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7-Day Home Detox Challenge

A 7-day home detox challenge can help tidy up your life.

Published March 18, 2016

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Want to thoroughly cleanse your home from clutter in ONE week? I am obsessed with the Konmari Method, but my only complaint is that it’s a somewhat tedious and tiring process. It can take months to whip your place into shape. And I’m sorry, Ms. Kondo . . . Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially not mothers! So, we’re challenging you to tackle one task daily for seven days. Spring cleaning using our home detox challenge, if you will. 😉 Join us!

7-Day Home Detox Challenge

Day 1: Quick Closet Clean-Out


Clothes, shoes, and bags are loaded with memories and the hardest to part with for most women, so fast and furious purging might be the best way to let the most go. Bag it up and donate it before the buzzer dings.

Day 2: Re-Work Your Workspace


Whether you’re a CEO or SAHM, chances are you’ve got piles of paperwork somewhere. Time to make that work space, WERK!

Day 3: Tech-Neatly Organized


Liven up your laptop and perk up your phone by cleaning them out, backing up what’s important, and trashing the rest. When you’re done, reward yourself with pretty, clean new backgrounds on your devices.

Day 4: Proof Is In the Pantry


Chances are it’s been a while since you’ve taken a cold, hard look at what’s chilling in your fridge. Once you’re done cleaning up, attempt to do some meal planning with the healthy options hiding in your pantry and produce drawers.

Day 5: Get Your Car On Track


There are two things in life as a mom that make me feel like I have it together . . . even if I might not. Those would be having a fresh manicure and driving a clean car. Don’t fall into the trap of letting clutter overcome your vehicle.

Day 6: Garage Greatness


The garage or attic can be an excellent place for long-term storage, but the problem is we often dump things there and then forget them. Take this opportunity to break up with the boxes of unneeded and underutilized “stuff” that serves no purpose except to take up storage space.

Day 7: Make a Plan


Lastly, try to include tidying on your “to-do” list daily. Once you’ve decluttered and detoxed your space, don’t turn back. A little effort every day can make a huge impact on your home! At the end of this home detox challenge, we promise that your house and your heart will look and feel light. 🙂

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