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Viral Video: ‘Annoying’ Mom Will Become Your Hero

What makes an 'annoying' mom a hero? Read this blog post to hear Jordan Toma's viral video and inspiring words about Moms.

Published July 4, 2023

One of the best things a mom can do — whether she’s an exhausted mom in the throes of raising teens or a mom giving it her all — is to check out inspiring and heartfelt messages on social media. That includes TikToks from Jordan Toma, known as @imjustakidwithaniep. One such clip is gaining continued popularity as it resonates with kids and moms everywhere. Why? It talks about “annoying” moms. But this well-known influencer is sending kids this message: Your “annoying” Mom is your hero, and someday you’ll realize that.


Your mom will be the 1st one❤️ mom imjustakidwithaniep

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Influencer Lets Kids Know How Important Mom Is

If you’re familiar with Toma’s work, you know what he’s all about — talking to kids about how vital their Mom is. Reminding them their Mom, for all her nagging and lecturing and embarrassing them in front of their friends about eating a healthy lunch or bringing a sweatshirt, is their first cheerleader, their lifetime No. 1 fan, and their greatest hero. And to be honest, his videos aren’t just for kids. They’re reminders to moms never to stop. To never give up. To look at ourselves in the mirror every day and realize we are doing a good job. That we got this. That our kids will come out on the other side of whatever challenging phase they are in right now, and they’ll be okay because we loved them through it and stood by them.

This latest TikTok, which is all about how your “annoying” Mom is the “first one,” is no different. “Your mom will be the first one,” Toma says in the emotional clip. “She’ll be the first one to tell you that she believes in you. She’ll be the first one to push you toward something that’s really scary. She’ll be the first one to tell you you gotta do your homework. You gotta be on time for school. You gotta get ready. She’ll be the first one to fight for you no matter what.”

‘Annoying’ Mom is the ‘First One’

Toma then adds: “She’s going to be there for you. She’s going to be there during the toughest moments. But she’ll always be the first one to tell you that you can do it. She’ll always be the first one to remind you of who you are. She’ll be the first one to show you that your potential is limitless . . . And you’re going to do something that you never thought you could do . . . Something that was so hard for you because of the one person who was the first one pushing you, which was your Mom. And then when you do it, you’re going to forget about everyone, and the first person you’re going to call to tell will be your Mom. Because she’s the first one. She’ll be the first one and the only one. That’s your Mom.”

And now I’m sobbing. Well, why stop there?


Your moms just the 1st one to Pick up on it❤️ #mom #imjustakidwithaniep

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How about this similar clip where the TikTok star repeats the same phrase repeatedly about Mom being the first one to “pick up” on whatever is going on with her child. “She’s the first one to pick up if you’re not telling the truth. She’s the first one to pick up if something isn’t right. She’s the first one to tell you that you’re not giving it your all. She’s the first one to pick up knowing that you’re leaving a little bit of your potential on the side,” he says in the video.

Influencer: Call Your ‘Annoying’ Mom

Knowing that he’s talking to stubborn kids who think they know everything and their parents know nothing, he acknowledges what they’re probably thinking — their Mom is driving them up the wall, always in their business, and never stops bugging them. But in response to that, he says this: “Your Mom’s the first one to pick up on you. She knows you. She can see you. She believes in you. She’s the first one to pick up on all the great things you’re ever going to do in your life. So don’t do the opposite. Understand that she’s just the first one picking up on it. And everyone else will see it later. But your Mom will look back from the stands and say, ‘I knew it first. I was picking up on it.'”

And finally, this Jordan Toma TikTok message is something I never want my kids to forget: “Call your mom.” Toma hops into his car and launches right into it, saying, “You’re worried about something? Call your Mom. You didn’t do your homework? Call your Mom. Got a big test coming up? Call your Mom. You got in trouble, and you need someone to come pick you up? Call your Mom. It’s 3 a.m.? Call your Mom.”

Yes, yes, yes. Call your Mom, kids. Always. We will be there.

The Word’ Mom’ is a Powerful Gift

This video discusses the impact and power of the word “mom,” including what our kids feel when they hear it. “That word ‘Mom’ when you say it, you just know everything is going to be okay. That’s the gift you have in your life. Don’t waste that gift. That’s the gift that’s going to get you to places you never thought you could go.”

And if you’re not crying yet, the end of this one will surely get you. “There’s a vision that your mom has of you,” Toma says. “And she can see it — she’s given that before you’re given that. And it’s her job to show you that way. It’s her job to tell you that vision. That’s why your Mom keeps calling you. That’s why your Mom keeps reminding you. That’s why your Mom believes in you. Because she can see everything you’re about to do. Take it seriously. It’s serious. Your Mom loves you. Follow her lead.”

These Messages are Good for Kids and Moms to Hear

“Annoying” moms give 110% daily when they open their eyes. Moms who never stop thinking, planning, and preparing. They are always mothering physically and mentally, already anticipating their children’s next needs while driving them to their first activity of the day. Moms who carry their kids’ emotional burdens, hurt when their kids hurt, and feel heart-bursting pride when they can see that their kids are also proud. Because even though there are many moments of joy on this road of motherhood, there is also so much heartache. So many days, we feel like we’re failing. So many days of fear and worry.

Videos like this send important reminders to our kids. Yes, like, “We nag you because we care and love you!” But they also send a crucial message to moms that we all need to hear. That message that we’re doing a good job, and if they don’t see it now, your kids will know someday how hard you worked. They’ll know how lucky they were to have an “annoying” mom who was always there. And as they have this epiphany, they’ll do something beautiful. They’ll pick up the phone and call you — their Mom, their hero, their No. 1 fan.

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