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What (Most) Moms Really Want For Christmas

holidaysUpdated December 11, 2020


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Ask a mom what she wants for Christmas. I dare you. She will probably respond with something altruistic like, “I want nothing more than my family’s health and happiness.” Or “I really don’t need anything. I have plenty. Maybe peace on Earth, or a cure to childhood cancer?” Because we’re moms, and this is what we do. We deflect. We constantly worry about taking too much time for ourselves and don’t even ask us to spend money on something silly like a day at the spa. Nope, not gonna happen. It’s like when you become a mom, you start to think that you, as a woman and an individual, really don’t matter much anymore. But this isn’t the case. You are a person, and your wants and desires are valid.

So if you (the person reading this now) are still in the market for a last-minute gift for a mom on your list, take heed. Do not fall for that, “oh no, I don’t need anything this year” crap. Everyone needs (or wants) something. Everyone deserves to feel loved and appreciated during the holidays. And to be clear, we aren’t advocating that you need to spend a large chunk of change to make mom happy. (I get the budget thing, believe me. I have three girls!) Here are 10 things (most) moms would really love for Christmas. You know, if they were brave enough to pipe up and actually say something…

1. More snuggles.

No mom will ever say no to more snuggles. From her kids, her animals, or her husband. We’re moms. We were made for snuggles. It’s in our DNA.

2. More time.

My babies get a little bit bigger (before my incredulous eyes) every single day. This Christmas, I wish that I could freeze time. We are so busy. I would love for us to slow down and really bask in each other’s company. My oldest daughter is four — it’s downright depressing to realize that in just a few short years she, and her little sisters, will want nothing to do with uncool mom and dad. Maybe this Christmas, we can hide all of our gadgets (our smartphones and tablets) from ourselves and just unplug? If we can’t stop time, maybe we can at least take a short reprieve from the “real world” and focus on family?

3. Less laundry.

And dishes. And messes. Okay, I guess we can’t really expect these things to go away (completely). The last time I checked, Amazon wasn’t selling magic wands. But most of us moms can admit (I think) that we would love a little help with the daily household tasks, not just at Christmas but throughout the entire year.

4. A few extra winks.

Moms love sleep. And (most) moms desperately need more of it.

5. Some quality time with her significant other.

This can look like a night out on the town or more like a quiet night in with Netflix and takeout. Ask mom (or your spouse) what she would like to do. She may choose the ballet. She may choose a baseball game. It’s up to mom. Let her decide.

6. Less nagging, more fun.

This is what it sounds like. Don’t make mom nag at Christmas. Just do what she says. That way, everyone can enjoy Christmas. You know the saying: “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

7. To be able to eat whatever we want, without consequence.

If only we could make calories disappear. Chocolate, wine, five servings of grandma’s homemade apple pie — this is something every mom (no, every woman) could get behind. Just tell mom she looks fabulous, no matter what she shovels into her mouth this holiday season. Any questions?

8. A month of dinners.

That we don’t have to make (or clean up after) ourselves. It would be amazing if dinner could make itself, but since this probably isn’t the case, maybe my husband and the tiny army of humans we’ve created ourselves could make this happen? Hey, a girl can dream. This Christmas, lighten mom’s load.

9. More energy.

Enough said. Got magic pills? Hashtag, we wish.

10. Botox without the botox.

Can we pretty please look 16 again without the needles (and the hefty price tag)? No? Well, it was worth asking anyway. Just feed me more pie, and tell me I’m pretty.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, moms! You are smart, gorgeous, and capable. And your family adores you, even when they forget to say so. Try sharing this article (before taking that break from social media, of course), and see what happens. 😉


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