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12 Push Presents Every Mom Will Love

gift guidesUpdated October 9, 2020


In recent years, push presents have gained popularity, much like memes with cats, ugly Christmas sweaters, or joint names for celebrity couples. However, push presents have received a fair amount of criticism.

For those who don’t know what a push present is, a push present is a gift a mother gets from her partner after giving birth. The gift can be completely ostentatious, like Beyonce’s blue 8 to 10-carat Tanzanite ring (I see what you did there, Jay-Z!), to a simple framed picture or flower bouquet. Some give push presents a thumbs down, saying it’s unnecessary since the baby should be enough of a gift. However, I believe a push present is a nice gesture, and one all moms can feel good about. Here’s what my partner did for me and some recommendations I suggest for other partners if you want to gift the new mom in your life something special.

It was about a week after the birth of our son while I was sitting in my tiny apartment. I was crying from a combination of happiness, exhaustion, emotional TV commercials, and the pile of laundry on the couch when my husband walked over with a box.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Open it,” he said. “This is for you.”

What happened next doesn’t really matter. At this point, I would have been touched if the box contained a bunch of tissues and an Advil. But I won’t forget the gift my husband gave me during an emotional, crazy time. I realized how lucky I was to have a thoughtful husband who gave me such a beautiful, custom diamond ring.

Not everyone can (or will) give an elaborate gift. Here are 12 push present ideas for every budget!

1. Smell the Roses

Pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers, a collection of herbal teas, or her favorite perfume or essential oil. These are all scents that will sure draw up a smile. 🙂

Urban Stems flower arrangement
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2. Picture Perfect

Print out those images trapped in your or her iPhone and place them in a fancy picture frame.

Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer - Rose Gold

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crown point picture frame KATE SPADE NEW YORK

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3. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Every girl loves diamonds and would be over the moon if this was her push present. Whether that is a diamond necklace, diamond bracelet (tennis bracelets are so chic), diamond earrings, or a diamond ring (we love a classic infinity band), we know she will be head over heels!

Bezel Diamond Pendant Necklace ZOË CHICCO

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Skinny Stackable Diamond Bangle BONY LEVY

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Classic Simulated Diamond Tennis Bracelet LAFONN

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4. Other Jewelry Options

This is a popular push present because jewelry never goes out of style! Give her a necklace with the baby’s name, initials, or charm of a child on it.

Pro tip: Add a charm or a band for each subsequent child. 😉

Minimalist Name Necklace by CaitlynMinimalist in Sterling Silver

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Personalized Rose Gold Initial Mommy Necklace Dainty Charm

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5. Get Pampered!

New moms want to feel human, too. A trip to the spa, a mani-pedi, or a massage is a quick pick-me-up that goes a long way. Or pamper her at home with a luxurious robe and some bath salts.

CozyChic® Unisex Robe BAREFOOT DREAMS®

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6. For the Fashionista

Does she love fashion? Perhaps she needs a new, roomy tote instead of her clutch or the hottest kicks to replace her heels (for now!).

McGraw Leather Tote TORY BURCH

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Cloud Running Shoe ON

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7. Get Handy!

Surprise her by doing the dishes, folding the laundry, mopping the floor . . . ahem, this list could get long. And we recommend continuing this for a week or so. She did just give birth to your baby!

8. Be Charitable

Donate to a cause she believes in. You can make it in honor of her and the birth of your child.

9. A Night to Remember

Plan an elaborate date! Make it a fun evening of surprises that you know she’ll love, or let her pick the restaurant and maybe a movie. And you take care of arranging the babysitter. It’s a simple yet sweet way to make it about her.

10. Better Sleep

Buy new bedsheets or a new mattress. While having a newborn doesn’t lend itself to uninterrupted sleep, make the most out of the few hours she gets to rest.

Signature Soft 300 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sheet Set BOLL & BRANCH

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Nest Bedding Natural Hybrid Latex

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11. Vacation

You both may be homebound with your baby for a few months, but then you’ll want a getaway. Plan an elaborate vacation for your new little family that you all will love. Even a well thought out stay-cation would be a dream for any new mom.

12. A Letter from the Heart

The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, but the way to a woman’s heart is through her mind. Let her know just how special and loved she is by writing her a handwritten love letter. It will be something that she treasures forever and will possibly even frame.

A push present isn’t about the gift. It’s about the thought behind the gift. My husband and I spent months preparing for our baby’s arrival. We’re so lucky that our child is here; it doesn’t matter how exhausted, sore, or emotional I’ve become. All along, my husband was thinking about me. When I received this gift, I knew that my husband cared for me and that my efforts hadn’t gone unnoticed. 

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