PregActive Review: A Fitness Program for Your Pregnancy & Postpartum
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PregActive: An At-Home Fitness Solution for Pregnancy and Postpartum

PregActive is an easy, fun, more convenient fitness program for pregnant and postpartum mamas. Here is our full PregActive review!

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Published December 14, 2020

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

The day I found out I was pregnant with our second baby is a day that I will never forget. We had wanted another baby for almost a year. On June 11th, 2020, we were elated to discover our prayers had been answered. Once you see that positive pregnancy test and confirm that you’re pregnant, you will do anything to protect your new growing child. Because we had wanted so badly to be pregnant, I have been more fearful than I was last time of losing the baby or doing anything to cause harm to her. I know that a good diet, exercise, a quality prenatal vitamin, and drinking plenty of water are the best things I can do for my child right now.

Looking at the PregActive website on a laptop

My first pregnancy

With my first pregnancy, I hate to admit, but I hardly exercised at all. I was pretty good about my diet, but I wanted to do better this time. I want to be mindful and active to have a healthier pregnancy, which may help me have a smoother birth experience and postpartum recovery. However, the pandemic has really limited my workout options. I’ve recently discovered PregActive, an effective online, at-home workout program designed for expecting and postpartum mamas. I’m not exaggerating when I say it has been a game-changer.

I know that there are a lot of online workout options available. Finding one that is 100% safe to do throughout your pregnancy and postpartum can be difficult. As a certified prenatal fitness educator, I know what our bodies should and shouldn’t do when working out while pregnant. But even though I know all of this, I am not a trainer and prefer to take classes or participate in a fitness program. They help guide and motivate me each week with new ideas, keep me accountable, and help me strengthen my body. That’s exactly what I’ve found in PregActive. I can’t recommend it enough. Here’s our PregActive review and why this is a perfect at-home fitness program for every expecting and new mother.

PregActive Review: Why This Convenient, At-Home Fitness Program is for Every Mama!

Pregnant woman on her yoga mat looking at her laptop doing a workout in her kids' playroom.

Safe & Effective

As I said, my priority is staying healthy and active during this pregnancy. But with us staying at home during this pandemic and working from home with a toddler, workouts have been challenging. I used to go to a local fitness studio. When we had stay-at-home orders, that was out of the question. I did the same exercises repeatedly in our garage for each workout, not feeling interested or engaged. I needed a workout program that I could follow each day (or four times a week), giving me some variety and a program that I knew was safe and effective during pregnancy. PregActive has now made this possible for me.

Pregnant woman on her yoga mat looking at her laptop doing a workout in her kids' playroom.

PregActive empowers expecting and postpartum mamas with safe and effective workouts from the comfort of their home. Their innovative techniques have been proven to physically and mentally prepare women for pregnancy and childbirth and help us re-strengthen during our postpartum time. I’ve been really enjoying the classes and appreciate how they all are suitable for each stage of pregnancy. With PregActive, you don’t have to question if certain exercises are safe for your changing body and baby. Their guided week-by-week program was designed specifically for each trimester. The classes have left me feeling energized, strong, and even relaxed. (I’ve found Kerryn’s beautiful Australian accent will do that to you!)

Looking at the PregActive website on a laptop checking out the prenatal workouts


PregActive couldn’t have come at a better time for mothers due to the pandemic. Not all of us can go to the gym, pilates studio, or whatever workout facilities we’re used to visiting. I appreciate that PregActive helps mothers get pregnancy fit, better prepare their bodies for birth, and prevent pregnancy aches and pains, all from the comfort of their home. Whether you want to work out in the morning, before lunch, during your little one’s nap time, after work, or whenever, it’s available when you need it.

Pregnant woman on her yoga mat looking at her laptop doing a workout in her kids' playroom.


I must have variety in my workouts. If I’m doing the same thing every single time over and over, I get bored and disinterested. I like that PregActive specializes in functional fitness for prenatal and postnatal women. Their classes include Prenatal Pilates, Prenatal Yoga, Prenatal Fitness, Mums and Bubs, and Postnatal Pilates, Postnatal Yoga, and Postnatal Fitness. There is a workout for everyone!

Looking at the PregActive website on a laptop

As soon as I joined PregActive, it created a customized prenatal fitness and health plan for me and continues to do that every week of my pregnancy. Our bodies change each week, so our exercises must change too! When I logged in, I received access to over 100+ workouts in my library and a guided fitness program. I like that it allows me to choose which class I want to take. I can select prenatal Pilates, yoga, fitness, express, mobility, core, relaxation, or strength workouts.

Looking at the workout plan sent by PregActive for pregnant women.

Easy to Follow

If you don’t consider yourself the most athletic or fit person, that’s okay. Each class that I have taken is easy to follow. Kerryn breaks everything down so you understand each move and what you are strengthening. The prenatal classes prepare your body for childbirth, and the postpartum classes help you prevent and heal dysfunctional diastasis recti, prolapse, pelvic floor incontinence, and other pregnancy-related injuries. I like how the exercises are suitable for preparing for labor, stretching, and toning my whole body, including my core and pelvic floor. I’m really looking forward to continuing to use PregActive after I give birth to our baby girl!

Pregnant woman on her yoga mat looking at her laptop doing a workout in her kids' playroom.

Bonus Content

Not only do you have access to their workouts when you join, but you also have access to relaxation videos, pelvic floor exercises, pregnancy podcasts, stretch videos, a birth prep program (here), and more! I also like how you get prenatal nutrition tips. They let you know what foods to avoid, which supplements are worthwhile, and how to maintain a healthy immune system during your pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnant woman doing pelvic tilts


Even though we are working out from home, I feel less alone with their workout community’s support. The PregActive community is a place to support one another, ask questions, share tips, and be there to help out. So if you have questions, doubts, or concerns, you can easily connect with all the other mamas or Kerryn for support! Kerryn is a great instructor that has lots of knowledge and experience.


The PregActive program is highly affordable. I had to cancel my workout membership at my local gym due to Covid and budgeting, but PregActive works and fits within my budget! It’s only $19 per month, and you can cancel anytime.

That’s right. You get all this for ONLY $4.75 / week!

They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can take advantage of their  7-day free trial. If their program doesn’t deliver what you expected, you can cancel within 7 days and pay nothing! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Pregnant woman practicing breathing

Why This Pregnancy Program is Worth Signing Up for Today!

  • Become stronger and healthier
  • Reduce your risk of aches & pains
  • Prevent pregnancy-related injures
  • Build a strong core and pelvic floor
  • Have a more empowered birth experience
  • Quicker healing and recovery post-birth

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. But my pregnancy has been the bright spot in the year for my family and me. I’m all for keeping myself and my baby healthy, so I’m happy I found PregActive.

Whether you’re choosing PregActive to get pregnancy fit, prepare for birth, prevent pregnancy aches and pains, or for convenient at-home workouts, I’m confident it will help you become a healthier, happier you.

What have you been doing to stay active and healthy during pregnancy and postpartum? We hope you found this PregActive review helpful and will give it a try. There’s nothing to lose!

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