3 Things to Bring to Your First Pediatrician Visit

3 Things to Bring to your First Pediatrician Visit | Baby Chick

3 Things to Bring to Your First Pediatrician Visit

Mom guilt, we all have it. And 99% of the time, it is unwarranted. One of the things I commonly see when first time moms bring their newborns for their first pediatrician visit is that they have forgotten something. Whether it was the diapers or the pacifier or the hospital paperwork, something gets left behind. And you see that mom guilt written all over their poor, tired faces and you just want to hug them and say, “It’s okay, you are not alone.”

Don’t fret; I’m here to give you all a good check list on the key items to bring to your first pediatricians visit:

1. Hospital Paperwork

This is great info for us because it helps eliminate a lot of the mundane questions that we need to ask, but don’t want to waste time asking when we would much rather talk about feeding and poop. Bringing that packet helps us to know that there were no concerns during the pregnancy or delivery, that the baby doesn’t have risk factors for jaundice, that he or she passed the hearing screen, and so much more.

Speaking of paperwork, some moms like to chart every feed, every wet and dirty diaper, and then bring that to the first pediatrician visit to go over. This is great if you have it and totally fine if you do not.

Most of the time the baby will not yet have been placed on your insurance, but just bring along your card and then in a few weeks, the baby will be added and we’ll update any info after that.

2. Baby Stuff

In your diaper bag it’s always great to have a few diapers because they go through those things like lightening some days. Wipes, a change of clothes, a pacifier if you are using one, a bottle and formula if you have been using them, a blanket to keep them warm since we usually will weight and examine them undressed.

3. Questions

Your first pediatrician visit is a prime opportunity to as every question you have; and you’ll have plenty! This is where we want to hear how feeding is going, how much sleep are you and the baby getting, is the baby too gassy or colicky, and all the other million and one things you have running through your brain day and night since day 1. We understand first time and second time and fourth time moms and we welcome any and all questions. And we will have our own about where the baby is sleeping, are they on their back to sleep, are you waking them up to eat, are they peeing and pooping and the list goes on.

Well, hopefully that covered it! And don’t worry, we will usually see the baby again a week later and if you forgot anything or I forgot to ask or advise anything, we’ll go over it at that visit.

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My name is Tessy Kadavil and I am a baby doc, otherwise known as a pediatrician who has been working with Texas Children’s Pediatrics for over 5 years. My background includes a residency from USF in Tampa in 2009 and then working in Urgent Care with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for a few years. Then after moving to Houston I joined Texas Children’s Pediatrics which is such an amazing group to work with.

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