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Mom Truths: You Know You’re a Mom When…

Motherhood has forced us to grow thicker skin, and to accept that perfection is merely an illusion. Here are 10 (hilarious) mom truths!

Published November 11, 2016

When we become mothers, everything changes. You expect changes, like experiencing love on a whole new level or a house filled with baby gear. But then there are mom truths and changes you could have never predicted. It’s like how your once squeamish stomach can handle the most grotesque diapers without so much as a dry heave. And you’re not alone. Motherhood has forced us to grow thicker skin, not sweat the small stuff, and accept perfection is an illusion.

But do you want to know a little secret? You know the super gorgeous mama at preschool drop-off who is never late, makes bento box lunches that would make a top chef jealous, and always has on the cutest outfit topped off by perfectly blown-out hair? Yes, even that perfect mom has done some of the weird, silly, and sometimes gross things we must do to make it through motherhood without losing our marbles.

You Know You’re a Mom When…

In a world of carefully captioned pictures, we’re shining a light on 10 mom truths: the stuff we all did, do, or will soon be doing in the trenches of momming that we’d never admit to — but laugh about! The good, the bad, and the ugly. I had so much fun with my mom friends compiling this list, chatting about our embarrassing moments and secret mom truths. Grab a glass of wine, and laugh with us because it’s mom truth time.

1. You have been so scared to cut your baby’s fingernails with clippers that you’ve nibbled them off. You have to tame those razor blades somehow!

2. You’ve knowingly left the house in clothes with unidentifiable stains and didn’t care. Spit up or toothpaste? Who can tell anymore?

3. You’ve let your toddler survive a whole day on peanut butter crackers when they refuse to eat anything else because you’re too exhausted to fight. They’ll eat better tomorrow, right?

4. You’ve had to toss out your child’s poop-filled undies in a public bathroom because taking them home for washing was too gross. We salute any who have tried!

5. You’ve forgotten to brush their teeth in the morning rush. You remember as soon as you load up the car but keep moving because those baby teeth will fall out anyway, right? Thank goodness for bedtime brushing!

6. You’ve drawn all the blinds, turned the lights down, and staged a “bedtime fake out” to convince the kids it’s time for bed. Hello, extra Netflix and wine!

7. You’ve let your little boy pee outside at the park. More than once. Because when you gotta go, you gotta go.

8. You’ve brought your kid a “special drive-thru lunch” and told them it was because you wanted to treat them when, in reality, it’s because you forgot to pack their lunch. Whoops…french fries, anyone?

9. You’ve tasted your baby’s favorite puréed beet, spinach, or squash food pouch out of pure curiosity — seriously gagged — but let your baby eat it anyway because they love it for some odd reason! So. Much. Yuck.

10. Your boobs have been so engorged on date night that you’ve “milked yourself” in the bathroom to release the pressure. Hurts so good.

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Because, let’s face it, laughing our way through motherhood, a glass of wine in hand, is the absolute best! Cheers!

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