Ways Partners Can Help New Moms During Postpartum – Podcast Ep 62

Ways Partners Can Help New Moms During Postpartum – Podcast Ep 62

postpartumPublished July 6, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert


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Today’s episode is all about how you can help new moms during postpartum. But when you’re the mom and expecting a baby, there is much to think about and plan for before the baby arrives.

  • Is my baby healthy?
  • Will I be a good mom?
  • Am I even ready to be a mom?

One thing I am so glad that I knew about was ViaCord Cord Blood Banking.

Cord blood banking is a simple and smart way to help plan for your family’s future health. But you can only do it immediately when your baby is born. You can save your child’s cord blood even if you’re doing delayed cord clamping. Cord blood can be used for a range of conditions. And if you need it for a condition that can use cord blood, a doctor will help you decide if it’s the right medical option. Hundreds of ViaCord families have used their baby’s cord blood to help with various conditions, making a world of difference in their lives.

ViaCord collection kit on the table with a loving couple looking at their baby in the background.

It’s important to think about things like ViaCord during pregnancy, and it’s also important to start thinking about your postpartum time. Mary Alice and I have both had our babies and are in the postpartum period. As postpartum doulas and mothers, we know what is helpful and what isn’t when helping new moms during postpartum.

We appreciate our friends at ViaCord for sponsoring this episode so that we can share our recommendations to support new mothers. If you’re expecting, this is an episode to send to your partners! We’re discussing all the different ways they can help you during this fragile time.

To learn more about cord blood and tissue banking and why families choose ViaCord, click here for a free info kit!

We also mentioned our article, What to Do When Visiting a New Baby, during this episode. These tips will help if you visit a family with a new little one.

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