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10 Fun and Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

pregnancyPublished November 24, 2015

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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Pregnancy announcements are fun, but gender reveals are sometimes even more exciting. Or at least they are to me. Because they take the baby from a hypothetical he or she to a determined son or daughter. I love my babies from the moment I take the pregnancy test and see a positive, but I feel like my bond with them begins after I know their gender!

Of course, gender reveals also seem to elicit much emotion from family and friends and, of course, the parents! And while this usually is positive emotion, sometimes it can be the opposite. Finding out you are having a daughter when you always dreamed of having a son or finding out you are having a son when you always dreamed of a daughter can be slightly disappointing. This is especially true if the reactions of others are not exactly supportive of your hopes and dreams!

This is precisely why I think gender reveals should be fun and full of joy. You can let them set the tone for the reaction you want to receive, whether through sweet sentiment or plain comic relief. I recently announced that I am pregnant with my fourth son, and I knew that the announcement needed to be fun and slightly over-the-top to elicit congratulations and not condolences.

If I’m happy, I certainly don’t want sympathy from others while revealing the gender of my fourth child. Right? (FYI: People cannot help but feel sympathy for a mom of all boys.) So here’s how I did it with comedy and joy!

“Sometimes when you’re really good at something (and I do mean really, really, REALLY good), you just have to brag. So today, I’d like to announce my fourth victory in the Miss Ultimate Supreme Boy-Making Mom Pageant 2015! We can’t wait to meet baby BOY #4!”

4th boy

And, of course, you could reverse this idea if a mom is having her fourth girl.

First-time Reveal

Gender reveals seem to be full of beautiful photography and creativity these days, but sometimes there is nothing cuter than simple and sweet. Here is a simple and classic way to announce the gender of a son…

“Beep! Beep! Now I know why it feels like there’s a traffic jam in my belly. Make way for fire trucks, diggers, and hot wheels come May!”


Here’s a sweet way to announce your first daughter, especially if you have been married a while or have worked hard to conceive. (Or if you are just really possessive of your man.)

“After 7 years of being his one and only princess, I’m ready to hand over my crown to his newest little princess.”

princess crown

Plays on Traditional Pink or Blue

Here’s a fun way to incorporate pink if an older brother is getting ready to get a sister. Of course, this could work if you have multiple boys too. And you can switch the color to blue if your daughter is getting a new baby brother.

“This Spring, we will be introducing a new color to his vocabulary. PINK!!”


Here’s a simple way to play with the color blue if you are having a boy. Take a pic of you or your belly and then tint the picture blue. You can then say something along the lines of “I’m feeling blue today, baby blue in fact. And I’m as happy as I can be! Baby Boy coming February 2016.”

blue belly

If you have access to a more advanced editing program, you could have everything in the picture be black and white except you and your belly or clothing with a tint of blue.

Having Fun Incorporating Siblings With a Gender Switch-up

Here’s a cute way to announce a house full of girls is getting a brother…

emme and addi words

And here’s another comical and slightly absurd idea for a gender reveal if a house of boys is getting ready to welcome in a new sister. (Fingers crossed my sons forgive me for making them be a part of this crazy idea.)

boy and sister announcment

Here’s a cute way to announce if a brother and a sister find out they are having another brother. (And you could reverse this concept if it was another sister.)

“We are SO excited to announce a new little brother will be joining our family this fall. Okay, some of us may be more excited than others!

milo and hadlie
Image via Brittnie Stevenson Photography

And here’s a cute and simple idea for the superhero-loving older brother, whether he is getting a baby sister or brother.


Back to the Basics with Twins

The parents who created this birth announcement were both Biology majors, so they thought it was only fitting to get down to the chromosomes when announcing the gender of their two baby boys!

10 Fun and Creative Gender Reveal Ideas
Image via Twyla Jones Photography

So after looking at some of these ideas, I hope you are inspired to get your creative juices flowing for your upcoming gender reveal. Feel free to share with us how you announced the gender of your baby and other ways to announce your baby’s gender!


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