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8 Easy Ways for Moms to Improve Their Mood

Here are just a few of our favorite techniques to improve your mood and reset the mood of a house from cranky to cheery.

Published March 17, 2019

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

We’ve all had those days as mothers when the mood in our house is just off. And I’m not talking about the kids—I’m talking about us—the mothers.

Maybe we’re tired.

Maybe we’re unshowered.

Maybe we’re tired of holding a crying baby.

Or maybe we’ve just been stuck inside for far too long due to bad weather or sick kids.

Whatever it is, we know one thing on those days: it is up to us and no one else to set our house’s tone. It’s up to us to determine whether the day goes well or the day goes to…well, you know where. And it’s evident that the crankier we stay, the worse the day goes. So, we rapidly begin seeking out a game-changer. Or should I say mood changer? Because for survival, we need it NOW. Actually, we needed it yesterday.

Tips for Moms to Improve Their Moods

Here are just a few of my favorite techniques for improving your mood and resetting the mood of a house from cranky to cheery so that any day can begin again with a fresh outlook, a good attitude, a sense of joy, and a touch of gratitude for the things surrounding us.

1. Shower

Many moms’ days start without any time to think about their clothing…kids are pulling you out of bed, begging for breakfast before you have time to pee, let alone shower! Then, four hours later, you realize you are still in your yoga pants and “My Kids are My Cardio” tee without having brushed your hair. Well, the whole saying, dress to impress? Sometimes, even if you’re at home, the best thing you can do is dress to impress yourself and your mood! Occasionally, we forget how refreshing a shower can be!

2. Open the Blinds

Let there be light! Sometimes, we also forget the power of light. With children, we may keep the shades in the house closed or dim to encourage calming down or sleep, which can also improve mood. But sometimes, we forget that light can lighten our spirits. One of my favorite things to do when feeling sleepy is to open my blinds (or step outside briefly). It’s hard to stay cranky when light is shining on your face!


3. Listen to Music

Music is one of my favorite things in life because it can take me to many places and memories. And I know my kids love it, too! So, one of my favorite things to do is to use it when I need a mood change. My kids and I love to turn on Pandora and have a dance party. And I might turn on something entirely for me when they are playing. Or turn on classical music. Sometimes, it just makes me feel better and less in the kiddie world!


4. Clean

Dirty houses tend to weigh us down! And even though cleaning is exhausting at times, cleaning can also be one of the best ways to help everyone reset. And it can keep the kids busy, too. Pull out the vacuum the next time you notice your mood is not stellar. There is something about fresh carpets and clean dishes that lifts a spirit!


5. Create a Fresh Scent

Fresh smells are one of the best ways to help me feel better. When I feel moody, I love to light a fresh-smelling candle, spray some air freshener, diffuse one of my favorite essential oils, or spray a quick squirt of my favorite perfume on my neck! Fresh scents make me feel refreshed and happy. And they are easy to accomplish. (And if your kids are like mine, they will love the job of spraying the air freshener—an instant mood changer for them!) Fresh scents are a win/win for everyone!


6. Hire a Sitter for Even an Hour

If you are really about to lose it, grab your phone and see if you can find a sitter to come over and relieve you for just an hour or two. It’s incredible how quickly we can reset when we can do something for ourselves, even if it is just briefly! One of the best ways to do this is to get a long(er) list of sitters than just your one favorite sitter! That way, you have a greater chance of someone being able to fill in, so you can get a pedicure and return a new woman!

7. Play Something With the Kids

Sometimes, we are cranky because the kids are fighting and whining. And though you may feel you need a break from them, playing a game of Uno with them or doing a puzzle together might be just the ticket for getting them in a better place, thereby allowing you to feel better, too! The next time you think you are at your limit with their fighting, sit down and play a game. You might be amazed to see the results! See our favorite games to play with the whole family.

8. Work Out

This one can go against instinct because, often, when exhausted and cranky, we feel that the last thing we want to do is a workout. But sometimes, that is precisely what we need to reset ourselves. I have had several days when I need a mental reset and force myself to go on a short walk or run with the kids in the stroller and discover how much better I feel about 5 minutes into the workout. It can burn off some stress and get your endorphins flowing. You have to make it through the initial “I don’t want to do this!!!” phase! Then you notice a smile on your face again!

I hope this list is helpful and encouraging. Please feel free to share some of your favorite mood changers with us!

Cheers to Happy Moms!

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