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9 Tips to Save Money on Your Maternity Wardrobe

If you are trying to save money, then here are 10 great tips on how to save money on your maternity wardrobe.

Published December 27, 2018

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

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There are so many cute and fabulous maternity clothes out on the market now. There are so many different options than there ever were before that look amazing on expecting mamas at every stage of their pregnancy. The only problem is, most of them are pretty pricey and they can all really add up when you’re investing in a maternity wardrobe. Since you’ll only need maternity clothes for a few months, why spend hundreds of dollars when you could save the money for something else, right? I’m all about investing in some good maternity pieces, but if you are trying to save then here are some tips on how to save money on your maternity wardrobe.

1. Borrow From Friends

If you’re only wearing these clothes for a few months, why not exchange maternity outfits with friends? Many women do. I will say that sharing works best within smaller groups of people. It could be friends in your neighborhood, a mom’s group, or even your circle of friends. Some advice: keep notes of what belongs to whom and make sure they’re returned, cleaned, and pressed, once you’re finished using them.

2. Improvise & Make Do with What You Have

If you can’t find affordable maternity clothes or just don’t want to spend the extra cash, I agree that it’s wise to stay away from the stores and not buy a ton of pieces. And what are the chances that you will be pregnant again in the same season? That’s even more of a reason to save what you can. Lots of women prefer to use what they already have by purchasing a belly band to help them wear their pants and jeans as long as possible as well as getting some dresses with an empire waist or a tent dresses. These dress styles are very flattering to the pregnant figure and can be worn even after baby and beyond.

3. Search through Craigslist & eBay

Lots of people sell their stuff on Craigslist and eBay so they are two great sites to check out. I recommend looking for large quantities of maternity clothes instead of buying piece by piece. Buying a whole collection will save you more money. eBay may have a bigger selection, but you might find someone right in your area via Craigslist so I suggest starting there. This will also help you avoid over-bidding and shipping charges. The trick is finding someone who is the same size, was expecting the same season, and has more or less the same sense of style.

4. Go to Inexpensive Retailers that Carry Maternity Clothes

Some of the shops that I really like that have great maternity clothes at more affordable prices are Old Navy and H&M. (Love the Gap too, but it’s a bit pricey.) Some inexpensive department stores to also check out are Sears, Target, and JCPenney. All of these options carry maternity wear. It doesn’t hurt to take a peek at Burlington Coat Factory, RossTJ Maxx, and Marshall’s as well for their great discounts.

5. Hit the Clearance Rack of Department Stores

Don’t discount mid-range department stores. The maternity clearance racks at Kohl’s and Macy’s can have great bargains, like dresses for $16 marked down from $80, and work blouses for $3 each. To sweeten the deals, look for coupons on the store’s website.

6. Visit the Outlet Stores

Shops like Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in a Pod are a bit expensive, but they do have some cute clothes. To get around those high prices, visit the outlet stores in your area. These stores will save you anywhere from 25-90% off retail prices. Don’t forget to take a peek into large discount stores like Wal-Mart or Target.

motherhood outlets

7. Use Thrift Stores and Consignment Stops

The normal Goodwill and Salvation Army stores are going to be pretty sparse and picked over for maternity clothes, so I recommend that you check out TheThriftShopper.com, a national directory, for places near you that you might not even know about that you can visit.

As for consignment stores, they can be a little expensive as well. I suggest getting to know the people in those stores and asking them to call you when some nice and affordable maternity outfits come in.

8. Look for Garage Sales

For the lowest pricing, check gsalr.com or the “garage sale” section of Craigslist to find sales near you. After giving birth, some women can’t wait to sell their perfectly good maternity clothes for pennies on the dollar.

9. Make Some Maternity Clothes

If you know how to sew, I would look into making some maternity clothes. There is a wide variety of patterns available for you to use as a reference. Some women find this a relaxing activity to do in the evening to add some fun pieces to their wardrobe. Look at the clothes in maternity shops to see how manufacturers use elastic insures, tabs, and Velcro strips for expansion techniques you can use.

Finding the right maternity pieces for you for all three trimesters depends on your budget, style, and even the way you carry a baby. With these tips, I hope that it has given you some ideas that will help you save and enjoy this time in your life.

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