10 Things Postpartum Moms Should Do For Themselves Every Day
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10 Things Postpartum Moms Should Do For Themselves Every Day

The "fourth trimester" can be a difficult period for many women. Here are 10 things postpartum moms should do for themselves every day.

Published September 8, 2021

When you have a newborn, it can be tough to find any time for yourself. You are so focused on the baby and your recovery. While it is important to take the pressure off yourself and tap into survival mode, there are some little things that postpartum moms can do for themselves to help them feel a bit more human again.

These things do not need to be a big production. Many of them are things that are just reminders as you navigate through the baby fog. It can be hard to remember to keep yourself healthy during this time, and you are often sleep-deprived. Even if you do not get through this checklist every day, you can focus on the most important points and what you need. Make sure to enlist your partner to help with some of these.

10 Things Postpartum Moms Should Do Daily

1. Eat often. And well.

Taking care of a newborn is so distracting that you may find that you are not eating enough. It is essential to take care of yourself. Have your partner make your food and bring it to you while you are nursing the baby. Arrange to have meals brought to you. By staying well-fed, you will recover and feel much better.

2. Stay hydrated.

Nothing can make you feel as awful as being dehydrated. Becoming dehydrated is very easy to do, especially if you are breastfeeding. You need to make sure to drink enough water so you feel your best. Drinking water during or after breastfeeding will help you recover faster. Dehydration can lead to headaches, so you want to make sure you remember to drink enough. Keep a water bottle by your side, or ask your partner to help you.

3. Get as much rest as possible.

Rest is the one thing that you really need to do but is often the hardest to accomplish. Getting enough sleep with a newborn can seem impossible, but that’s why it is necessary to be mindful about getting it in when you can. Take a nap when the baby naps, if possible, or go to bed when the baby does. Sneaking in those few extra z’s can help a great deal. Even if you cannot fully sleep, make sure to take some time to relax to at least give your body time to recover.

4. Get outside.

If the season allows it, try to get outside every day. Just a few minutes of fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your mood. You may be going stir crazy by sitting inside too much with the new baby. Take some time, even if it’s just a short while, to get outside. Even if this is just in your own backyard, it can help you feel better.

5. Laugh.

Laughing is another thing that can greatly improve our mood as a newly postpartum mom. Try to find humor in everyday situations. Make faces at your baby. Watch a funny show. Finding some time each day to laugh will help you feel better.

6. Move your body.

While full-blown workouts may not be on the schedule just yet, you can still get up and move around a bit. Always be sure to manage your expectations and be sure you are cleared before engaging in anything strenuous. Even just taking a walk or having a dance party is a great way to get your body moving.

7. Take a shower.

While some days it may seem impossible to do anything, taking a shower is also a great mood lifter. It can be hard to accomplish this with kids running around. If you need to wait and hop in the shower when your partner is home, make sure to do that. Getting cleaned up can help you shake off the grime and just feel better. And then put something new and clean on. A fresh pair of clothes, even if it’s just a different set of pajamas, can help you feel refreshed after a shower.

8. Connect with your partner about something other than the baby.

Your newborn may be your entire world at this point, and talking about the baby with your partner when he gets home is natural. Once you get through that, try to connect about any other subject as well. Talking with your partner about different things will help you communicate more effectively.

9. Do something for yourself.

Each day try to do something for yourself. Whether this is doing something already mentioned above, or doing something completely different, try to find a few minutes to engage in something you enjoy. Paint your nails, read a book, meditate, etc. By doing this, you will feel more connected to yourself.

10. Ground yourself.

Postpartum moms can get very wrapped up in their babies, which is only natural. It can be hard to pull yourself out of the funk if you had a bad day or come up from the stress of it all. Ground yourself by reflecting on what matters to you and letting any of the hard stuff go.

As moms, we are notorious for putting everyone else’s needs above our own. To help come through the postpartum period a bit better, try to incorporate the ideas above. They will help you feel better physically and mentally to get through one of the toughest seasons with children.

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