DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift: Teachers Change the World
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DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift: Teachers Change the World

Teachers are such rockstars and deserve ALL the appreciation! Here is an adorable DIY teacher appreciation gift idea any teacher would love!

Updated April 2, 2024

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Teacher appreciation day is almost here, and I think we can all agree on one point: Teachers deserve ALL the appreciation! They are an invaluable part of our society that many take for granted. Some of us have kids in school full-time, some part-time, and some are our kids’ teachers. No matter what your children’s education looks like, the teacher behind it all deserves one heck of applause for all their hard work. Teachers work hard for their students! To show your appreciation for the teacher(s) in your kiddos’ life, we have a creative (and amazingly easy) DIY teacher appreciation gift idea.

Since teachers are, in many ways, the ones who are shaping the future, a globe craft felt appropriate to showcase how valuable they are. Check out the easy steps to create this DIY Teacher Appreciation Globe Gift, and don’t miss the suggestions at the end for ways to personalize it.

DIY Teacher Appreciation Globe Gift

DIY Teacher Appreciation Globe Gift "teachers change the world"

To get started with this craft, you’ll need the following:

That’s all! Paint pens would probably be easier to write with. But many of us are more likely to have actual paint and paintbrushes kicking around, so this one was done freehand with paint to show that it can still turn out great!

How to Make the Globe Craft

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift: Teachers Change the World

This craft seriously could not get any easier, which is perfect for busy parents! Most globes can easily come off the stand, so check yours. It’s not necessary, but I found getting the paint started off the stand easier.

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift: Teachers Change the World
DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift: Teachers Change the World

Once the globe is free, paint it black, starting around the bottom half. If your stand detaches as two separate parts for the bottom and top holes, you can place it back on the globe once the bottom is semi-dry. Now you can finish painting the top without worrying about getting paint on the stand or your fingers smudging it.

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift: Teachers Change the World

Now that the globe is painted entirely black and is dry, you can start with the lettering. I’ll share some other design ideas at the bottom, but for this one, I wrote, “Teachers change the world one student at a time.” “Change the world” was in all caps with rainbow coloring, while the rest was painted in cursive and white.

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift: Teachers Change the World

If you want to add decorations to the rest of the globe, you can do that! Otherwise, you can choose to spray it with a clear coat to seal everything in or leave it as is. That’s it! For such an adorable craft, it’s pretty simple.

Your child’s teacher will absolutely love this gift for Teacher Appreciation Day. Not only is it thoughtfully homemade, but the globe and rainbow colors make it perfect for displaying in the classroom. For such a quick and easy project, it can really make them feel your appreciation!

Personalizing this DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

We loved this design for a classic classroom look, but there are so many ways you can take this idea and personalize it. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Add “love (your child’s name) at the bottom
  • Change up the color scheme
  • Draw common “school” type images around it, such as apples, rulers, books, or light bulbs
  • Write your personalized message for the teacher
  • Tie a gift card around the base for an extra show of appreciation!

This globe craft will have your child’s teacher feeling all the love and appreciation, and it couldn’t be any simpler!

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