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14 Signs You Might be a City Mom

City living can be fast-paced and exciting. There are some advantages to being a city family. Here are some ways you know you're a city mom!

Published February 18, 2022

If you’re a city mom like me, I think it’s safe to say we live a pretty sweet life. After all, who else can run an errand like dropping off the kids at school while having four different Starbucks begging you to grab a coffee? I love being a city mom. And there is no doubt we city moms experience some benefits and struggles compared to other moms. If you’re reading this and feeling like you can relate, you might just be a city mom too. 😉

You Know You’re a City Mom When…

Your backyard is the local park.

Sure, city living may be a little crowded, and you might not have a backyard, or (if you do) it’s tiny, but nothing beats having the best playground in town literally in your backyard! Hello, playdates! And if you’re not feeling that park today, the good news is that there are likely two to four other epic local parks all within a 15-mile radius of your home. And some are within walking distance! No more rushing out the door to meet your friends on time for a playdate. Instead, take your time and have a fun stroll (or drive) to all the nearby playgrounds!

You have to get your child into the super-elite preschool.

This one may not be so much of a benefit, but it’s the truth. When all of your mom friends begin raving about “that one preschool” in town, you know you need your child to attend there too. The struggle is that every other city mom is also fighting for the same school. Get yourself on the waitlist, mamas. You’re in for a long ride!

Childcare is such a hot commodity, you’ll have your baby on the waitlist before they’re even born.

It’s true. A larger city means a greater demand for childcare. No, you won’t really need to add them to the waitlist before they’re born (I mean, unless you want to, of course). However, finding a reliable childcare center that doesn’t require your life’s savings can be pretty tricky, so start looking early and get on those waitlists as soon as you can, especially if you want that prestigious preschool. You might as well start working on your child’s interview skills now. 😉

Your baby has been to more museums and theaters than most people.

By the time your baby is ready for preschool, they probably know when and who created the Mona Lisa. They may also be able to recite all the words to the popular Hamilton favorite, “Non-Stop.” Maybe, these extra skills will add credibility to their preschool resume, or maybe not. Either way, you’ll never fall short on things to do in the city, and always be sure to keep your easy fold travel system on hand for easy traveling. See our favorite strollers for city moms. You’re welcome.

Your nanny makes more money than most people.

Watching little ones is hard work. Why else would we be looking for help to manage our kids? But when did nannies start making as much as engineers? Kudos to all the nannies out there killin’ it, but I think it’s time for the rest of us to reevaluate our career choices soon. Maybe.

Your child’s calendar is busier than yours.

When you live in the city, there are many things to do. Hence the reason your child probably has more playdates, after-school activities, and birthday parties to attend than you do. With the activities piling up left and right, it’s no wonder many people view city-living as fast and always go-go-go, but this is where all those precious memories are made. And that is priceless.

Your baby is on a 6-month waitlist to join a baby music class.

We, city moms, know the importance of introducing our children to the arts and being cultured. We also know the benefits of music, baby massage, and more for our babies, and we want to give our kids every advantage possible. So, yes, we are willing to be on a waitlist for a good baby music class.

Your child’s school tuition feels like a payment for a semester at college.

I don’t know about other moms, but some of these preschool tuition prices are starting to get ridiculous. Living in the city has its many benefits, but the cost of living in a city within California is not cheap. If you feel like you’re sending your kids off to college before they’re in kindergarten — me too, mama, me too.

You spent more money on your kid’s stroller than you would like to admit.

Guilty. Never in my life did I imagine I’d be a mom who justifies the need for an “expensive” stroller, a.k.a. our 2nd car. (And for some city moms—NYC mamas, I’m looking at you—their only car.) Let me tell you, though. A lightweight, easy-to-fold travel system can make city life a lot easier when you have kids. Need to go shopping with the kids? Great, bring the travel system. As I like to think, you can’t put a price on convenience!

Grocery shopping is easy, thanks to your expensive stroller.

You know the strollers that have those massive storage areas on the bottom or an extra basket? Think of them as your new grocery cart — you’re welcome. Once I discovered I didn’t need an actual basket anymore, trips to the grocery store became that much easier and faster with kids in tow!

Your kids don’t bat an eye when they see or hear an ambulance, plane, train, or fire truck passing by.

A great benefit of living in the city is that our kids are entirely unphased by the sounds of loud machinery or sirens right outside of their front door. Worried your baby won’t sleep through the neighbors mowing their lawn next door or NYE fireworks? Not in the city. The sound of sirens, airplanes, and just about any loud noise quickly become the new white noise.

You can hit 10,000 steps just by going up and down the stairs…at home.

Whoever designed homes in the city really had our cardiovascular health at the top of their minds. Whether you’re living in a two-story house, a three-story townhome, or a multilevel apartment complex — as if chasing and shuffling our toddlers around wasn’t enough — getting your steps in is no problem. Next time you’re out and about, don’t forget to check your steps tracker on your phone to see how many you average in a day! You might be surprised it’s more than you anticipated.

You walk everywhere and can easily maneuver through a crowd of tourists with your kids.

Speaking of walking, I don’t know too many places we don’t walk to here in the city. Even during the busy summers when visitors flock in, we know this place like the back of our hands. Getting around ain’t nothin’ to a mom who’s done it a couple of hundred times.

​​The kids’ names in their child’s class are “unique.”

Everyone has a unique name in the city. Names you’ve never even thought of. Names that are not on any of the popular “unique baby names lists.” Like Olive, Francois, Atticus, etc. There actually might be more than one of them in your kid’s class too.

Being a city mom can feel overwhelming at times, but there are many positives to living in the city with your little ones. I mean, who doesn’t love some delicious coffee, a short drive to the grocery store, and not waiting in the school drop-off lines thanks to our privilege to walk? Tell us, what other things would you add to the list?

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