A Reminder to Parents to Stop & Appreciate These Tender Moments

A Reminder to Parents to Stop & Appreciate These Tender Moments | Baby Chick

A Reminder to Parents to Stop & Appreciate These Tender Moments

We live in a fast-paced, competitive, information-overload world. Everywhere we look, there is a wealth of knowledge. On every subject you can imagine. Invitations for self-improvement in everything. Subtle messages to be the best. And that’s not just in the working world. It’s in the parenting world too.

As a new parent. As a seasoned parent. As a working mom. As a stay-at-home-mom. It’s easy to feel distracted by the hundreds of things that seem like they HAVE to be at the top of your list. Sometimes it’s even distractions from things focused on making us better parents.

Pinterest ideas for school parties. Books on getting your baby to sleep. Facebook articles on ways to help your child resist peer pressure. Conversations with other friends on something they are doing with their children that is working wonders.

Even the stuff that is meant to be helpful can sometimes bog us down from the things we really care about. Even good stuff can unknowingly distract us enough from being able to receive joy and life from the things that actually fill us up. From our friends. From our family. And sometimes. Even from our babies. The ones we love more than anything, which is precisely why.

Sometimes you just have to stop in the middle of it all.

Put down the iPhone or iPad.

Forget about your long list of to-dos.

Turn off the TV.

Forget about watching the news.

Or your DVR line up.

Turn off Pandora.

And take out the headphones.

Put the phone on silent.

And realize your texts can wait.

Then take a moment to breathe in and out.

Shut down the 500 things running around in your brain.


And think about how this little tiny being that once grew inside of YOU.

Well, it is now THEM.

They are so little.

They are so young.

This time is so precious.

And it can be taken for granted without even realizing it is happening.

Take time to rock her and let the laundry sit.

Newborns are only new for so long. But laundry will be around forever.

Your visitors will understand she is more important.

Take time to tickle his belly and forget about the dishes.

baby baptism sepia

One day you can have a perfectly clean kitchen.

Take time to rub your face against her soft skin. Her skin won’t always be so smooth.

Take time to listen to his sweet voice. He won’t always sound that way.

Look at their little chubby hands and feet. One day they won’t be little.

Think about the stuffed animal they like to sleep with. One day they will be embarrassed by it.

Savor your baby. What a miracle.

Savor your son. Isn’t he so handsome?

Savor your daughter. What a beauty you have in our arms.

This time is

SO fast.

It’s a phase.

It’s short.

It’s busy.

But it’s temporary.


Because they grow.

Because they change by the day.

Their hair thickens.

Their voices deepen.

Their dependence on you changes to dependence on their peers.

Their need for your approval stops being as important.

At least in the near future.

But not now. Because for now.

You are still it.

You are everything to them.

You are beautiful.

You are wise.

You are important.

And they just love you.

They love being with you.

They love talking with you.

They love being held by you.

They love you.

tender pic with zane

So take time to savor them.

Every inch of them.

Because this time.

Is short.

And precious.

And so, very, very tender.

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Quinn is a wife, boy mom (x’s 4), blogger at Sanctification and Spitup, host of the Renew You Podcast and licensed marriage and family therapist. She loves to encourage others in relationships through her speaking, writing or podcast episodes.

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