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How to Conquer Your Mommy-To-Do List at Sam’s Club

Mom life can be hard & our to-do lists can be long. Watch this video & find out why I recommend Sam's Club to conquer your mommy-to-do list.

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Published January 14, 2019

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

Mom life can be crazy! You’re feeding the baby, running to carpool, meal prepping, cleaning, working, and so much more. I totally get it. With so much to do and so little time it can be difficult to accomplish everything on our never ending to-do lists. Thankfully, I recently became a Sam’s Club Plus Member, and I have been BLOWN AWAY by the number of time and money saving products and services available to me at my Local Club. It’s great to be able to find a place where I can knock out several of our to-do list items in one location. As a mom, I want to share with you why Sam’s Club has been the secret to saving my sanity and why being a Member has been great for me and our family.

1. Sam’s Club saves you money and time—and it’s not just about buying in bulk! With a $100 a year Plus membership, you’ll earn cash back on qualifying purchases, get early morning access to Sam’s Club locations, and receive free shipping on most of your online orders. No need to fight the crowds with your screaming toddler in tow.

2. Sam’s Club provides a one-stop shopping experience with Premium brands including Member’s Mark their exclusive brand you’re sure to love. It’s so easy to navigate the brand choices: walk down an isle and you’ll see a brand name on the left, and the generic version on the right. Compare prices and ingredients and go!

3. Need an eye exam? With the Plus membership, you’ll get 20% off a complete set of glasses and free shipping on contact lenses at their Optical Center if you don’t want to use your insurance.

4. If you’re little one got sick as school, they have pharmacies and prescription pickup. Select prescriptions are free, with many others under $10! That Plus Membership can really pay off!

5. Tires low on air? Need a new car battery? No problem. Sam’s has you covered with new tires and car batteries available for purchase.

6. As moms, we have so many photos on our phones of our kids and I’m always saying that I am going to print them out, but don’t. Since I became a Member, it’s been easy for me to place my printing order and pick up at their Photo Station while I’m there. Our albums and frames are finally being filled!

7. Select locations even have a gas station with special member pricing for your mama mobile. You can do it all at Sam’s Club!

8. Sam’s Club has also been an awesome place for me to do our weekly family grocery shopping. The value and selection of the produce and meat at Sam’s Club is incredible. Buy for this week and freeze some for later!

9. Have a little one’s birthday coming up? Sam’s Club is a legitimate toy store. If you’re a mom, the brand names LEGO, Play-Doh, Melissa & Doug, Tonka, and Fischer-Price may ring a bell and they have a TON of exclusives.

And while you’re out shopping, pick up a little something for yourself, too! Find beautiful fresh flowers and an awesome selection of premium wines in many of their locations. You deserve it!

10. Something else I love? Sam’s invest in their associates with pay increases of up to $7 more per hour for associates who complete specialized fresh training certification. It’s designed to improve the company’s fresh-food departments. Associates will be trained specifically to their departments. The next time you pick up a beautiful and affordable cake, a tasty pie, or your morning bagels, you’ll know that your baked goods were made with love.

11. So once you’ve loaded up your cart and are dreading the checkout line, have no fear. Sam’s Club has invented the ultimate happy mom time saving tool: Scan and Go! Open up the Sam’s Club app, log into your account, scan products as you put them into your cart. Use the app to easily add or subtract the quantity, or delete an item when you change your mind.

When you’re ready to checkout, order your basket through the app and it will pull up a barcode upon purchase, walk yourself to the exit, and a greeter will scan the barcode and you’re good to go!

12. I understand that potty training or teething can leave you with no time or energy to go shopping. So another perk is that you can order online with Club Pickup and Sam’s will have a basket prepared with your name on it. Drive up and load it all into your car. Voila! Best of all? No additional fee.

I know that I’ve listed a lot of reasons, but these are definitely the perks that I’ve experienced and wanted to share with all of you. Sam’s Club currently has nearly 600 clubs around the US. Hopefully there is a Club close to you. If so, I recommend becoming a Member so you can also conquer your mommy-to-do list!

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