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12 Most Surprisingly Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Uncommon, surprising, and weird pregnancy symptoms you may encounter during your pregnancy.

Published September 22, 2023

by Stefanie Miller

Medically reviewed by Kristy Goodman

Obstetrician-Gynecologist Physician Assistant, MS, MPH, PA-C

There are several common pregnancy symptoms you’ve likely heard of, but also some weird pregnancy symptoms that you may not have. Many of them go away after birth, like pain. Some women experience flu-like body aches in early pregnancy, while others have mild pains. These uncommon pregnancy symptoms vary from pregnancy to pregnancy and mom to mom.1

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Here are 12 uncommon and weird pregnancy symptoms you may encounter during your pregnancy.

1. Vivid Dreams

Vivid dreams and even nightmares can occur during pregnancy. Many women report intense dreams they remember more easily than before they were pregnant.

Your body’s pregnancy hormonal changes can cause several weird pregnancy symptoms, including intense dreams. Science says this can be because of heightened anxiety and emotions affecting your sleeping patterns. Increases in hormones can change how your brain processes information, causing vivid dreams. Frequent urination during the night can also disrupt sleep and your dreams. Inconsistent REM sleep because of constant waking can also impact the intensity of your dreams.2

2. Heightened Sense of Smell

A heightened sense of smell can be caused by a change in hormone levels during the early weeks of your pregnancy. For many women, this subsides as you get closer to delivery. However, it can make you sensitive to certain smells, which can cause nausea. Strong odors can trigger morning sickness, so try to avoid anything you find you’re sensitive to to reduce that sick feeling.3

3. Pelvic Pain

Among the uncommon pregnancy symptoms, especially early on is pelvic pain. While some pain in the third trimester is common, some women can also feel pain in their pelvis in early pregnancy. A condition that results from a change in your pelvic joints can develop in pregnancy is known as pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or symphysis pubic dysfunction (SPD).4,5,6

4. Bigger Nipples

Another weird pregnancy symptom is a change in nipple size. Pregnancy can cause your nipples to grow in size and color. This is to prepare your body for the baby’s arrival. The nipple changes aid in breastfeeding, making them easier for your baby to find. Itchy nipples in early pregnancy are also common — and uncomfortable. The growing and stretching of the skin of your nipples and areolas cause itchiness.7

5. Bleeding Gums

When your gums bleed during pregnancy, this is known as pregnancy gingivitis. The change in hormone levels causes your teeth to be more sensitive and vulnerable to plaque. In turn, the excess plaque buildup causes gum swelling and inflammation. This is why your gums bleed, especially while brushing your teeth, but it usually resolves after the baby is born. You will want to take extra care of your teeth and gums and make an appointment to see your dentist.8

6. Congestion

Nasal symptoms are weird pregnancy symptoms commonly caused by congestion. The congestion, of course, stems from a rise in estrogen and progesterone, which causes inflammation of the mucus membranes in your nose. Congestion also leads to related symptoms, such as postnasal drip or a runny nose. Thankfully, this is more common around the third trimester and only lasts a few weeks.9

There is also an increase in blood volume that results in nosebleeds during pregnancy. When there is increased blood flow to compensate for your growing baby, sometimes the blood vessels in your nose rupture, causing nosebleeds. There’s no need to worry; this is totally normal.10

7. Hot Flashes

Not only are hot flashes associated with menopause, but they can also happen during early pregnancy. For some women, it can occur throughout the entire pregnancy. Unsurprisingly, the fluctuation in your hormones affects temperature regulation, and an increased blood flow to certain areas of the body can cause your skin to be red and flushed. Yet another common and harmless weird symptom of pregnancy.11

8. Tearfulness

Pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster for many women. Mood swings caused by a rise in progesterone are common and can cause emotional highs and lows that often result in crying spells. For some women, this wears off after the first trimester when their body has time to adjust to the hormones. Being tearful throughout your pregnancy is common but won’t last forever.20

9. Insomnia

Several things can cause pregnancy insomnia. Your body goes through so many changes as you grow a brand-new human! Here are some common reasons for insomnia:13

Rest as often as you can before your little one arrives. Naps will help you get through the day without feeling overtired.

10. Changes in Taste

Some pregnant women develop a taste disorder called dysgeusia early in their pregnancy. Hormonal changes seem to be the culprit. The rise in progesterone and estrogen can alter taste. It causes everything to have a metallic or bitter flavor. For some women, it can cause foods that generally taste good to taste rotten.1,14

There may not be any treatment options, but it can help to add extra salt or sweetness to your food. Luckily, this symptom usually resolves later in the pregnancy. Even though it’s not a reason to make an appointment with your doctor, it’s not an enjoyable symptom.

11. Skin Changes

It is common to experience acne during puberty and throughout your teenage years. Did you know that acne in early pregnancy is a common symptom for many expecting mothers? Like puberty, you undergo hormonal changes during pregnancy that cause skin changes. It’s a weird pregnancy symptom that no one enjoys going through.15

Other common skin conditions during pregnancy include:15

12. Discharge

You will likely notice an increase in vaginal discharge in early pregnancy. This is another way your body prepares to grow your baby for the next several months. White sticky discharge is common and sometimes irritating but normal. It can also be clear and thin as well. As long as it isn’t an unusual color like green or yellow and doesn’t have a foul odor, it’s harmless. During pregnancy, there is an increase in blood flow to the vagina that causes the discharge known as leukorrhea.16

When To See a Doctor

Most pregnancy symptoms do not require a call to your healthcare provider. However, there are certain circumstances where what you are experiencing is abnormal. Here are some examples of uncommon pregnancy symptoms that may suggest a doctor’s appointment.17,18,19

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Severe cramps or abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Painful urination
  • Decreased fetal movement
  • Excessive swelling in the hands, legs, or feet
  • Shortness of breath
  • Continuous leaking of clear fluid (this could be a premature membrane rupture)

If you are ever concerned about any of your symptoms during pregnancy, it does not hurt to get checked out just in case. Every woman’s body and every pregnancy are different. Do what will make you feel at ease. Talking to your doctor to lessen your worry and anxiety about a symptom is better than not.

Many common and well-known pregnancy symptoms include weight gain and morning sickness. However, if this is your first pregnancy, you likely do not know about some weird pregnancy symptoms you can experience. Growing a child is a wild ride but also fulfilling. We wish you well on your journey to motherhood!

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