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10 Things Co-Sleeping Parents Think in the Middle of the Night

Discover 10 things co-sleeping parents think in the middle of the night, like whether it's the best decision for everyone.

Published July 27, 2023 Opinion

When my daughter was born, I was set on having her sleeping in her crib. Over time, though, I realized we all slept better when she was close. Contact napping turned into co-sleeping at some point, and co-sleeping turned into something that brought about all sorts of mixed emotions. But there are some thoughts co-sleeping parents think at night. Every night.

While we’ve adapted and made it work, some things haven’t changed. If your sleeping arrangements include your child snuggled up close to you, you can probably relate to what I’ve experienced while sharing a bed with my little snuggle bug. Here are some thoughts every co-sleeping parent has in the middle of the night.

10 Things Co-Sleeping Parents Think at Night

Here are 10 things co-sleeping parents think of in the middle of the night.

1. Finally, a Good Night’s Rest for Everyone

Maybe you’re co-sleeping because you’ve always intended to. Perhaps you’re doing so because it’s the only solution you’ve found to save your sanity and get your little one to sleep manageable stretches at night. Regardless of the “why,” the relief that comes with a decent night’s rest is palpable.

2. I Miss Stretching Out

As much as I love snuggling up to my baby, I long to sleep on my stomach again one day. Or simply stretching out beyond the parameters of what’s safe for co-sleeping. As comforting as having my tiny human close is, my back might not always be quite as appreciative.

3. Wow, I Am the Luckiest Person in the World

There’s nothing like gazing down at the person you created as they lay asleep, as peaceful as can be, cozy and content in your arms. It’s easy to forget how much I miss stretching out when I’m caught up in awe of my sweet baby, and I’ll always cherish the quiet moments we get to share while co-sleeping.

4. How Can I Move Their (Leg/Hand/Arm) Without Waking Them?

As ridiculous as it sounds, every co-sleeping parent knows what it’s like to wake up nestled below random limbs at all hours. There’s a fine art to maneuvering any peacefully sleeping child while maintaining what little space you have for yourself when sharing a bed with your kiddo, and co-sleeping gives you plenty of chances to hone it.

5. I Wish We Could Freeze Time

Even with having to give up my space for the time being, there’s nothing I wish I could do more than freeze time while my babies are still tiny and wanting to cuddle up next to me. Co-sleeping isn’t for everyone, but I will look back and miss it one day (or one night).

6. I Really Miss My Partner

Apart from committing to giving up some of my personal sleep space, co-sleeping also means being okay with putting quiet time with your partner on pause – at least temporarily. Even though my husband is right beside me (well, on the other side of our toddler) every night, he feels so far away sometimes. As much as I love having the whole family together in one spot, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss snuggling up to my partner.

7. If My Baby Were in Their Own Room, I’d Miss Them

As a co-sleeping mom, I’m grateful for the extra bonding time nighttime brings. Although it can be tempting to change our routine and get my bed back, I know deep down that I’d miss my little one if we were to do that.

8. Is My Tiny Human OK?

While this one might be more common for those new to co-sleeping, I’m willing to bet it’s normal for bed-sharing parents – like any parent – to wake up at any point and immediately check to ensure their little babe is safe and sound. Those who co-sleep can find that it brings us and our babies a lot of comfort, but that doesn’t mean we go without any worry.

9. Are We Sleeping Better Than We Would Be Otherwise?

As parents, we have countless decisions about everything under the sun regarding raising our children. For a topic as controversial as co-sleeping, there are times when I can’t help but wonder if we’re doing what’s in everyone’s best interest to get through each night.

10. It Couldn’t Get Any Better Than This

Co-sleeping wasn’t my initial plan when I became a mom. I don’t think it was my husband’s, either. Yet here we are, two and a half years in, and welcoming our daughter into our bed with open arms whenever she decides she needs me. And to be honest, I don’t mind one bit. Because it really couldn’t get any better than this.

Regarding sleep, what works for one family might not work for another. Co-sleeping makes sense for mine. At least for now, that is. If it works for yours, too, there’s a good chance you can relate to many of these thoughts that run through my mind on any given night.

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