Signs of Speech & Language Delays: What to Look For – Ep 110

Signs of Speech and Language Delays: What to Look For – Podcast Ep 110

Today's guest is sharing the signs of speech and language delays, how parents can identify a delay, and the steps that follow.

Published June 13, 2023

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

It’s so exciting once your child hits the babbling and talking milestone! Their first words are precious and parents try to do everything they can to help their child learn how to better express themselves and their needs through language. But if you notice that your child isn’t saying as many words as his peers, you may be concerned that your child might have a speech or language delay. I know I felt this way with my first child and brought this up to our pediatrician. It can be a real concern, but thankfully there are plenty of resources that can help. Today’s podcast guest is talking with us about all of the signs of speech and language delays and what parents can do.

Who is Lenora Edwards?

On today’s episode, we have Speech Language Pathologist Lenora Edwards. Lenora is an ASHA Board Certified Speech Language Pathologist and Chief Knowledge Officer at Better Speech. Since obtaining her CCC’s in 2010, she has worked with individuals of all ages, from little ones who are learning to understand and express themselves to adults who want to improve their speaking skills and become more fluent and effective communicators.

Lenora shares with us about signs of speech and language delays, how parents can identify a speech or language delay, and all the steps that follow. It’s a great episode that will give parents more clarity on what to expect, and how they can help their child if they suspect a delay.

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