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Our Favorite Mom-Friendly Workout Clothes

stylePublished January 30, 2020

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert


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Why do moms wear workout clothes every day? Because parenting is an extreme sport. For real. We have to chase wild toddlers, lift heavy groceries while potentially still carrying said toddler, maintain stamina when running errands with our kids, bend down and put away toys, juggle laundry, and so much more. We need to remain comfortable and covered while multitasking and raising babies. This explains why athleisure wear is a common mom dress code, and I don’t think this is a trend that will be ending anytime soon!

If you’re looking for some athleisure pieces that are cute and will accommodate your mom duties as well as a workout, here are some of our favorite mom-friendly workout clothes to check out.

For Expecting Moms

Look 1: Feeling Good

We have a lot of feelings during pregnancy and we hope that this look will having you feeling good. 🙂

mom workout clothes and athleisure style look 1

White Maternity Tank Navy Maternity Leggings

Water Bottle Feelings Sweatshirt Pink Sneaker

Look 2: All Black

I love an all black ensemble. This is one of my go-to workout looks. And these maternity leggings are one of my favs!

mom workout clothes and athleisure style look 2

Black Maternity Tank Black Maternity Leggings

Water Bottle Mini Backpack Sneakers

Look 3: Rocker Mama

“Vintage” rocker tees are very popular right now. I think getting an oversized rocker tee for your growing bump and then pairing it with whichever leggings suits you and adding ear crawlers are a fun way to spice up your athleisure look.

mom workout clothes and athleisure style look 10

Rocker Tee Maternity Leggings

Faux Leather Maternity Leggings

Running Shoe Sports Bra Earrings

For Breastfeeding Moms

Look 1

Comfort, layering and flowy were my rules when I dressed myself postpartum. These mom-friendly workout clothes are great for meeting up with friends or for working up a sweat! (Once your healthcare provider has given you the thumbs up to exercise, of course.)

mom workout clothes and athleisure style look 3

Loose Nursing Tank Postpartum Leggings

Stud Earrings Nursing Wrap Sneakers

Look 2: Relaxed Casual

Sometimes all you want to wear are sweats especially when you have a newborn and are getting little sleep. Here is a cute look that is still relaxed and comfortable, but put together enough to leave the house. It’s also breastfeeding-friendly! Add a pair of aviator sunglasses and you are good to go!

mom workout clothes and athleisure style look 4

Loose Nursing Top Joggers

Baseball Cap Nursing Hoodie   Sneakers

Look 3

Bike shorts are being seen more which is a nice alternative to leggings. (Don’t knock ’em till you try ’em!) And I love this nursing bra. Sooo soft and comfortable!

mom workout clothes and athleisure style look 5

Nursing Top Bike Shorts

Nursing Bra Baseball Cap Sneakers

For Every Mom

Look 1: Petal Pink

For the girl mom or mother that loves pink! This makes me think of a ballerina’s gym outfit. Feminine and strong!

mom workout clothes and athleisure style look 6

Tee Leggings Sports Bra

Sweatshirt Sneakers

Look 2: Lilac

While the kids drive you crazy maybe this calming lilac look will give you peace. This look is perfect for a yoga workout or a high-intensity workout . . . which could also be called parenting. 😉

mom workout clothes and athleisure style look 7

Tee Leggings Socks

Sweater Running Shoes

Look 3: Light Blue

This is for the mama who loves a good nap. These comfy, mom-friendly workout clothes are great for lounging, sweating, or wearing at carpool.

mom workout clothes and athleisure style look 8

Tee Sweatpants

Sunglasses Sweatshirt Sneakers

Look 4: Mint

For the fit mom who loves working out, this workout outfit is “mint” to be! Add some color to your workout wardrobe with this cool look.

mom workout clothes and athleisure style look 9

Sports Bra Leggings Wrap Sweatshirt

Sunglasses Sneaker

We hope you love these mom-friendly workout clothes as much as we do! Here’s to keeping up with our kids and taking care of our health with these fun looks. 🙂

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