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Parents May Have Good Reason to Hate “Blippi” and “Caillou”

If your child's favorite show drives you insane, you're not alone. According to one expert, there's a good reason some parents hate kid shows.

Published July 6, 2023

If you dread your child’s daily screen time antics because their favorite shows drive you insane, it may help to know you’re not alone. According to one expert, there’s a good reason some parents hate putting on hit children’s shows like “Blippi” and “Caillou.” And we have some suggestions to help you deal with them!


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Kids Shows are Designed for Kids

It may seem like the most obvious thing in the world, but media psychologist Pamela Rutledge says the reason adults have so many gripes about children’s programming is they aren’t the intended audience.

“Children’s characters tend to talk loudly with high voices. Research shows that mothers use louder and higher-pitched voices to get their children’s attention and to soothe,” Pamela tells Yahoo Life. “So just like people automatically talk to children in ‘baby voices,’ TV programs do the same because children are drawn to and comforted by it.”

These Shows Focus On Meeting Children’s Developmental Needs

Another reason you may dread the idea of another “Cocomelon” binge is that it plays to a child’s need for repetition. “Children’s characters tend to be very repetitive with songs, sayings, or phrases,” Pamela continues. “Adults may find this annoying but kids find it reassuring and comforting.”

All that can be off-putting to adult viewers, who often watch these shows with their kids during family time or listen to them as background noise while doing something else.

Unfortunately, some less-than-enthused parents have voiced their complaints publicly, targeting their frustration toward their children’s non-cartoon favorites.

Popular children’s YouTuber Ms. Rachel, whose real name is Rachel Griffin-Accurso, says backlash from parents caused her to take a break from TikTok earlier this year. “I don’t mind that some parents find the shows or my voice to be annoying,” she said. “They are made for children so that makes sense! But hate and cruel insults are not OK. I shield myself from those for my mental health.”

Parents Can Do More Than Take Their Frustrations Out on Creators

While frustrated parents may find some relief by expressing annoyance, there are other ways to deal with these shows. Yahoo reports that one stepmom bought her stepdaughter a pair of bedazzled headphones so she could enjoy “Ryan’s World” quietly. Another option? Find a show you can both enjoy!

A poll from the sleepwear brand Little Sleepies reported that “Caillou” was the most hated show based on responses from 1,000 parents surveyed. Netflix’s “Trash Truck” and PBS’s “Wild Kratts,” both favorites in our house, closely followed it.1 The poll also had some good news for other children’s shows.

“‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ is the most-loved children’s show for more than 25 percent of parents,” according to the findings. “‘Peppa Pig’ came in second place, with more than 20 percent of parents calling it their favorite!” 1


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It Seems Like Kids and Parents Have Some Middle Ground

While we can’t believe “Bluey” didn’t make the list, there seem to be other options that both the young and old love. “Peppa Pig” came in second on the list of the top shows for parents and ranked number one for children. According to the survey, 20 percent of parents said the cartoon pig was their kids’ favorite show to watch.1

Given Peppa’s overwhelming popularity, it seems like she may be the answer parents are looking for regarding TV time, even though we’ve heard other parents disagree. We just hope you can convince your children to change the channel and tune into something less annoying!

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