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Preschool Prep: Surviving Registration Season

Tips for your preschool search marathon from a mama who's been there.

Published January 19, 2016

Getting into preschool is almost as nerve-wracking as submitting college applications. We had moved over the summer, and by doing so, we gave up our spot at the kid’s old school and began the search for something closer to our new home. In our new neighborhood, preschool prep parents camp out on campuses the night before registration, crossing their fingers and hoping their toddler gets a spot.

They’ve put their child on every online waitlist and scheduled countless Montessori tours to find the perfect place for their preschooler. It’s a little, shall we say… insane. But I have learned a few lessons from enrolling my little ones, and to keep you from losing your toddler-loving mind, I’d like to offer some perspective and advice. Maybe even a laugh or two to get you through it! 😉

Start Your Preschool Prep Engines

Look up any and every school you are even potentially considering and email (and call) them now. Like right now. Request to schedule a tour; ask them when they open registration. Offer to donate an organ. Do it. Yesterday.

Go On a Tour De PreK

Schedule your tour at the time of day your child is the most chill. If that is never, then post-nap and after a snack is probably your best bet. Bring a little bribe … excuse me, a “token of your appreciation” like cupcakes or cookies; slap on a cute label or card with your contact info to add a sweet subliminal message to remember your child by. Make eye contact, learn names, and be warm and friendly. If you’re not warm and friendly, then be someone else! At least until they’ve cashed your first tuition check.


Make Sure To Follow Up With Preschool Prep Questions

There is no need to be the mom who calls daily inquiring about their child’s application status. However, one purposeful follow-up call is a MUST. Post-tour, check in a few days later to ask a “really important question” like, “Assuming my child is accepted into Prestigious Preschool Prep Academy, how would I sign up to volunteer?” Whether this is a legitimate inquiry or an empty offer is up to you, mama, but it might influence the administration to take a second peek at little Susie’s application.

Try To Relax

Preschool is essential, but it’s not Harvard. So enjoy the ride, soak in this new experience with your little one, and try to take a deep breath because it will all be over soon. And hey, before you know it, they really WILL be applying for colleges, and you’ll get to do this all over again with the additional challenge of managing teen hormones instead of toddler tantrums. You should probably start stocking up on wine now.

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