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Father’s Day Tribute: An Open Letter to My Son’s Father

One mom shares a heartfelt open letter to her husband, and father of her son, as a sweet Father's Day tribute.

Published June 1, 2015

Started as a response to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day didn’t gain in popularity as immediately as Mother’s Day had. Now, that’s funny, right? You’d think that fathers everywhere would be ECSTATIC to be showered with Father’s Day gifts and adoration. At the beginning of the 20th century, men felt that Father’s Day was emasculating. As one historian stated, “They scoffed at the holiday’s attempts to domesticate manliness with flowers and gift-giving.” (Read more about Father’s Day here.) Nowadays, Father’s Day seems to have gained some traction despite its shaky start. Here, one mom shares a special tribute to her wonderful baby daddy!

Dear Husband,

Despite being a father, you (along with myself and the general population of America) probably know next to nothing about the history of Father’s Day. Whether or not you think it’s silly, like the men of the 20th century, I think it’s high time I sing your praises. And on a public platform, to boot!

Sure, I often hear about the hard jobs mommas have in raising the littles, like how we learn early on how to juggle one million things and our heads ache from the weight of so many hats. And yet, somewhere in there is also a wildly successful, supportive partner who seems to go unsung far too often or be poked at playfully in social media. While your hats may not stack up as high as mine, they are of equal value. So today, I will make a small attempt at expressing my gratitude and highlighting what YOU bring to OUR table.

Father's Day Tribute: An Open Letter to My Son's Father

10 Things I Love About You

1. You leave each day to provide for our family even when I can see you just want to snuggle up with us. You love getting photos of our outings throughout the day and respond with enthusiasm. Even when I know you wish with every fiber that you could be there instead of at work.

2. Your hard work allows me the gift of raising our son at home. You see the immeasurable value in the time I get to spend with him. And you don’t make me feel resented for walking away from a dual-income lifestyle.

3. You’re a champ at taking over. While I may leave instructions and a meal plan for days I’m away, you ultimately forge your own way and create bonds with our son.

4. You give me “breaks.” I can’t remember an instance when you’ve complained or balked at my need for a little “me” time. You pick up where I’ve left off and never skip a beat.

Father's Day Tribute: An Open Letter to My Son's Father

5. You’re a playful and hands-on father. Oh, man. The laughter between you two is infectious and brings tears to my eyes as I write this! Fischer may be too young to remember the tickles and the games you play with him. But I will never forget them. You’re not afraid to be goofy or embarrassing when entertaining him.

6. You’re a cool cucumber. You don’t freak out when Fischer loses his cool in public, and you keep me sane when I want to rush out of the restaurant at his first screech.

7. You support my parenting choices but aren’t afraid to voice your opinions. We’re in this together, and I need to be reminded occasionally.

8. Boy stuff. A future thank-you for those times you’ll need to help Fisch in ways only a father can.

9. You are and will continue to be an excellent role model for our kids in many ways. You respect others and respect yourself. You value your health, punctuality, and cleanliness (even if I do complain about having to live in a museum).

10. You love ME so well. One day, our kids will have partners of their own. They’ll know how to love and not be afraid to show it because their daddy loved their mommy so big.


I could continue until the end of time with why I am thankful to be walking this journey with you. But then, what would I write to you next year? Fischer is one heck of a lucky little boy to have you as a daddy. I can’t wait to see how you continue to grow in that role.

To dads everywhere and those who fulfill the “dad” role, today is about thanking you for the incredible ways you support your families. I hope your day is filled with love, laughter, and great memories!



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