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20 Summer Playdate Ideas Your Kids Will Love

The kids are out of school and summer has begun! Here are 18 summer playdate ideas to help you make this summer the best one yet!

Published May 24, 2022

The weather is warmer. School is officially out. The kiddos are at home. Unfortunately for parents, this means ample time for activities and room for typical cries of boredom, especially as little ones are ready for a summer of nonstop excitement. Where’s a mom supposed to come up with enough summer playdate ideas for her bored kiddos?

Creating endless ideas to keep your children happy and in high spirits can be challenging. They can watch only so much TV without itching to get out and be active! To help you plan a fantastic summer break, we’ve compiled a list of engaging summer playdate ideas that are a must for children and parents alike.

Summer Playdate Ideas

Outdoor Play Dates That Embrace the Sunshine

1. Take a trip to the playground.

Kid playing with mother in public park

An afternoon at the playground is a classic summer outing that allows youngsters to burn off loads of energy—especially after a winter of being cooped up in the house! Bring sunscreen, water, and snacks for a pick-me-up when they need a break from all the excitement.

2. Have an epic water balloon fight.

Happy mixed racial group of kids playfully throwing water balloons straight at the camera

For kiddos, water balloon fights are synonymous with summer. The beloved game is thrilling and exciting and keeps everyone cooled off during warmer days. To turn up the volume on the fun, grab a whiffle bat and have your little one bat away at the balloons for a game of water balloon baseball.

3. Schedule a pool or beach getaway.

A group of children having fun in Pool on the summer time

Nothing screams summertime like a day trip to the beach (if you live close to the ocean) or your local community pool. The kiddos can soak in the sun while staying cool all day long. Pro tip: bring some fun boogie boards, floaties, or water and pool toys for the kids to enjoy hours of fun!

4. Create an outdoor scavenger hunt.

Scavnger hunt game signage

Whether you assemble a scavenger hunt at a local park or in your yard, your kids will be entertained for hours as they scour the perimeter for hidden treasures. To add an educational spin, have your little one search for items that start with each letter of the alphabet–though, you may need to get a bit creative for X, Y, and Z, depending on where the hunt takes place.

5. Set up a lemonade stand.

A refreshing lemonade stand is set up in the front yard of a home in the suburbs on a sunny summer day. A beverage dispenser, basket of fresh lemons and glasses are on the stand. Balloons are attached to the stand. A banner across the top of the stand lists the price of the lemonade.

There’s no arguing that most children dream of having a lemonade stand for neighbors to enjoy. To bring your budding entrepreneur’s vision to life, create an adorable sign and set up shop in your driveway where they can sell their refreshing drink.

Indoor Play Dates for Gloomy Days

6. Bring the movie theater to your home.

Three Children Sitting On Sofa At Home Laughing And Watching TV With Popcorn

From buttered popcorn and juice boxes to Disney and Pixar favorites on repeat, a family movie day in your living room is sure to please. Allow your moviegoers to create a marathon lineup and get the blankets ready for a day of lounging and laughs. Check out all the new parent and kid-friendly movies and shows this month.

7. Throw the ultimate karaoke party.

Excited school age little multi ethnic mixed race and caucasian girls best friends sisters play in home kitchen dancing listen favourite music using flatware like microphones singing songs having fun

While you may not talk about Bruno, you’ll likely be singing about the hit character from Encanto with an epic karaoke party. Create an awesome playlist–selected by your stars–and let the kids take the stage in your living room for an evening of crowd-pleasing songs. Dancing and choreographed moves are most definitely welcomed.

8. Transform your living room into a haven of forts.

Brothers are playing in the living room. They were disguised as military pilots. They are sitting on a fortress they made of a sofa. And they fly with their toy planes.

Building indoor forts out of blankets is a childhood pastime. It allows tots to feel like they’re in a magical place without ever having to leave the house. Bring flashlights, pillows, snacks, books, puzzles, and board games into their humble abode for an evening they’ll never forget.

9. Treat yourselves to an at-home self-care appointment.

Kids Spa Birthday Party

Spa days are a wonderful respite for busy moms, so why not share the pampering with your tot. Turn your bathroom into a mini-spa with homemade facial masks, cucumber slices, and a handful of nail polishes for a fun mani-pedi. Don’t forget to turn on soothing background music and light some relaxing scented candles.

10. Plan a next-level fondue dinner.

Two kid girls eating swiss fondue for dinner

Fondue is a fun and interactive approach to dinner that’ll switch up your playdate routine. Create a three-course spread of cheese that begins with ooey-gooey cheese and yummy mix-ins, like pretzel bites, apple slices, tortilla chips, and crackers. For your second course, switch to a broth pot where you can boil veggies and chicken for a hearty meal. Then top off the night with chocolate fondue and delicious fruit toppings. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Creative Play Date Ideas

11. Get groovy with a tie-dye extravaganza.

Little girl making a tie dye shirt

Tie-Dye is back in style, and creating tie-dye shirts and accessories makes it all the better. Purchase tie-dye kits at a craft store and set up shop in your kitchen where your tiny designers can create their fashion statements. Once their creations are complete, have them put on a fashion show–catwalk included–where they can sport their masterpieces.

12. Put on an arts & crafts fest.

A multiracial group of three serious young children doing an arts and crafts project, painting little wooden bird houses for Earth Day. It is a bright, sunny day and they are sitting at a wooden table reaching with their paintbrushes.

Perfect for rainy days when your youngsters are bored, have a few friends over for everything arts & crafts–coloring, finger painting, slime making, playdough sculpting, and more. Turn on some tunes and let your mini Picasso create a beautiful work of art.

13. Invite friends over for an ice cream social.

Kids eating ice cream in the summer

Children plus ice cream equals instant happiness, so organizing a get-together where sundaes are included will surely be a hit. To make it easier on yourself, you can meet at a local ice cream shop or set up an ice cream bar at your house! Offer various ice cream flavors, toppings, and mix-ins that allow little ones’ imaginations and creations to run wild.

14. Host a backyard campfire.

birds view angle of bonfire and roasting marshmallows for s'mores

Invite some friends over during the evening for a backyard campfire packed with all the essentials to make s’mores. For added effect, pitch a few tents, and turn it into a slumber party coupled with spooky or silly stories.

15. Organize a trike-a-thon.

A small boy pushes a small girl on a tricycle

Gather a few community pals (and their moms and dads, too!) for a trike-a-thon throughout the neighborhood. Families can coordinate into teams with matching shirts or hats to make it a friendly competition with a designated start and finish line.

Exciting Places to Visit for Play Dates

16. Plan a playdate at the zoo.

Multi-ethnic group of children at zoo feeding giraffe. Focus on giraffe and the two children in foreground.

Get up close and personal with the majestic creatures at your zoo this season and revel in the awe-worthy sights. Not only will your children be amazed by the exciting animal watching, but they’ll also learn more about the beauty of the wild.

17. Head to the aquarium for the day.

Kids in a huge aquarium looking at fish.

If your toddlers love Finding Nemo, they’ll enjoy spotting the popular creatures featured in the film, like Peach the starfish, Crush the turtle, and Dory the regal blue tang fish.

18. Pay a visit to nearby kid-friendly museums.

Kids having fun watching an experiment at a science centre

Get your kiddos together with their friends this summer by planning day trips to local museums. This will keep their wheels spinning as they’re out of school while introducing them to something new. Check if the venue features hands-on workshops for a more sensory and interactive experience.

19. Try your hand at berry picking.

Two little sibling kids boys having fun on strawberry farm in summer. Children, cute twins eating healthy organic food, fresh berries as snack. Kids helping with harvest.

If you have a farm within driving distance from your town, you’ll likely be able to spend the morning or afternoon picking fruit for purchase. Let your tots roam the fields and select any seasonal berry they can enjoy as a snack later in the day.

20. Get some air at an indoor trampoline center.

A young girl is enjoying herself with trampoline jump.

Indoor trampoline parks are all the rave and have been springing up throughout the nation within the last several years, allowing families to enjoy them in most hometowns. Simply toss on some socks and try out some creative moves with your kids as you hop through the obstacle courses.

Summer playdate ideas don’t have to be a headache for mom! We hope these will get you off to a terrific start this summer. All that’s left is picking up the phone and planning some summer playdates with your children’s favorite pals. Make this summer unforgettable for you, your kiddos, and their friends!

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