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The Coolest Toddler Gift Ideas for the Holidays

From personalized gifts and toys to blocks, books, and clothes, here's the ultimate holiday gift guide for toddler boys and girls!

Updated April 30, 2024

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The holiday season and festivities with a toddler can be so fun. They sort of understand what’s happening — or, at least, they get excited that there’s a party! Toddlers can open gifts themselves and get sooo excited about a new toy. Witnessing the holidays through your little one’s eyes is truly magical. It’s like being a child all over again! To create more holiday magic, we’ve rounded up the best toddler gift ideas in this year’s holiday gift guide for the tots in your life. 🙂

Top Toddler Gift Ideas for the Holidays


A Personalized Gift


A wooden toy toolbox with the label

Personalized Name Puzzle

A child is playing with a wooden name puzzle, spelling out

Step Stool

Image of five wooden step stools on a hardwood floor, arranged in a semi-circle. The stools are various colors: light pink, light blue, navy blue, white, and light green. Each stool has a small object placed on its top step, making them perfect toddler gift ideas.

Name Busy Board

A baby lies on a fluffy white rug, reaching toward a wooden puzzle board that spells out

Wooden Name Train

A wooden toy train with letters spelling

Is your toddler learning their name? If so, an excellent toddler gift idea is to combine that excitement with imaginary play or spatial awareness. We love a good monogram on basically anything: a chair, toolbox, puzzle, stool, you name it!



Melissa & Doug Building Blocks

A complex structure built from wooden blocks, perfect as a toddler gift idea. The design includes rectangular, square, triangular, and semi-circular blocks arranged to form towers, arches, and walls, creating an intricate and symmetrical construction.


A set of colorful Magna-Tiles, both loose and assembled into various geometric shapes, is displayed in front of the product box. The box indicates the set contains 100 pieces and is for ages 3 and up—perfect for toddler gift ideas.

Wooden Pattern Blocks

A clear plastic container with a red label is tipped over, spilling out various wooden geometric pattern blocks in different colors and shapes, including hexagons, squares, and triangles—perfect for toddler gift ideas—onto a flat surface.


A colorful plastic construction set with interlocking pieces used to build various structures including a windmill, a car with googly eyes, and small buildings. An airplane made of the same blocks is shown in the upper right corner—perfect for toddler gift ideas.

Linking Cubes

The image shows a collection of small, colorful interlocking building blocks arranged in a gradient pattern. Ideal for toddler gift ideas, the blocks are stacked in vertical towers with additional pieces scattered in front. The colors range from vibrant reds and oranges to soothing blues and purples.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

The image shows a box of Tegu magnetic wooden blocks from the Classics collection. The front of the box displays an assembled toy dinosaur made from the 14 included blocks, as well as drawings of trees and dinosaurs in the background. This charming set, featuring text in multiple languages, is perfect for toddler gift ideas.

Haba Building Blocks

Two sets of colorful geometric wooden blocks are shown. The left set features a mix of orange, red, yellow, gray, and white blocks with a purple quarter-circle corner accent. The right set includes blue, green, white, and lime green blocks forming shapes like triangles and rectangles—great toddler gift ideas.

Wee Gallery Bamboo Nesting Bear

A wooden bear-shaped toy with a minimalist design, featuring a semi-circle pattern on its midsection. The bear is decorated with black and white painted accents, including eyes, nose, and triangular and dotted patterns—an ideal pick among toddler gift ideas.

UFO Wooden Balance Game

A child in a bright pink sweater and sequined shorts sits on a white chair holding a small wooden object above their head, showcasing perfect toddler gift ideas. The child has colorful hair ties and some stickers or face paint on their cheeks. Toys are scattered on the chair next to them.

Mega Bloks

A package of Mega Bloks Big Building Bag for children aged 1 and up. The bag is purple with a clear window displaying colorful plastic building blocks, making it perfect for toddler gift ideas. Two children are shown on the packaging playing with the blocks. The set contains 80 pieces.

It’s never too early to get your toddler playing with blocks! All sorts of blocks — solid-wood building blocks, Magna-Tiles, pattern blocks, linking cubes, animal blocks, etc. — provide spatial and motor skill development (and so much entertainment!) for years. Blocks are a great toddler gift idea for the holidays.



Best Board Books Bundle

An image showcasing six children's books, perfect toddler gift ideas. Titles include

Little Feminist Board Book Set

A set of four children's books titled

Dragons Love Tacos

The cover of the book

Goodnight Moon

The cover of the book

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus!

The cover of the book

The Book With No Pictures

A book cover with a plain white background. The title

Help their little minds explore and grow with books galore this holiday season! There are endless options, from books about feminist legends and classic literature to stories about dragons eating tacos and sleepy bunnies. Our toddler gift guide isn’t complete without some great book ideas!

For more books, check out these articles:


New Pajamas

Petite Plume Pink Gingham Set

A set of children's pink and white checkered pajamas consisting of a short-sleeved button-up shirt with a chest pocket and matching shorts. Perfect as toddler gift ideas, this pajama set is displayed against a plain white background, combining comfort and style for your little ones.

Family Matching Jammies

A family of five and a dog are sitting on the front steps of a house, all wearing matching festive pajamas. The parents are sitting on either side of their three children, including a toddler excitedly clutching one of his favorite holiday gift ideas. A holiday wreath hangs on the door behind them.

Book and Pajama Set

Blue children's pajamas featuring yellow construction vehicles and cranes, accompanied by a copy of the book

Long John Pajama Set

A charming set of children's pajamas featuring a long-sleeve top and pants. The fabric is white with a pattern of black stars and blue cuffs on the sleeves, neck, and pant legs. Displayed against a plain white background, these pajamas make perfect toddler gift ideas.

Organic Pajamas

Two sets of children's pajamas are pictured. One set is dark blue with a white tie-dye pattern, and the other set is gray with a dark blue wave design. Both sets include long-sleeve tops and matching pants with contrasting solid cuffs—perfect toddler gift ideas for comfy nights!

Is your toddler resisting bedtime? Perhaps matching family holiday pajamas, a book and pajama set, or silly glow-in-the-dark options will coerce them to sleep! Pajamas are a great gift idea for toddlers because they’re practical, keep kids warm in the winter, and often have fun characters or designs. Plus, who doesn’t love new jammies?!


Clothes You'll Both Love

Cozy Hooded Jacket

A beige, fuzzy, hooded children's jacket with a zipper front and two small pockets on either side. The hood features bear ears, making it an adorable addition to toddler gift ideas. The inside of the hood is lined with a light gray fabric.

Reversible Vest

This sleeveless hooded vest, perfect for toddler gift ideas, features a mix of blue, gray, and black colors with a fuzzy gray interior lining. It includes a front zipper and two side pockets, while the bottom edge boasts a striped hem.

Rain Boots

A pair of bright yellow rubber rain boots with a textured sole. They have a rectangular label on the front near the top, displaying the brand name


A pair of white Nike sneakers with black swoosh logos on the sides. The shoes have gray suede accents on the toe and feature both laces and a Velcro strap for closure. Perfect toddler gift ideas, these stylish sneakers are set against a plain white background.

Getting a toddler ready in the morning can be a trial . . . so here’s an idea: give them the gift of clothes you’ll both be excited about! Like a cozy jacket or classics that are as soft as they are cute. What toddler wouldn’t be happy to get new, colorful rain boots? And imagine the excitement when your little one receives some cool sneakers!


Toys for Pretend Play

KidKraft Play Kitchen

A compact, white toy kitchen set featuring a stove with three knobs, an oven, a microwave, and a sink with a faucet. There is a small window backdrop with a plant and spice holder on the side. The countertop has a light wood finish, making it one of the perfect toddler gift ideas.

Pottery Barn Kids Play Kitchen

A small kitchen setup with a mint-green cabinet, featuring a sink, a stove with two burners, an oven, and a tall pantry. Above the cabinet is framed artwork of trees. There is a basket of fruits on top of the pantry and a round side table beside it—perfect for inspiring toddler gift ideas.

Melissa & Doug Sandwich Food Set

A collection of felt food pieces is displayed, including slices of bread, cucumber, tomato, onion, and leafy greens. There are also felt pieces representing an egg, bacon, various lunch meats, cheese, and a pita pocket—all perfect toddler gift ideas—arranged on a white surface.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

A toy ice cream counter set, perfect for toddler gift ideas, includes plastic ice cream scoops, cones, a menu, a scooper, toppings, and play money. The counter has compartments for various accessories. The items are arranged neatly in and around the white and striped counter unit.

Fairy Princess Dress-Up Set

A photograph showcases a delightful toddler gift idea: a set of pink fairy costume accessories, including wings, a tutu, and a butterfly-topped wand. A child is pictured wearing the light pink costume, which features soft, fluffy wings and a matching tutu.

Melissa & Doug Astronaut Costume

A young child wears a silver and white astronaut costume with patches, including one reading

Toy Doctor Kit

A fantastic toddler gift idea, this children's veterinarian playset includes a stuffed brown dog, a white and blue medical-themed tote bag, various play medical instruments like a stethoscope, syringe, and thermometer, blue medical scrubs, and toy medicine containers.

Tool Set

A set of colorful toy tools and a blue toolbox are displayed—perfect for toddler gift ideas. The set includes a yellow saw, wrench, hammer, pliers, two screwdrivers, grey bolts, and green brackets. The toolbox features a handle and holes on the sides for easy carrying.

Toddlers learn social skills daily and use pretend play to practice being little people. Toys that facilitate social pretend play are perfectly age-appropriate! One of our favorite ideas in our toddler gift guide is a gorgeous play kitchen that will be fun for kids (and look good in your house, whether traditional or modern). You can also help them learn to pack a lunch and start an ice cream shop or encourage them to play dress-up. Before you know it, you may have a fairy princess or astronaut on your hands!


Simple, Cheap, and Endlessly Entertaining

Slinky Toy

A colorful plastic coil spring toy is displayed in front of its box, perfect for toddler gift ideas. The spring features a gradient of pink, yellow, blue, and green colors. The box shows the product name

Gymnastics Ribbon

Two colorful ribbon wands are pictured. Each wand features a white stick with a blue ball on the end, and multicolored ribbons in shades of pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple cascading down in a wave-like pattern. Perfect toddler gift ideas that spark imagination and joy!

Mr. Potato Head

A toy Mr. Potato Head stands upright, wearing a black hat, black glasses, and blue shoes. Visible parts include an extra set of eyes, a red nose, a red and white mouth, and a red mustache. One arm is raised while the other is on its side—a perfect addition to your toddler gift ideas list.

Playground Ball

Red Franklin Playground Ball with blue, yellow, and orange panels around a blue and white label. The label reads

Busy Baby Placemat

A gray silicone activity mat with the brand name

Skillmatics Guess in 10 Card Game

The image shows the packaging of the game

Stomp Rocket

A Stomp Rocket set is displayed, featuring four foam rockets with blue fins and white bodies, a yellow foot pump launcher, and a box that reads


Package of Pipsquigz Rattle Toys by Fat Brain Toy Co. This toddler gift idea includes three colorful suction cup toys, perfect for babies 6 months and older. A smiling baby is shown playing with the toys. Text highlights features such as

Often, classics are classics for a reason! You’ll be amazed at how entertained your toddler is by a slinky going down the stairs. They’ll twirl around for hours with a gymnastics ribbon. And Mr. Potato Head induces tons of laughs, especially when his eyeballs are replaced with lips and a nose. Plus, there’s nothing like going outside to kick around a ball. We also love this Busy Baby Mat for toddlers — you can use it on their high chair while you prep dinner or bring it to a restaurant to keep toys close by and off the floor!


Something for Them To Carry Around

Mini Bows Backpack

A pink backpack with a smooth, shiny texture features three large, decorative bows on the front. The backpack has two vertical zippers flanking the middle bow and a top handle for carrying. Perfect for toddler gift ideas!

Monster Backpack

A light blue children's backpack designed to look like a cute monster makes the perfect toddler gift idea. It has round eyes, small white felt teeth, navy blue arms, and striped antennae. It includes a matching blue leash attached to the bottom and features a front zippered pocket.

Personalized Lunch Box

A gradient blue to purple lunch bag with


A wonderful toddler gift idea, this children's blue and red rolling suitcase features an airplane design on the front. It has a main compartment with a red zipper, front and side pockets, and a handle for pulling. The side and back showcase a fun pattern with various transportation vehicles.

Having the proper carrying case is essential for toddlers, whether they want to carry around a toy car, a favorite lovey, or a yummy snack! This sweet bow backpack is precious, or maybe your little one wants something more fierce, like this monster backpack. There’s also nothing like a mini suitcase to hold their things on the way to grandma’s house.


Musical Instrument


A colorful wooden xylophone with twelve bars in different colors, arranged in a gradient from green to purple. Two wooden mallets with round heads are positioned on the bars, making it one of the perfect toddler gift ideas.

Percussion Egg Shakers

A set of four egg-shaped musical shakers in purple, green, blue, and orange colors. Each shaker has a logo of an elephant and the text

Drum Set

A toddler gift idea: A children's toy drum set featuring three circular drum pads with orange rims and blue bases. Each pad has a mesh surface and is accompanied by orange drumsticks. The set also includes a green and yellow cymbal on a blue stand, with various buttons for additional functions.


A brown ukulele with a heart-shaped sound hole, four strings, and a black fretboard makes for one of the sweetest toddler gift ideas. There is a red tag attached to the bottom part of the instrument, and the word


A small, colorful accordion with a blue finish and red and white bellows, perfect for toddler gift ideas. It features white buttons on its side and has a black strap for holding. The brand name reads

DJ Toy

A colorful toy keyboard with black and white keys, featuring buttons with various symbols including a heartbeat, hand, and sound wave—perfect for Toddler Gift Ideas. It also has a slider and rotary knob for additional functions. The brand

What’s more fun when you’re 2 than making a ton of loud noise? Nothing! There are so many fun musical instruments to choose from. You could get them started on a baby grand piano, a classic xylophone, percussion shakers, a fun drum set, a ukulele, or even an accordion. These gift ideas can be great for your toddler if you feel optimistic about their future as a musician. 🙂


A Stuffed Animal

Pillow Pet

A plush toy designed to resemble a tan and white fox. The fox has a white belly, brown nose, and brown tips on its ears and feet. It appears soft and cuddly, making it an excellent choice for toddler gift ideas.

Warmable Plush

A plush toy resembling a cow with black and white fur, beige hooves, and black ears. The toy has black eyes, a white snout, and is sitting upright against a white background—a perfect addition to your toddler gift ideas.

Paw Patrol

This stuffed toy of a police puppy character, perfect for toddler gift ideas, features a blue police uniform and hat. Holding a blue light in its left paw, the toy boasts large eyes, a brown and tan body, and adorable pink paw pads.

Squishmallows Unicorn

A plush toy in the shape of a pastel pink unicorn with a closed eye expression. It has a golden horn, white ears, a yellow, green, and pink mane on its forehead, and a white belly. Perfectly soft and huggable, it makes an ideal addition to toddler gift ideas.

Jumbo Animal Plush

A young girl with long, wavy hair sits on the floor reading a book, leaning against a large, plush tiger toy. Behind them is a bookshelf filled with books and storage baskets. The room has a light-colored carpet and a blanket with colorful stripes—perfect toddler gift ideas.

You really can’t go wrong with a new stuffed friend! Get creative with an animal that folds into a pillow or warms up for a sweet hug. Or, as another gift idea, choose a character from your toddler’s favorite cartoon or book so they can cuddle with and carry around a familiar face.


Art Supplies

Two-Sided Easel

Two wooden easels stand side by side; the left easel features a black chalkboard, and the right easel has a white dry-erase board. Both easels have colorful clips at the top, a red tray, and blue holders for art supplies at the bottom—perfect toddler gift ideas for budding young artists.


Two children's art smocks, perfect toddler gift ideas, are displayed. One is yellow with blue sleeves and pockets; the other is pink with blue sleeves and pockets. Each smock's pockets contain various art supplies, including brushes, markers, crayons, and paint.


A box of Crayola washable paint for ages 3 and up, labeled


This image shows a set of nine paintbrushes in a row, perfect for Toddler Gift Ideas. The handles of the brushes are colored red, yellow, green, and blue. The bristles are light-colored and cylindrical, with silver ferrules connecting the bristles to the handles.


Two boxes of Crayola 64 Crayon Colors are shown, with one box open displaying the crayons and the built-in sharpener, and the other box closed. The packaging features a cartoon crayon character and a non-toxic label, making them perfect toddler gift ideas.


A box of Crayola ultra-clean washable markers containing 40 fine line markers in various colors—perfect for toddler gift ideas. Two blue markers are in the foreground. The box is mainly yellow with green and blue accents and features a colorful design.

Sago Mini

A set of colorful paper craft toys including animal figures, a play tea set, cakes, and a tiered cake stand—perfect toddler gift ideas. Additionally, there is a game board with tokens and pieces featuring cartoon characters. The background is mint green.

Equip your budding artist with supplies, from an easel and smock to paints and brushes. You can’t go wrong with a huge, classic box of crayons or washable markers. Or, if your toddler enjoys more structured activities, another gift idea is a Sago Mini Box subscription! These make-and-play activity boxes are perfect toddler gift ideas for ages 3-5.


A Balance Bike

Radio Flyer

A young child wearing a blue helmet is riding a red Radio Flyer balance bike, an excellent choice for toddler gift ideas. The child is smiling and has one foot on the ground while the other is on the bike. The bike has white wheels and the child is dressed in a long-sleeved gray shirt and jeans.


A small white balance bike with beige tires and a brown leather saddle and handlebars. It features a woven wicker basket attached to the front handlebar. The brand name


A black balance bike for children, featuring


A blue Schwinn balance bike with black handlebars, seat, and tires. The frame features the brand name


A white Retrospec Cub balance bike with brown handles and seat, designed for young children. The bike features two black tires, a simple frame with no pedals, and

Whether you go for a classic Radio Flyer or over-the-top adorable Banwood, a balance bike will put a smile on any kid’s face. Balance bikes are the ideal first bicycle and the best way to introduce your little one to cycling, as they naturally support kids’ development by promoting mobility and steering to ease the transition to a pedal bike. This gift idea is a great way to let your toddler join you on the ride to the park.


Furniture That's All Their Own

Play Set

A toddler in an orange shirt and plaid overalls is crawling on colorful foam blocks. The blocks, perfect for toddler gift ideas, come in different shapes, including a red triangular prism, a yellow rectangular prism, a purple square prism, a green half-cylinder, and an orange cylinder.

Bean Bag Storage

A young child with a smiling expression leans on a large, round bean bag chair featuring a gray and white stripe pattern. The child is wearing a pink outfit with a floral design. Behind them is a white crib and a blue bed in a softly lit room, offering perfect toddler gift ideas for comfort and decor.

Newton X Figgy Play Couch

A child wearing a light-colored outfit is climbing on a stack of gray play couches in a room with gray walls decorated with small cactus patterns. The child is perched atop an arrangement of soft blocks and cushions—an excellent setup when considering toddler gift ideas.

Cozy Convertible Chair

A children's fold-out couch in pastel shades of pink, purple, and blue. The couch has a side pocket and can be converted into a flat bed. One image shows the couch in its seated form, and the other shows it fully extended. This versatile piece makes for great toddler gift ideas.

We know toddlers have ample imagination, but what about all that ENERGY? It still baffles me how someone who seems to survive on three bites of carrots and a waffle daily has so much energy to expel. Toddlers need furniture of their own to jump and squirm on! This fun playset transforms into whatever their little imaginations come up with. And who doesn’t love a beanbag!?


Tools To Help Them Participate

Little Partners Learn 'N Fold Learning Tower

A woman and a child are standing in a kitchen by a countertop. The child is on a wooden step stool, reaching into the sink to help the woman who is watering plants. The kitchen, with its white cabinets, wooden countertop, and coffee machine, offers endless toddler gift ideas for little helpers.

Kids Apron

A child wearing a light blue shirt and a black and white striped apron with a front pocket stands with hands on hips. The apron ties around the neck and waist, making it perfect for toddler gift ideas.

Kids Dustpan

A lime green dustpan and brush set with a bamboo handle from the brand Full Circle. The brush, with light-colored bristles, fits into the dustpan which features a rubber edge for improved sweeping. Perfect as one of those unique toddler gift ideas to help little ones learn tidy habits early on.

“I do it, Mama!” If you do not hear this yet . . . it’s coming! Toddlers want to do everything themselves, and you can help foster that toddler independence with these toddler gift ideas. Get them in the kitchen and up to the counter with a kitchen helper. We tried out the Little Partners Learn ‘N Fold Learning Tower recently and love it! You can also protect their little clothes with this adorable apron. Cleaning may seem like a chore, but sing the cleanup song and gift them this pint-sized dustpan set, and your little one will be ready to go!

Those are our toddler gift ideas for the holidays! One great thing about this age is that your toddler will probably get excited about any gift you give them this season. Happy shopping, mamas! 🙂

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