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Staying Positive While Trying to Conceive

TTCUpdated August 3, 2020


When you’re ready to be pregnant, every day feels like a month. Each month feels like a year. A year can feel like an eternity. Lately, every article I’ve come across about TTC (Trying To Conceive) or fertility has been filled to the brim with negativity. I know women who are walking this path, and I know that what they want/need/crave is some light, some positive vibes, some encouragement through so much doubt. So I decided that while I can’t give you medical advice, I can share with you some tips and affirmations that I wanted to know and hear when we were trying for a baby. In an effort to spread a positive outlook for those waiting to see those faint little lines appear on that test.

First, assess your overall diet and health.

Now is the time to cut out sodas and fast food and exchange them for more wholesome choices. It’s also a great opportunity to make an effort to be more active. Healthy body, healthy mind, and hopefully soon, healthy baby!

Second, give yourself an emotional check up.

Are you experiencing racing thoughts, anxiety or depression? If you feel out of control of your emotions, or are experiencing severe mood swings or sadness, talk to your doctor about how you can safely address these concerns while trying for baby. It’s a stressful time when you are trying to get pregnant. It’s not happening quite as quickly as you’d like, and there is absolutely no shame in talking to someone about these stresses.

Third, communicate with your partner.

As women, when we’re pregnant we take on a lot. We also tend to take on the guilt when we are not getting pregnant or experience pregnancy loss. You have to communicate these feelings with your partner, and you have to allow them to help you carry this load. There will be highs and there will be lows. Allow your partner to be there for you every step of the way by keeping the conversation going and communication open.

After you’ve touched on these three items, take a moment out of your day to recite some positive affirmations. Journal them, share them with your best friend or partner. Reflect on them and breathe. Keeping in mind that the future has so much potential, that your path to motherhood is special and unique, and that no matter how you get there this journey is beautifully your own. It’s important to speak positively to and about yourself, here are some thoughtful TTC affirmations:

“I am filled with love, and I am ready to create a baby with that love.”

“My body is a beautiful and unique vessel, perfect for growing my baby. My body has everything it needs to conceive a healthy baby.” 

“There is no perfect time to become pregnant. I am not on a timeline, and I will welcome pregnancy when it comes.”

“I am serene, I am relaxed, I am open to receive the gift of life.”

“Inhaling peace and comfort, exhaling negativity and fear. With every breath I am releasing whatever it is that’s holding me back from conceiving.”

“I will set aside my worries and allow my body to do it’s work.”

“I am going to be an incredible mommy very soon. My baby is on its way.” 

If you are trying to get pregnant, know that you are not alone. We welcome you to share your story with us, and we hope that the stork makes a drop off at your place very soon.

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