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10 Best Parenting Apps You Need to Download

parentingUpdated December 28, 2021


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Having kids is by far one of the most incredible yet overwhelming life transitions a person can experience. You’ll quickly realize that you’ve brought your first baby home without an instruction manual. It’s only natural to start looking for resources for guidance and advice. These days, the quickest way to do that is through our handy and ever-present smartphones. Here are some of the best parenting apps you should download to get the help you need when you need it.

10 Best Parenting Apps

1. Baby Sleep Sounds

Help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep with one of the best parenting apps. Baby Sleep Sounds offer various soothing sleep sounds and lullabies and even provides a timer and night light feature.

2. Boomerang Parental Control

This app allows you to control your kid’s screen time with easy and flexible parental controls. You can also monitor texts and calls for older kids with their own tablets or phones.

3. Baby +

Track your baby’s development and save special moments with one of the best parenting apps. Track everything from feeding and sleeping to diaper changes and milestones. Read articles relevant to your baby’s current stage and capture memorable moments with the Baby Diary.

4. Homey App

Homey App makes chores fun by engaging and teaching kids about money to complete their daily and weekly assigned tasks. Kids keep track of completed chores and learn the value of earning money!

5. Breathe, Think, Do

This app features a new, loveable Sesame Street character named Mando. Mando guides kids and teaches kids how to deal with stressful scenarios. The technique of breathing, thinking, and doing is reinforced throughout the app.

6. Peanut

If you’re looking to meet some mom friends, this app is for you! Peanut allows you to connect with other like-minded mamas near you and makes it easy for you to meet.

7. PBS Kids Video

This app is a lifesaver for any parent whose child is obsessed with PBS shows (hello, Daniel Tiger). It allows your child to watch all his favorite PBS videos and episodes of his favorite shows.

8. Coparently

We all know that not every family is a nuclear family unit. Some moms and dads raise their babies through co-parenting, and this app helps the parents keep track of custody schedules, important contact information, shared expenses, and more.

9. Cloud Baby Monitor

For Apple users, the Cloud Baby Monitor app allows you to transform any two Apple devices into a baby monitor and receiver. All you have to do is download their app and pair your smartphone to a laptop, Apple Watch, or iPad.

10. Parent Cue

This app is a countdown of the 936 weeks you have with your child from birth to graduation (what?!). It offers weekly cues of things you need to know about, say, or do with your child as he or she grows.

BONUS: Who’s Your Daddy?

This hysterical app is geared toward first-time dads and uses humor and plain language to guide dads through the often overwhelming nine months of pregnancy.

Whether you’re a mom-to-be, a new mom, or a mom of toddlers to teens, these best parenting apps will be so helpful as you navigate these crazy years as a parent!


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