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The Essential Oils Every Mom Needs

productsUpdated March 11, 2022

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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When you become a new mother, you know you are becoming a caretaker for a sweet, little baby. And that comes with a lot of questions and concerns you never knew you could have! We naturally want to provide the best care possible. And part of this responsibility includes feeling that we should figure out how to do this without exposing them to unnecessary chemicals or antibiotics, which can sometimes feel daunting and worrisome in itself. The answer to this problem, for many moms, is to use essential oils.

So today, I thought I would introduce you to the world of essential oils and what many of my mom friends believe to be their best go-to products to help them address both the health needs of their children as well as themselves! This is not meant to say that essential oils are for everybody or to promote one brand of oils over another, but to give you a place to start if you wanted to explore how they could be helpful to your family.

When you study essential oils, you realize there are oils for just about everything you can think of: sleep, relaxation, hair loss, stress, the list goes on and on, but I thought it would be most helpful to ask my oil-loving friends to explain which ones they love most! And here is what they said:

Amanda, from doTERRA, says she cannot live without…

  1. Lavender – my kids call it the “itch away” oil. Great for bug bites, sunburns, and all things calming.
  2. Melaleuca – Our g- to “owie” oil. This oil is great for any cuts and scrapes…which never happens in this house of boys…HA!
  3. On Guard – For all those yucky germs out there. We love diffusing it, make my house smell like fall all year.
  4. DigestZen – We have all been there, someplace or time not super convenient and your little one says “my tummy hurts”, and more often than not they have to use the bathroom, but I will always put some DigestZen on to ease the tummy.
  5. Frankincense – Our family can always use a little bit of Jesus on them. I add frank to almost all we use. Illness, burns, aches, skin stuff…it’s amazing. If it was good enough for Jesus it’s good enough for us.

For oils that need diffusing, Amanda loves the doTERRA Aroma Lite.

And Stacie, from doTERRA, says she cannot live without…

  1. On-guard – This oil helps keep my babes healthy and I love to use it at the first signs of a cold.
  2. Lavender – I love to use this to soothe boo-boos and to help with sleep!
  3. Serenity – This one is great to use in a diffuser at bedtime.
  4. Helichrysum – Look no further when they fall! It’s Liquid Bandaid!
  5. Terrashield – For little ones that are prone to mosquito bites, this oil keeps mosquitos at bay!

Molly, from Young Living, says she cannot live without…

  1. Lavender – Swiss-army knife of all oils. I swear it has about a billion and one uses! I use it from sleep to cuts to teething. It is one I always make sure to have on hand because it is SO versatile. My little sidekick!”
  2. Thieves – I also make sure to have this one and apply it daily to boost our immune system or to kick sickness to the curb. This momma does not have time for germs or sickness!”
  3. Cedarwood – Hello best night of sleep ever for baby and parents! We diffuse this nightly for our little one and ourselves. I also put it in my shampoo to help with that lovely postpartum hair loss.”
  4. Stress Away – Need I say more?
  5. Copaiba – It has been the best for our little teether and helping with all aches and pains in general.”

For oils that need to be diffused, Molly loves the Home by Young Living.

And Kara, from Young Living, says she cannot live without…

  1. Lavender – This oil helps promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere. And let’s be honest, what mom isn’t begging for that? Sleepy cream anyone?
  2. Thieves – Oh my goodness, it’s so good. I use that stuff for cleaning, to help boost our immunity, as an air freshener, and to clean stains.
  3. Stress Away – This needs no explanation.

So now you’ve heard it from the mom experts. What essential oils do you love or want to try?

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