paper airplane designs.

3. Use toothpicks and mini marshmallows to build structures.

4. Conduct some kitchen science experiments.

5. Have a Lego or Duplo building challenge.

6. Make sailboats with sponges or pool noodles, pencils/straws, and paper for sails.

7. Make your own bubble mixture and make giant bubbles.

8. Freeze little plastic toys in an ice tray and try different ways to “free” them.

9. Make a marble run on the wall using toilet paper, a paper towel roll (or other recycled items), and painter’s tape.

Summers enjoyed with your kids while they’re little will create long-lasting memories. Whether you use all of these summer activities for kids or pick out a few, we hope you have a wonderful and safe summer!

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