Food and Emotional Support During Postpartum – Podcast Ep 59

Food and Emotional Support During Postpartum – Podcast Ep 59

postpartumPublished May 26, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert


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As a mother of two, I know the fragility and rawness of postpartum. I also know how important it is for new mothers to care for themselves physically and emotionally during this stage. It’s also important to plan for support during postpartum. Because, in my opinion, it’s a stage that not enough families prepare for.

In this episode, I chat with Caitlin Simpson, a perinatal social worker and postpartum cook in Houston, TX. Through her business, Dish Doula, she supports new mothers’ physical and emotional health with the power of good food. She creates specialty postpartum food and products and delivers them weekly in Houston, TX.

With services like Caitlin’s, I think communities could have a better and healthier start to parenthood. This is why I’m thrilled to discuss the postpartum period with her. We’re talking about what women need to know and prepare for and what foods they should have in their fridge and freezer for optimal healing and wellness.

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One of my favorite things Caitlin said was, “We teach people how to treat us. And when you ask for help, you show people you are strong and have confidence in yourself. When we ask for help, we give other women or other people that we are asking the freedom to ask us in return. We then get the privilege of taking care of one another.”

Here are the resources that Caitlin and I mentioned during this episode:

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