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Fit After Baby: A Postpartum Workout Guide

postpartumPublished May 27, 2018


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I know what you’re thinking: who has time for a postpartum workout? I get it, I do. On the days I’m not teaching, I’m shocked at the answers I give my husband when he asks, “What did y’all do today?” I realize the day went SO fast for a whole lot of “nothing” getting done. And when he’s finally home, it’s time for dinner, bath, and bedtime snuggles—sneaking in a workout? Yeah. I didn’t seem to get that done.

But, after enough months of that routine and various excuses, I knew it was time to get active again. I wanted to get that part of “me” back. Before baby, I rotated between Pilates, Barre, and running. But between working and spending time with Fischer, I find little time to make it to a class.

Today I’m sharing a variety of ways I’ve been using to get myself fit after baby while juggling the important roles of mother, wife, and teacher!

1. The At-Home Workout

I’ve found that working out at home can be very effective if I commit and don’t stop checking my phone too many times. The easiest way is by finding shorter, intense workouts that get me sweating in no time and are done before I can complain! Some of my favorites:

The Beach Body Series: T25 and P90x3 are great because they are either 25-minutes or 30-minutes. I either wake up a little earlier or do a video while Fischer is napping and still have time to unload the dishwasher, prepare his next meal, wash my face, sit and take a breather…etc. Also, the workouts have great modifications, so if you’re getting back into working out, you can go slowly. The DVDs are pricier than some other at-home programs. However, they also provide nutritional instructions and meal plans. And, since you have to buy through a Beach Body Coach, you also get accountability groups and online support!

Bar Method Online: I was THRILLED when an instructor mentioned Bar Online. At less than $20 a month, depending on the plan, this series is super affordable, and they have a variety of videos so that I don’t get bored. Most classes are 50-minutes, so it’s a bit more of a time commitment, but they’ve recently introduced 20-minute burst workouts that I’m loving. Again, I either wake up early or do these during naptime…but sometimes I entertain Fischer while he’s eating breakfast/lunch! (NOTE: I recommend taking a few classes at a studio first so that you learn the proper form.)

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2. The Stroller Workout

I was very excited when I came across stroller-fit classes and realized there were A LOT of other moms who struggled with finding the time to fit in a postpartum workout and check off every other box on their to-do lists. Stroller programs are awesome because not only are you getting a great workout, but you’re also meeting new moms and kids while baby is WITH you. That’s a win-win-win in my book! In Houston, I have tried both Fit4Mom and Baby Boot Camp. They are both nationwide, so check out their sites for a location near you! The intensity of the classes depends on the specific instructor, but whether it’s a light workout or something a bit more sweat-producing, you’re going to have FUN.

If you can’t make it to a class for some reason, don’t sweat (hehe) it. There are some exercises you can do while strolling on your own or in the backyard. offers a workout that you can modify to your needs. This one gets you GOOD! I also like this sequence from blogger Ailee at Snapshots and My Thoughts! (Below are my attempts at some of her exercises.)

I honestly love the variety I have found since having to quit going to studio classes! It makes trying to get fit after baby so much more attainable. I also frequently work out with a friend or my husband, which makes it fun. (Sometimes, I treat my 10th-grade students to a round of calf-raises when they look snoozy.)

Let us know your favorite postpartum workout, whether on your own or with a baby!

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