The Most Common Mistakes Parents Make with Their Kids' Car Seats – Podcast Ep 41

The Most Common Mistakes Parents Make with Their Kids’ Car Seats – Podcast Ep 41

ParentingPublished September 15, 2020

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert


Car seats can be confusing. What should we look for in a good car seat when purchasing? What are the common car seat mistakes that we can avoid? We know they keep our children safe in the car, but it’s more than just buying the car seat. We need to understand how to use it properly. I’m chatting with a nationally certified car seat technician, Michelle Pratt, for today’s episode. Michelle owns Safe in the Seat, which handles all things car seats, like online courses, custom car seat selection, phone-a-friend inquiries, support, and complete car seat installation and consultations — in-office, in-home, or virtual. Michelle is also a proud mom of two and lives in South Tampa with her children.

With National Child Passenger Safety Week approaching, we thought Michelle would be an excellent person to talk to about car seats so that we can get the scoop on what parents need to know. She’s sharing with us the most common car seat mistakes parents make and answering our questions!

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