How to Prepare to Breastfeed in Public

How to Prepare to Breastfeed in Public | Baby Chick

How to Prepare to Breastfeed in Public

Breasts are celebrated on red carpets, screens, billboards, in magazines, and even on beaches — but ironically, something as natural as breastfeeding can become a tough sell when you are trying to do it in a public place.

While public nursing is becoming a more acceptable concept, not every mom is comfortable with the idea of unbuttoning her blouse in a crowded place to feed her hungry baby. It can be awkward, especially for new, inexperienced moms.

But staying at home with your little one all the time isn’t an option either. It may take a while to get used to nursing your baby in front of strangers, but with the right tips, it becomes easier. Fortunately, there are ways you can confidently nurse your baby without any hesitation.

So, stop feeling uneasy about something as natural as breastfeeding and read on.

Is it legal to nurse in public?

In the United States, breastfeeding is not only legal but also protected by federal law. In most states, women have the right to breastfeed their little ones in public. But even in states that do not state such rights in the books clearly, women still have the right to feed their baby whenever and wherever they want.

Exposing your breast with the purpose of nursing a baby is neither a criminal offense nor an indecent exposure. Do not believe if you are told otherwise. In fact, some states may have additional laws for protecting nursing moms.

Tips for breastfeeding in public places

The postpartum period can be very stressful for new moms. Managing the responsibilities of a baby who is entirely dependent on you and accepting the sudden hormonal changes after motherhood can be daunting. This is the time where they can even become susceptible to severe levels of postpartum depression.

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Dementia statistics highlight stress and depression as the leading factors behind the condition. If moms are forced to stay home because they have to breastfeed their little one, it could worsen their mental state.

Thus, it is essential to give them the freedom to go out and unwind, so they can take their mind off stressors. This also gives them more confidence when they have to breastfeed in public. Here are the top tips that could make this even easier.

1. Practice makes perfect

Confidence can be the biggest struggle when nursing in public. Practicing in the comfort of your own home can make it easier for you. If you don’t know how to go about it without flashing too much skin, you can try out new positions and stick to the ones that you and your baby are most comfortable with.

Try practicing it in front of guests so you can also make that system work in a public place.

2. Do it in front of a mirror

Do it in front of a mirror and adjust to a comfortable level of exposure while you are doing the breastfeeding deed. This will give you a good idea of the angles that suit you best.

3. Dress for nursing

Dressing appropriately for nursing in public will not only promise you better privacy but also provides more comfortable access to your baby. The best idea is to wear a two-piece outfit, where you do not unnecessarily have to show more skin. A button-down shirt is ideal in such situations and even shirts that can be pulled to the side or lift up easily.

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4. Use a cover

To avoid a nip-slip or any similar mishap, you can try a nursing cover too. Use a small blanket, a poncho, or shawl to cover your shoulders all the way to your baby’s head. You can now even find covers specifically designed for breastfeeding in public. It comes with the right support and covers completely to make the practice easier for moms.

Whatever you are planning to use, make sure it does not suffocate the baby and is well-ventilated.

5. Get a nursing-friendly carrier

This carrier is packed on the front so that your baby is facing you. It’s a great and discreet way to breastfeed in public. People think your baby is snoozing while they are enjoying their meal. However, it is important to use this carrier only when your baby is old enough to keep his or her head up without your support.

6. Put on layers

Having multiple layers will also protect you from showing too much skin. Use a stretchable tank top that you can quickly pull down to cover your belly. The T-shirt on top can cover the top of your breast.

Button-down shirts and cardigans are also a great layering choice to keep you comfortable and covered while nursing in public.

7. Look for the right place

Finding a peaceful corner where you feed your little one can also make things a lot easier for you. Look for a comfortable bench or a grassy spot under a tree to nurse.

Your own comfort is critical, so make sure you are in the right posture. This will also help the baby with easy access and will make most people think you are just relaxing with your little one.

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8. Learn how to deal with negative comments

While such incidences happen rarely, it’s best to be prepped. Most people tend to mind their own business, but there are some people who are always prepared to deliver a sermon on public decency.

First of all, know that there’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding your baby in a public place. If someone points it out, make sure you are ready with a polite yet straightforward answer. Just tell them you are feeding your hungry baby and you know it’s your right.

Straightforward statements like these will get your point across.

Bottom Line

Confidence is the key. Feed your baby regardless of where you are because your country backs you up with laws that protect a mother’s right to nurse her baby despite the location. As far as postpartum depression is concerned, if you have been a victim, check mci online to seek for quality medical care provided through the maintenance and promotion of excellent medical education.

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