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3 Fun Experience Gift Ideas for Kids

Too many toys cluttering your home? Try an experience gift for your kid.

Updated November 13, 2023

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I was talking to a few mommy friends about Christmas shopping and realized we all had a common frustration. We all wanted to gift our little ones something unique and memorable that encapsulated the spirit of the giving season without contributing to more junk in our playrooms. We are so fortunate to be able to provide our kids with everything they need and the majority of what they want. When we used the Kon Mari Method to organize and tidy our home, the thought of a new wave of toys washing over my living room Christmas morning left me in a cold sweat. This year, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake; instead, we’re gifting experiences to our kids. We’re certainly not the only family who feels inundated by toys come Christmas, so I’m sharing a few experience gift ideas for kids.

1. Arboretum or Community Garden Membership

3 Fun Experience Gift Ideas for Kids

Teach your tots about growing plants by getting their hands dirty. An arboretum or local garden membership is a great educational opportunity and so much fun. Our city’s arboretum offers family events that are exclusive to members throughout the year, so membership is truly a gift for us all. A small potted plant, a gardener’s wheelbarrow, and a book about horticulture are great ways to bring the arboretum home.

2. A Night at “The Nutcracker” Ballet

3 Fun Experience Gift Ideas for Kids

Most major cities host ballet performances of “The Nutcracker,” and what an incredible early present it would be for your little one to attend a show. I think sweet ballet slippers, a lovely Nutcracker doll, and the storybook adaptation would be great keepsakes from this incredible experience.

3. Museum Membership

3 Fun Experience Gift Ideas for Kids

A natural science museum is such a magical place for kids. Nothing is a greater gift than seeing your child’s eyes light up while taking in the sheer size of a dinosaur fossil. Bring the exploration home with a mini fossil dig, a cuddly dino, and a festive bedtime story.

I hope these experience gift ideas for kids help you think outside the toy box!

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