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Farmer’s Market Playdate

ParentingUpdated October 12, 2020


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Recently my little family ventured out to our local farmer’s market for a unique shopping experience that the whole crew could enjoy. We sampled, explored, and renewed our appreciation for wholesome foods that are available right in our own backyard! My first born son is the absolute pickiest eater, but even he was excited to smell, touch, taste, and try new fruits and veggies that he had previously turned up his nose at. The market vendors were so happy to answer his sweet little questions, and it was genuinely enlightening to hear about the growing process, even for us adults, too! It got me thinking about my fellow mommy friends who also have fussy eaters, and what a fun playdate the farmers market could be for them also. So today, I’m sharing a Pinterest worthy playdate that I promise will be fun for a group, large or small!

Farmer's Market Play Date, Dallas Farmer's Market, Fresh veggies

Planning your Farmers Market Playdate

  • There’s so much to explore at your local farmers market, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to see it all.
  • I’d recommend snagging yourself a little wagon to wrangle your kiddos and purchases. I love the vintage vibe of this classic style.
  • Bring along a small cooler for anything you purchase that needs to be kept chilled.
  • Pack up a picnic blanket for a comfy place to enjoy a fresh piece of fruit and reflect on your finds.
  • Don’t forget the SPF!
Farmer's Market Play Date, Dallas Farmer's Market, Fresh fruits, Fresh veggies, Fill your wagon

Now that you’re ready to roll print this Baby Chick exclusive Farmer’s Market Playdate Scavenger Hunt! We think it would be extra exciting to snap pics as you cross items off your list!

Farmer's Market Play Date, Scavenger Hunt, Dallas Farmer's Market, Take a picture, Baby Chick printable

Not only is a scavenger hunt challenging and enjoyable for all ages, but it’s an incredible opportunity for your child to stimulate all of their senses in a new surrounding. They are using touch, taste, smell, and sound to investigate and draw conclusions about fruits, veggies, and so much more! My favorite part has to be the last challenge of buying something you’ve never tried, so everyone playing along gets to sample something unique and new. This mama is trying to broaden that picky preschool palette in any way I can!

Are you feeling inspired to head to the Farmers Market with your wee ones? Head over to our Pinterest page, where our scavenger hunt list will be readily available any time!

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