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7 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

ParentingUpdated November 29, 2022


Being a new parent is an experience unlike any other. It’s full of unknowns, life changes, and really sweet moments. I turned to technology, and a lot of apps in general, to help answer my questions, keep me on track, and even document that exciting time. After compiling my favorites and talking to my mom friends, here are the seven best baby apps for new parents.

7 Best Baby Apps for New Parents

1. Medela Family – Baby Tracker

7 Best Baby Apps For New Parents
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As a new parent, I relied heavily on this app for the first six months. I used it to track everything from wet diapers so I could report back to my daughter’s pediatrician to keeping track of my nursing and pumping sessions. This was crucial to ensure I was feeding my baby enough because my sleep-deprived brain easily got mixed up. You can also use it to track your baby’s height, weight, diaper, and sleep changes. I can’t tell you how many times a pediatrician asked me a question and I whipped out my app to find the answer.

2. The Wonder Weeks

7 Best Baby Apps For New Parents
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The Wonder Weeks focuses on baby’s mental development. I used it to give me peace of mind that my daughter was on track and highlight areas I might want to talk to her pediatrician about. I loved learning the behind-the-scenes facts about the way my daughter’s brain was developing and when I could expect some extra fussiness from a growth spurt. It’s also full of articles and videos to help your baby reach milestones with less stress. As a new parent, this baby app is super helpful.

3. Cloud Baby Monitor

7 Best Baby Apps For New Parents
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Having a baby monitor in our home has been such a help. I used it many times to see if I needed to go in and attend to my baby or if she just woke up from something but was settling down to sleep again. The problem is that whenever we visited family, we left our baby monitor at home because it was too complicated to set up again. Enter – Cloud Baby Monitor! It’s an app monitor that you can take anywhere to get a peek at your little one. However, it costs $5 and you need two devices for it to work – one to set up near your baby and another to watch.

4. What to Expect

7 Best Baby Apps For New Parents
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If you loved the What To Expect When You’re Expecting Book, you’ll love the What to Expect app. It can help you through pregnancy and offers advice and tips from newborn to toddler years. Knowing what to expect can give us great peace of mind during that time!

5. Tiny Beans Family Photo Album

7 Best Baby Apps For New Parents
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Many of my friends use Tiny Beans and can’t stop talking about how great it is. It’s an app for everyone who wants to share those millions of photos they take with friends and family – but not the world. You can send daily pictures to as many people as you want. They just need the app or an email address to get them. It’s an excellent way for new parents to get their little one’s photos into the hands of grandparents and excited friends without having them floating around on social media.

6. Baby Night Light

Baby Night Light App
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There comes a time when many babies and toddlers become afraid of the dark. Help ease their fears with this night light app. It gives off a soft light that won’t keep your baby up but will provide comfort. It also comes with soothing sounds to lull them to sleep. I don’t know about you, but I still use a sound machine myself! You can also use the app’s timer to turn off when the baby falls asleep.

7. Peanut

Peanut App
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After adjusting to new mom life, there comes a time that we want to connect with other moms! This app allows you to decide how much you want to interact with others. For instance, you can choose that you want to meet new people, ask other moms questions, or share advice from your personal experience. You can also use it to set up playdates with moms with similar-aged children or interests!

What are some of your favorite baby apps for new parents?

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