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Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them

Kyte BABY sleep bags have been a favorite for parents and babies for years. I'm taking a closer look and sharing all its benefits.

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Published March 7, 2022

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

Sleep is something that new parents obsess over. “Is my baby getting enough sleep?” “Is my baby sleeping too much?” “How can I get my baby to sleep more at night and for longer stretches?” I know that these are common questions because, as a postpartum doula, I have had many clients ask me these questions for years. There are so many things to consider when preparing for safe and peaceful nights of sleep for your child.

One of my go-to baby sleep items that I recommend to parents is a good-quality sleep bag. They are so helpful to keep your little one safe and comfortable while they sleep. But if you’ve never heard of a sleep bag before or are not sure what it is, no worries. I’m sharing all the details about what a sleep bag is, the benefits of using a sleep bag with your baby, as well as one of my favorite sleep bags that has won awards and is loved by so many parents and babies—Kyte BABY sleep bags.

What is a baby sleep bag?

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them

A sleep bag, also known as a sleep sack, is a wearable blanket that babies wear during nap times and bedtime. It’s worn over your child’s sleepwear, so your baby can’t kick it off. This is so helpful because your baby then stays covered all night. It is a perfect option to keep your little one warm and safe while sleeping.

The ​AAP safe sleep guidelines​ recommend keeping babies’ crib spaces bare.1 There shouldn’t be any loose objects, blankets, pillows, toys, etc. The crib, a crib mattress, and a tightly fitted crib sheet are the only things needed for a safe sleep space. So, instead of using a loose blanket to keep your baby warm and cozy, a sleep bag is the perfect and much safer alternative

Reasons Why We Love Kyte BABY Sleep Bags!

Several sleep bags are on the market, but one of my favorites is the Kyte BABY sleep bag! If you’re familiar with Kyte BABY’s products, you understand why. Their quality is superb, and it’s loved by moms and babies everywhere. Here’s why I recommend Kyte BABY sleep bags.

It’s buttery soft and breathable.

Mom holding her daughter and her baby girl is wearing a sleep bag.

As soon as you see and touch one of Kyte BABY’s sleep bags, you can immediately tell the difference and the quality of the product. They are made of 97% bamboo rayon, which is a material that not only makes their sleep bags buttery-soft to the touch, but they are also incredibly breathable with temperature-regulating properties to prevent overheating. (And by “temperature-regulating,” I mean that it will keep your child cool when the room is warm and will keep your child warm when the room is cool.) This is extremely important and helpful because overheating is a risk factor for SIDS. They also absorb and evaporate humidity, and are hypoallergenic!

Their J-shaped two-way double zipper.

The zipper on the Kyte BABY sleep bags

Kyte BABY sleep bags feature J-shaped double zippers, making them simple to put on and take off. They also make diaper changes much easier, especially at nighttime. This way, you don’t have to completely take it off to change your baby. This helps everyone go back to sleep faster with as little disruption to their night as possible.

It even has a zipper garage at the neckline to protect your baby’s skin. This is helpful because it keeps the zipper out of sight for little ones who like to be little escape artists. Out of sight, out of mind! (And if that fails, try putting it on them backward too!)

They are sleeveless.

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them

Because the Kyte BABY sleep bags are sleeveless, they allow for good airflow while your baby is sleeping. This is another factor that helps reduce the risk of your baby overheating.

Designed for safety and hip health.

Kyte BABY sleep bags ensure that you have a safe sleep item for your baby. They have three different sizes for you to find the perfect match for your baby. They have sizes Small (typically 0-6 months), Medium (typically 6-18 months), and Large (typically 18-36 months). Of course, every baby’s size is different, so choose the size that best suits your baby.

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them
Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them

With the correct size, their sleep bags are designed so that:

  • The neck cannot be pulled over your baby’s mouth or nose. It stays in the correct place.
  • It isn’t too loose around your baby’s arms or neck. This way, your baby can’t slip into the bag.
  • It’s also nice and roomy with enough space for their legs and hips, supporting proper hip development.

Kyte Baby sleep bags are longer.

Kyte Baby Sleep bags

I appreciate that their sleep bags are longer than most other sleep bags on the market. This gives your child lots of room to kick and grow. Parents are happier knowing that this safe sleep investment will last a while for their children.

They have 3 different TOGs.

Kyte BABY offers 3 different TOGs with their sleep bags: 0.5 TOG, 1.0 TOG, and 2.5 TOG. This ensures that your baby will stay comfortable at any temperature. So not only do you get to choose the size of your sleep bag, but you also get to pick the appropriate thickness and warmth that is best for the season.

But wait, what is TOG?

TOG is the measure of thermal resistance. It stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is the standard measurement for how much heat a garment retains. So, depending on the ambient temperature in your nursery, it is recommended that your baby wear a heavier TOG during cooler months (in a cooler nursery) and a lighter TOG during warmer months (in a warmer nursery)

*Parents should choose the TOG based on the temperature in their child’s nursery, not the temperature outside.

TOG Rating Chart

In other words, TOG is how warm a garment keeps you. So the higher the TOG, the warmer it will keep you or the more heat it will retain. (In the United States, you generally do not need a TOG higher than 2.5.)

Babies have a hard time regulating their body temperature and generating heat. This can sometimes cause parents to think that they need to keep their baby bundled up and warm. However, as I’ve stated, overheating is a risk factor for SIDS. Parents must be mindful of the temperature in the room where their baby is sleeping, what the baby is wearing, how many layers they have, and what TOG sleep bag they are using. The 1.0 TOG is known as the “universal” TOG because it provides the ideal warmth all year round.

Also, it’s important to mention that you may need a different TOG sleep bag for daytime sleep than nighttime sleep. Keep that in mind when you’re preparing them for sleep!

Overall awesome!

Kyte BABY sleep bags are great for sleep because they naturally wick moisture away from babies. They also release heat, insulate efficiently, and dry quickly (which is great if you have a baby who drools a lot like my daughter)!

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them

What are the benefits of my baby wearing a sleep bag?

There are many benefits to using a sleep bag when putting your baby down for a nap or bedtime.

1. Sleep bags reduce the risk of SIDS. I know I’ve stated this before, but I’ll repeat it. They provide warmth and help regulate a baby’s body temperature without increasing their risk of suffocation or overheating.

2. They create a positive sleep association for your child. This means that when you use your Kyte BABY sleep bag consistently with your baby for their nap time and bedtime routine, they will learn that sleep is coming. When they make that sleep association and expect sleep, it’s much easier for them to go to sleep and stay asleep. This creates an easier and more enjoyable routine for everyone! Zipping them up in their sleep bag is like the equivalent of tucking them into bed. 🙂

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them

3. Sleep bags are easy to pack and travel with. That means better sleep in unfamiliar places and a more enjoyable trip for everyone.

4. You don’t have to worry about if they are remaining comfortable (temperature-wise) at night. This means more peaceful nights for you!

5. They can become a “lovey” to them when they’re too young to have a lovey in the crib. (Your child should be 12 months old at a minimum before you allow them to sleep with a lovey.)

6. Because there are no additional blankets needed, your baby will not wake up due to being cold. There’s no way for them to “kick off the blankets.”

7. Sleep bags deter babies from climbing out of the crib. It will not allow them to spread their legs that wide to reach over the crib side. (A great way to avoid crib injuries.)

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them

8. They keep your baby’s feet from getting stuck between the crib slats. (This is another way a crib injury can occur.)

9. If you have a baby that likes to take off their diaper, a sleep bag will help keep their diaper on.

10. Sleep bags are easy to use.

11. You don’t have to completely undress your baby when feeding them or changing their diaper in the middle of the night.

12. When your baby sleeps better, so do you.

When should my baby transition from a swaddle to a sleep bag?

Many parents and sleep consultants will recommend a good swaddle for newborns. A traditional swaddle restricts a baby’s arm movement to help mimic the feeling they had while in the womb. They also help prevent the Moro reflex, which startles them awake when they are asleep. Some families choose to forego the swaddle and use a sleep bag with their baby from birth (if it fits)! There is no rule, so you can choose what works best for your family and your baby. However, if you decide to use a traditional swaddle with your baby, once they show signs of rolling, that is the time to stop swaddling your little one and make the transition into a sleep bag.

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them

Once your baby is rolling and becoming more mobile, a sleep bag allows them to move in their sleep space and doesn’t restrict their arm movement. A sleep bag moves with their body and doesn’t get tangled up or thrown to the side like a blanket would (which, again, loose blankets are unsafe for babies). So not only is the sleep bag keeping them safe in their sleep space it also ensures a more comforting sleep experience for your little one.

When should my baby stop using a sleep bag?

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them

The good thing is there’s no real set time that your child needs to stop using a sleep bag. You can continue using one until they no longer fit! Maybe your child will decide they’re done with it themselves. That could happen at the age of one or maybe at three or four years old. But there is no reason to stop. And because a sleep bag has so many benefits, there’s no need to rush it. Especially if a sleep bag has been a part of your child’s bedtime routine for a while, your little one might rely on it as a sleep aid and source of comfort. So maybe let your child take the lead on when they want to stop using a sleep bag. Or wait until they outgrow them. Thankfully, Kyte BABY sleep bags are designed to be used through 36 months of age or 42 pounds. That’s a lot of good sleep for you and your baby.

Final Thoughts

Pro tip: Have an extra sleep bag on hand. In case your little one has an accident or becomes ill, you’ll be grateful for the additional clean sleep bag. Kyte BABY also recommends letting their sleep bags air dry. Because that takes a little time to fully dry, having a backup option will save you from doing a panic load of laundry. Having extras is also helpful if, for example, your child goes to daycare, so they can sleep comfortably wherever they are.

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags: A Closer Look & Why We Love Them

Be mindful of the room temperature changes. When stocking up on Kyte BABY sleep bags, I recommend buying different TOGs so that you have the appropriate one for every season. (But when in doubt, get 1.0 TOG.)

Make sure that the sleep bags fit around your baby’s neck and arms and aren’t too loose. Sizing up in a sleep bag is not always recommended because it can pose a suffocation hazard. They are long, but that is a good thing! This means your baby will get a good amount of wear out of them before they need to move to the next size up.

And ultimately, if you’re struggling to get your baby to sleep longer stretches, try the Kyte BABY sleep bag. Many moms have said that it has helped their babies sleep through the night. With everything that I’ve pointed out, it’s obvious that this is a very practical and helpful product. And once you get to feel one of these sleep bags for yourself, you’ll get it and will be asking if Kyte BABY can make one in your size too. 😉

Order one (or a few) for your baby here!

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