Organize and Streamline Your Life as a Mom – Podcast Ep 29

Organize and Streamline Your Life as a Mom – Podcast Ep 29

Clutter & chaos can cloud the mind. A professional organizer is sharing her tips on how to organize and streamline our lives as moms.

Published March 31, 2020

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

It feels like our world as we know it has flipped upside down. With the current Coronavirus outbreak, our everyday routines have been shaken up and, for many of us, not in a good way. Now that we are forced to figure out how to work from home and take care of our children full-time, we are slowly discovering our new norms. This is the time, more than ever, to organize and streamline our lives and homes.

Today I’m chatting with Meggie Mangione, the CEO of Organized Life Design and a 6-year accredited NAPO Professional Organizer. Meggie leads a team of 4, and they organize for clients in every space, from garages and closets to pantries and playrooms. She and her team also offer Virtual Organization Services and Online Workshops, which is so cool! You can learn more about her company and services on their website or Instagram page, @OrganizedLifeDesign.

Since clutter and chaos can affect us as parents and employees (now working from home), I thought there would be no one better than Meggie, a professional organizer, to help us organize and streamline our lives as moms. In today’s episode, Meggie shares some great tips on conquering the clutter!

Here are some links we mentioned during our chat that we hope help!

  • Where you can donate the items that you are purging from your home. (click here)
  • Meggie’s Daily Video Series Challenge: Weeks to Finally Organize Your Life (click here)

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