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Must-Have Spring Break Products for Kids

Whatever you decide to do for Spring Break, here are our must-have Spring Break products for kids that you shouldn't leave home without.

Updated March 22, 2024

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It’s the time of year when families are packing up and heading out of town for some spring break fun. No matter where you might be headed, some fun family memories will surely be made! Before you travel, looking into gear rentals is a good idea. Popular family destinations like Disneyland or Hawaii may have local companies where you can rent all sorts of equipment (from strollers to sand toys), so you might be able to avoid having to haul all your gear with you. Whether traveling by car, plane, boat, or train, here are some spring break must-have products for kids to make your travel days easier for everyone.

Must-Have Spring Break Products For Kids


When traveling with kids, entertainment options are a necessity! If your little ones are preoccupied and entertained, that means less stress and headaches for mom and dad! Here are some of my favorites for keeping your kids entertained while you travel.

License Plate Game

The image shows the box cover of
Amazon Amazon
$11.02 Shop now

Road trip games are a must-have, and this license plate game will take you back to your youth! It’s the perfect way to keep little ones entertained on the road. This is also a great way to teach them about the states.

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

A box for the
Amazon Amazon
$6.08 Shop now

Beat the boredom with this scavenger hunt card game! This game is excellent for ages 7 and up. It will get the whole family involved in the fun!

Reusable Sticker Books

A collage of four Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pads, perfect Spring Break products for kids. Each pad features a different theme: Play House, Fairies, Princess Castle, and Dress-Up. The pads include various scenes and numerous stickers for each theme. Ideal for hours of creative fun!
Amazon Amazon
$17.88 Shop now

These sticker books have different scenes for kids to play around with, and the stickers are sturdy and thick, so they will stand the test of time! The stickers can also be moved around to create different scenes. This is great for teaching kids narrative thinking.

Activity Books

Cover of the book titled
Amazon Amazon
$7.39 Shop now
Walmart Walmart
$9.36 Shop now

These jumbo activity books are filled with games, puzzles, trivia, and more. They will keep your kiddos occupied for hours. It comes in paperback or spiral-bound.

Paint By Sticker Books

Cover of the book
Amazon Amazon
$8.77 Shop now

These beautiful books will keep your little one entertained in the car or on the plane, plus they are perfect for extra entertainment when you are out to dinner! This is great for teaching your kids fine motor skills and number recognition. The pages are perforated, so you can tear them out and hang up their masterpieces once they are done.

Games On The Go

A blue card set bound by a blue ring, titled
Amazon Amazon
$8.20 Shop now

Turn family road trips and moments of in-between time into awesome family fun. Games on the Go is a collection of 50 games and activities that can be played anywhere. This game is compact, so it’s easy to take on the go.

Water Wow Coloring Books

An image shows six Water WOW! On the Go water-reveal pads, perfect Spring Break products for kids. The top row includes
Amazon Amazon
$35.79 Shop now

These are so perfect for travel because they are mess-free and reusable! It comes with six activity pads and a refillable water pen. These are great for ages 3 and above.

Travel Puzzles

The image shows six colorful 3D wooden puzzles for children, arranged in two rows. The puzzles feature a crab, owl, bee, bear, butterfly, and ladybug. Below the puzzles, matching cartoon illustrations of the same animals and insects are displayed—ideal Spring Break products for kids.
Amazon Amazon
$17.99 Shop now

These puzzles are nice and compact, so they are easy to toss into a beach bag or carry-on! It comes with six jigsaw puzzles with colorful animal prints. These will keep them entertained for hours!

iPad Holder and Stand

Image of a green tablet case with a handle, shown in various positions. The case is displayed holding an iPad, resting at an angle, and standing upright. A hand is holding the top handle in the top image. Color options are shown to the left, making it perfect for Spring Break products for kids.
Amazon Amazon
$13.98 Shop now

This holder is very lightweight but will protect your devices while on the go! It also has a foldable stand so you can prop it up for your little ones to watch their favorite show or movie. It also has a handle that makes it easy to carry.


A pair of over-ear headphones with mint green and light purple padding, perfect as Spring Break products for kids. The headphones include a built-in mic and in-line volume control on the cable, which has a 3.5mm audio jack. Branded as
Amazon Amazon
$19.99 Shop now

These headphones come in multiple color choices and are great for siblings because they can link multiple headphone sets together if they share one device. There is also an option for parents to limit the sound level to protect little ears. Plus, they fold up small, so they are convenient for travel. I also like these Yoto headphones and the matching carrying case. This is a GREAT option for traveling that is screen-free!

Portable Charger

A black portable power bank with an LED display showing
Amazon Amazon
$19.99 Shop now

If you and your kids are bringing along any electronics for entertainment (phones, tablets, etc.), then portable chargers are a must! They make it easy to keep your devices charged if there are no outlets nearby for long stretches of time. This one comes with a carrying pouch and can charge up to six items at once!

Portable Speaker

A white JBL portable Bluetooth speaker, perfect among Spring Break products for kids, features a clip hook at the top and control buttons for volume and play/pause on the front. The speaker has a textured surface and a red JBL logo at the bottom.
Amazon Amazon
$44.95 Shop now

Speaking of portable items, I’d also recommend bringing along a portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s fun to listen to tunes when you’re outside with the kids and lounging at the beach! This speaker has a handy clip, so you can attach it to your backpack, bag, etc. And it comes in many color options — pink, blue, yellow, red, and more!

Yoto Player

A small white digital device with rounded edges shows an orange pixelated smiley face on its screen. Perfect for Spring Break products for kids, it has a card inserted on the top with various icons, along with two orange knobs and a perforated speaker section on the right side.
Amazon Amazon
$99.99 Shop now

This multipurpose Bluetooth speaker is a great option if you want one specifically for your kids. Made in both a mini and larger size, it plays music, stories, and white noise. And it even works as an alarm clock! It also has a nightlight and room thermometer, and your kiddo can use their headphones with it.


The image shows a light blue Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera bundle, perfect as Spring Break products for kids, including two packs of Instax Mini film, colorful photo frames, a camera case, four markers, a wrist strap, a photo album, and various decorative accessories.
Amazon Amazon
$129.95 Shop now

It’s important to remember that we only get so many spring breaks with our kids. Document these special family memories with your camera. Consider giving your kids their own camera so that they can capture some of their favorite moments too. They will love it!

Go! My Adventure Journal

The image shows a colorful book cover for
Amazon Amazon
$14.99 Shop now

After taking pictures, your kiddo will need somewhere to put them! This travel journal/diary is a great place for them to document their spring break adventures and add the photos they’ve taken. It has interactive prompts to help your child log all the fun activities they’ve done. It also comes with stickers, postcards, and more!

Luggage and Organization

JetKids BedBox

A pink children's travel suitcase with four wheels, designed in a vertical rectangular shape, perfect for Spring Break products for kids. It features a gray handle on top and a wing logo embossed on the side. Next to the suitcase is a transparent bag containing a folded white item.
Pottery barn kids Pottery Barn Kids
$229 Shop now
Shop Dillard's
$299 Shop now

Help your kid get comfy and settled in for a long plane ride with this excellent product. It’s your child’s carry-on, ride-on luggage, and seat extender in one! It comes in a variety of colors that your little one will love!

Back Seat Travel Organizer

Five images of a children's travel activity bag, perfect for Spring Break products for kids. The main image shows a child using it as an activity center attached to a car seat. Other images display the bag's clear tablet pocket, green and yellow color scheme, storage pockets, and dimensions.
Amazon Amazon
$29.98 Shop now

This backseat organizer is a game-changer when it comes to road trips! It has room for everything you need and can even be a carrying case when you head to grandma’s house! It’s also customizable to fit your child perfectly.

Lap Desk

A black lap desk with a space-themed design, featuring planets and stars. On the desk are an open spiral notebook with a blank page, a yellow pencil with an eraser, and a smartphone displaying the time as 10:14—perfect Spring Break products for kids to inspire creativity.
Amazon Amazon
$19.99 Shop now

Perfect for planes, trains, and automobiles! Lap desks help keep your child entertained while traveling. Give your kiddos a hard surface to color, play a game, or rest a book on.

Fun Sized Backpack

A small, dark green Fjällräven Kånken backpack with a top handle, two adjustable shoulder straps, and a front zipper pocket. Ideal for spring break products for kids, the bag features a round red and white logo with a fox on the front.
Nordstrom Nordstrom
$80 Shop now

Littles always want to bring their stuff with them–whether it’s a cool shell they find on the beach or their favorite toy car. Gift them a cool backpack they can tote around on vacation and carry all their treasures. It comes in sixteen different colors.

Weekender Bag

A matte grey duffle bag with black leather handles and straps. The bag has a rectangular white patch with text on the front and a shoulder strap hanging from the side. Perfect for Spring Break products for kids, it is set against a plain white background.
Amazon Amazon
$24.64 Shop now

We know that kids barely want to hold anything, so bring a good bag with you to hold all the things. Hold your keys, the kids’ toys, snacks, and personal items in a stylish and comfortable place to carry. It also can keep your wet and dry items separate if needed.

Tote Bag

A tan leather tote bag with two shoulder straps. The bag has a simple, minimalist design and appears to be made of textured leather. Ideal for carrying Spring Break products for kids, there are no visible pockets or external decorations, and the brand name is subtly embossed near the bottom center.
Shop Cuyana
$268 Shop now

This lightweight and soft tote bag is the perfect travel companion. It will carry your essentials effortlessly for many years to come. It is durable and versatile, making it a great “mom bag”!

Seat Back Organizer

Two car seat organizers are shown, one fitted on the backside of a front seat, holding various items including a tablet, baby bottles, and toys. The other organizer is displayed on a front car seat. Both black and designed for convenient storage and protection, perfect Spring Break products for kids.
Amazon Amazon
$21.99 Shop now

If traveling by car, these seat-back organizers will help to keep all your child’s favorite books, toys, and games organized and accessible. It’s made with durable material and can easily be wiped clean. It also helps protect your car seats.

Car Seat Travel Bag

A black travel bag with an open zipper, revealing a child's car seat inside. Perfect for Spring Break products for kids, the bag has shoulder straps, a carry handle, and is designed to hold and protect the car seat during travel.
Amazon Amazon
$49.99 Shop now

This travel bag protects your car seats if traveling by plane. Most airlines allow you to check your car seats for free, regardless of how many other bags you might be checking. This bag will fit most car seats and is waterproof.

Packing Cubes

A set of four red packing cubes with black zippers and mesh tops, perfect Spring Break products for kids. The cubes are arranged with three stacked on the left and one standing upright on the right. The mesh tops allow visibility of the contents inside the cubes.
Amazon Amazon
$24.18 Shop now

These are a great way to keep each family member’s belongings neat and organized when you travel. Each family member can have their own designated color, and you can keep clothes and other items easily accessible during your stay. These will keep your suitcases tidy throughout your trip.

First Aid Kit

A red first aid kit pouch with a white cross and the words
Amazon Amazon
$19.95 Shop now

When it comes to organization, you’ll also want to have a first aid kit for any accidents that might happen along the way. This kit has 100 pieces of safety essentials, from bandages and prep pads to a first aid primary care guide. And it all comes in one neat storage pouch!



Toiletry Bag

Two black travel toiletry bags are shown. One is zipped, displaying its compact shape, handle, and front zipper pocket. The other is open, revealing multiple compartments, mesh pockets, and a hook for hanging. Perfect Spring Break products for kids with a logo featuring
Amazon Amazon
$26.95 Shop now

This hanging toiletry bag is big enough for the whole family, and the hanging feature is super convenient! It has 10 storage compartments and a 360-degree swivel hook so you can easily turn the bag around. It’s also made with a water-resistant material.

Crossbody Bag

A black fanny pack with the brand name
Amazon Amazon
$9.96 Shop now

Keep all the essentials within reach while on the go! Perfect for the family vacation that may take you to theme parks or other on-the-go attractions. This bag is small but has enough pockets to fit everything you need!

Compact Travel Stroller

A black and gray lightweight stroller with a canopy and four double wheels, perfect among Spring Break products for kids. The stroller features a padded seat, five-point harness, and a storage basket underneath. The curved handlebars make it easy to maneuver in an open, upright position.
Amazon Amazon
$61.10 Shop now
Target Target
$59.99 Shop now

Nothing is more annoying than lugging a large, heavy stroller around on vacation. This compact stroller is much more convenient when you need baby wheels on the go! It folds up easily and has plenty of storage in the basket to carry everything you need.


Water Bottles

A row of five colorful children's water bottles with various designs, perfect as Spring Break products for kids. From left to right: Aqua with sea creatures, teal with underwater animals, blue with construction vehicles, black with space-themed icons, and pink with astronauts and planets.
Amazon Amazon
$17.99 Shop now

Kiddos will get thirsty, and you may not have quick access to a water fountain or store. Pack these reusable water bottles to keep your kids hydrated (in style!). They come in two different sizes and a variety of colors and prints.

Snack Container

A round, white, divided snack container labeled
Amazon Amazon
$29.90 Shop now

These snack containers are great for on-the-go. Each compartment can hold a small portion of food or snacks, and your child can easily rotate the container using the interactive button. It makes snack time on the go easy and fun!

Swim & Sun

Toddler Swimsuit

This infant's long-sleeve bodysuit, perfect for your Spring Break products for kids collection, boasts a charming pink polka dot design on the torso and delightful pink and white striped sleeves. It also features ruffled leg openings, small bows, and a convenient back zipper closure.
Nordstrom Nordstrom
$36.01 Shop now

These swimsuits for kids are my faves because they make it super easy to get your child in and out of them! They have a back zipper for easy on and off and a snap closure on the bottom for easy diaper changes, even once the suit is wet! It comes in a bunch of super cute colors!

Swim Trunks

A pair of boys' swim trunks with a tropical leaf and plant pattern in colors including navy blue, green, red, yellow, and white. Perfect for Spring Break products for kids, these trunks feature a drawstring waist for adjustment and are displayed on a plain white background.
Shop Old Navy
$15 Shop now

These cool swim trunks are perfect for your kiddo’s summer in the water! It comes in two prints and has a patch pocket in the back. They also have lace-up drawstring ties and fit up to size XXL.

Go Anywhere Shoes

A perfect addition to your Spring Break products for kids, this pink slip-on shoe boasts a perforated design and features a sturdy white rubber toe cap and sole. The upper material is adorned with small circular holes, ensuring breathability and comfort for all-day wear.
Amazon Amazon
$54.99 Shop now
Nordstrom Nordstrom
$55 Shop now

These slip-on shoes are a must-have! They are easy to slip on and off and even easier to clean. They are perfect for every adventure, from walking around town to playing on the playground or splashing on the beach!


A turquoise bottle of COOLA Classic Sunscreen Spray with SPF 50, featuring guava mango scent. The label indicates it is 70%+ organic, ultra lightweight, and water-resistant for 80 minutes—perfect for Spring Break products for kids. The bottle has pink flowers on it and contains 6 fl oz (177 ml).
Amazon Amazon
$28 Shop now
Shop Dermstore
$19.60 Shop now

Sun protection is so essential if you are going somewhere warm! Sunburn is awful, especially for kids. Grab some sunscreen and keep it in your bag for easy reapplication throughout the day.


A pair of sunglasses with light pink frames and lenses. The design features a classic wayfarer shape, perfect for Spring Break products for kids.
Shop Babiators
$32.99 Shop now

These sunglasses are adorable and help keep the sun out of your kids’ eyes. They are durable and affordable, so if they get lost, oh well! They come in various fun colors that your little one will love!

These are our must-have Spring Break products for kids. With all these items, you and your family will have a fun and safe time together. Bon voyage!

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