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Best Baby Products of ABC Kids Expo 2022

We attended the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this year and we are sharing the best baby products that we found!

Published May 16, 2022

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

I have been attending the ABC Kids Expo for almost a decade. It’s a great show to attend because I’m able to see all the best baby products on the market in one place at one time. I love how I’m able to look at, touch, and test each product in action and see some new products that haven’t even hit the market yet. It’s also great to see and meet the incredible people behind each cool product. But unfortunately, when the pandemic happened, the show stopped for two years. Needless to say, I was so happy to hear that the show would be back this year.

Last week, our team attended the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I loved seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones! There were a lot of great products that we are very excited about. We loved them so much that we had to give them some attention and give them our Best of ABC Kids Expo 2022!

The Best of ABC Kids Expo 2022

Waterful Plastic-Free Baby Wipes

Waterful wipes

Did you know that the majority of baby wipes sold today are made from plastic? That’s right! Manufacturers use plastic, chemicals, and artificial ingredients in their baby wipe products. And it’s so sad that millions of tons of these plastic wipes find their way into our oceans every year. Most parents have no idea and are alarmed when they learn this news. Thankfully there is a better option.

We loved learning about Waterful at the ABC Kids Expo and are excited about their product. Waterful is a pure, natural baby wipe company. Their wipes are free of plastic and chemicals, are good for babies, and are good for our planet. They’re filled with purified water and natural plant-based fibers and are much softer than many other wipes on the market. At 18cm x 20cm, their wipes are also up to 33% larger than many other brands. I also particularly love that their wipes are 100% biodegradable, so they break down in months, not decades. There is so much to love about this product that it was a no-brainer that they had to win our award. You can learn more about Waterful here.

Thule Courier Bike Trailer & Stroller

Thule Courier

If you are an active family, this Thule Courier will blow you away. It’s a great bike trailer and a great stroller! This durable carrier is perfect for long rides as a family or quick trips into town with its roomy cockpit for two children. When we were shown all the ways the Courier can be used, our team was super impressed. It is perfect for two kids to ride in, but it’s also great for cargo (it easily converts into a cargo trailer), and it has an optional dog trailer kit so you can transform it to bring your fur baby with you on your outdoor adventures. The kit includes a soft dog bed and a roof cover with an integrated rain cover. We also saw how easy it is to convert the Courier from a bike trailer to a stroller with a fully adjustable handlebar for parents. It really allows you to do what you need for your family.

Woolybubs Planet-Friendly Baby Shoes

Best Baby Products of ABC Kids Expo 2022

We know that our babies outgrow shoes quickly. It feels like as soon as you buy your little one a pair of shoes in a month or two, you need the next size up. The owners of Woolybubs (whom we met and are so nice — Jesse and Megan) felt the same way. They wanted a shoe that was biodegradable, practical, affordable, and — of course — cute. So they quit their jobs and got to work and created Woolybubs! Adorably sustainable baby shoes.

If you want to leave a smaller footprint on the planet through sustainable, ethical, and accessible baby stuff that never ends up in the landfill, Woolybubs is for you. They harnessed innovative materials to ensure that they don’t harm the planet when your little one inevitably outgrows their shoes. Each pair of shoes is made with intention, so they’re either biodegradable or recyclable. You can learn more about them here.

morepeas Essential Snack Cup


morepeas is a company bringing functionality and fun to mealtime and childhood! You can’t help but feel happy when you see the beautiful colors of their useful products. What also made us happy was to see their products in action. We love them all, but if we had to choose one, their essential snack cup is a must-have.

Their all-in-one toddler snack cup + dining bowl + steamer is perfect for mealtime and on the go! We love that they are:

  • 100% FDA approved (food-grade silicone)
  • BPA-free, BPS-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free
  • Dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe (up to 350°F)
  • Safety tested and CPSIA certified
morepeas essential cup

The top lid covers the cup’s opening to help avoid spills, but it also reverses! You can place the lid on the bottom of the cup and it has a suction base that secures to flat surfaces to avoid even more spills when open. It also comes with a spill-proof snack lid with a soft opening for little hands to help your little ones as they learn to self-feed. The cup can be used in multiple ways too. Not only can it store your child’s snacks, but it can also quick steam and strain veggies in the microwave and more. It even has built-in measurement markers for simple prep – cook, serve, store, repeat! Learn more about morepeas and their adorably useful products here.

Veer Switchback

Veer switchback

It was super cool to see the announcement of this new product from Veer at the ABC Kids Expo! Their new Switchback system is essentially one seat that can do it all wherever you need to go with baby. You can now stroll, jog, bike, and chill with baby with this one seat. From birth on, connect the Switchback seat with one of their adapters or frames to a stroller, jogger stroller, your bike, or a stand to sit on the sidelines or by a campfire. We love how this versatile seat allows your little one to join you on every adventure. Learn more about it here.

Zip Top Silicone Storage Set

Zip Top silicone breast milk storage set

We noticed at the show how more companies are making sustainable and eco-friendly products. This company is no exception. Zip Top designed its products with the environment in mind. One Zip Top bag can replace thousands of disposable bags! And one of their products that we feel more new moms need to know about is their Breast Milk Bag Set + Freezer Tray.

These are the first reusable 100% platinum silicone breast milk storage bags! Zip Top containers are completely free of BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalates. So, instead of using disposable breast milk storage bags (and heating your liquid gold in plastic), you can now use these better and safer silicone bags! With this set, you can save your milk and save the planet. We love how these Zip Top breast milk bags stand up, stay open, and zip shut. Their pour corners and sturdy one-piece design have no glue or seams and they won’t rip. They’re also freezer and dishwasher-safe and easy to sterilize. You can even write on them! They are the future of breast milk storage bags. Check out their set here.



This product is so cool and innovative and the perfect solution when you want to lessen screentime. We got to test out this product at the expo and we were so impressed. The Toniebox is an imagination-building, screen-free digital listening experience that plays stories, songs, and more. It’s designed for little listeners age three and older. Just place one of their whimsical collection of Tonies (little hand-painted characters) and the character brings it to life! The character will tell stories, sing songs, and explore different worlds for hours. With no screens, ads, or internet connection, the Toniebox is a safe and secure way for your child to enjoy hours of entertainment all year long. Their mytonies app puts parents in control with the ability to easily adjust settings like maximum volume and access content uploads, making the Toniebox a gift you can feel great about giving.

Another thing that we love about the Toniebox is that you can record your own stories or upload your favorite songs for up to 90 minutes using their Creative-Tonies. Imagine all of that custom content you can create. And how sweet would it be if you had grandma and grandpa share their own stories with their own Creative-Tonie. This helps them connect with their loved ones from near or far. The Toniebox really is the biggest adventure to ever come in a little box.

Wonderfold x Volkswagon

Wonderfold x Volkswagon

If you have a large family or love to go to the beach and other adventures with the kids, you need to know about the Wonderfold x Volkswagon stroller wagon. This cool stroller wagon holds up to four children with high face-to-face seats with a footwell (it’s much deeper than other wagons) with zippered mesh panels for optimal ventilation. It has a slidable and removable canopy with UV protection and adjustable canopy rods. It can go anywhere with its all-terrain XL tires and is easy to fold and unfold. And all of the storage options are amazing! We loved how this looks like your classic Volkswagon stroller wagon, so it incorporates style with all the cool conveniences every parent wants.

Best Baby Products of ABC Kids Expo 2022

This stroller wagon is coming out later in 2022 and we know parents will love it!

bumkins Silicone Summer Feeding Line


We’ve been fans of Bumkins for years, and when we saw their upcoming summer launch, we fell in love! If you’re familiar with Bumkins, you know their dishware is made from 100% food-safe Platinum Silicone and features a strong suction base. This means no more dishes on the floor, which is ideal for babies learning to self-feed! Their summer line has bright, happy colors that are so fun. We also love their double-ended dipping spoons with one end for dipping and the other end for scooping. And two things that really stood out to us were their tiny cups for babies and their little dipper attachments. These are adorable and genius! The little dippers are perfect for kids who don’t want their sauces to touch their food on the plate. Simple yet brilliant solutions that solve mealtime challenges.

Coco Village Pretend Play Toys

Coco village

When we walked by the Coco Village booth at the ABC Kids Expo, we fell in love with their products. Their beautifully crafted wooden toys are stunning and they make you want to play. We all know that imaginative play has many wonderful benefits. It reinforces our kids’ cognitive skills and helps them discover their passions. Coco Village’s pretend play toys are fun, playful, sustainable, and easy to handle. They have everything from a wooden barber set, a wooden blender, and a wooden toaster to a wooden workbench playset, a wooden play washing machine, a wooden play market stand, and more! Once you check out their toys, you’ll understand why they won our best of ABC Kids Expo 2022 award.

coco village

It was a great show, and we loved seeing such amazing products for babies and parents. We know that families will love them just as much as we do.

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