A Cloth Diaper and Wet Bag I Love

A Cloth Diaper and Wet Bag I Love | Baby Chick

A Cloth Diaper and Wet Bag I Love

Believe it or not, I have more in common with the average thirteen-year-old boy than meets the eye. I am a huge comic book (movie) fan. And I have a special weakness for comics of the super hero variety. To be fair, I have a sneaking suspicion my husband had something to do with this — a successful marriage is built on compromise. This includes what we watch on the weekends, after the kiddos are sound asleep.

But what do comic book turned iconic movie characters the Terminator, Captain America, and Iron Man all have in common? Besides their undeniable heroism, these silver screen warriors also sported some seriously hardcore gear. So hardcore that the U.S. military has teamed up with Legacy Effects — the Hollywood designers behind all of these super hero looks to create its own Iron Man-style suit for elite U.S. troops.

The custom designed body armor, complete with an agile exoskeleton, will allow these troops to carry hundreds of pounds of gear into battle. You think that’s impressive? The government is hoping to create this new generation of protective armor within the next four years. And that got me thinking . . . In the war against baggy, saggy diapers everywhere, what parent wouldn’t want to be armed with the most incredible, weapons grade (cloth) diaper on the market? Cue the Super Mom theme music . . . 

The Super Cloth Diaper

From my own personal experience, the GroVia O.N.E. All in One (AIO) cloth diapering system is everything you need to combat baby’s biggest blowout — all in one easy to use super diaper. I mean, if the creator of Marvel Comics were to design a diaper, this would be it. Much like the agile exoskeleton suit Tinseltown is designing for U.S. troops, this super diaper is specially designed to carry your little one’s heaviest load.

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The GroVia AIO is super absorbent. (Love!) Like Captain America with his tool belt, you have a fleet of eco-friendly layering options right at your fingertips. But these super heroes weren’t just strong. Their ensembles evoked a coolness factor that could never be duplicated. Until now, of course. Durable and stylish, Kryptonite is no match for the GroVia AIO. It stands up against projectile baby vomit and the most toxic baby waste. And yet still manages to look darn cute doing it!

Once soiled, the GroVia AIO is as easy to launder as your favorite cotton tee. Just throw the entire diaper into the washing machine. No need to dunk it in the toilet first. (Gross!) And it’s quick drying, too. They even manage to maintain their adorable patterns wash after wash. And much like your favorite pair of maternity pants, these diapers grow with baby. With an innovative side snap design, baby can wear these diapers from 10 to 35 pounds. That’s newborn to potty training. Look at you, Superhero Mom!


These aren’t your grandmother’s cloth diapers. These diapers are science fiction realized. Finally, a quick and easy cloth diapering solution — so you can save the world in time for dinner. Homemade of course! 😉

The Bottom Line: Unlike disposable diapers where you are constantly tossing money out with the trash, GroVia’s cloth diapers are made to last. You can reuse them with each of your kiddos. This saves you big bucks in the long run.

But Wait, There’s More!

If You’re Going to Cloth Diaper (CD): You are going to need some wet bags. I am a huge fan of Logan + Lenora. They make adorable wet bags (among other things) — in ridiculously cute patterns — that actually work. You will obviously want to wash your dirty diaper stash after a couple of days (I wash mine almost immediately), but they really do contain the stink. Just toss them in the wash with your dirty diapers and voila! So easy. Plus, wet bags are awesome even if you aren’t going to cloth diaper — so perfect for storing wet swimsuits and sweaty gym clothes until you get home. Cute and practical.

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logan and lenora, diaper bag, breastfeeding scarf

diaper wet bag, breastfeeding scarf

Do you Cloth Diaper? What’s your favorite brand? If not, what keeps you from giving it a try? Does it seem too intimidating? Does it gross you out? As always, feel free to tell us what you (really) think!

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