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Must-Have Products for Twins

From a baby hammock to a diaper pail, here is the only roundup you'll need of the best baby products for twins.

Published July 6, 2022

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It’s official: You’ve heard two heartbeats, learned the new terms of Baby A and Baby B, and are slowly growing accustomed to your new title as a “mom of multiples.” As the news sinks in, your brain starts making lists of everything you need, wondering if two of everything are necessary and what the best baby products for twins are.

Take a deep breath, and don’t fret. As a mom of twins myself, you’ve entered into a group of moms who are more than willing to help guide you through your new role. We’re kind of like fairy godmothers walking with you along your path and sharing tidbits of wisdom we’ve learned, just without the magic wand. And don’t think we somehow have special powers to make the blowout diaper changes go faster. We don’t. But you’ve got this! And with the help of this “best baby products for twins” list, you’ll have mastered the care of two babies in no time.

Best Baby Feeding Products for Twins

Twin Z Pillow

Must-Have Products for Twins

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No matter how your babies are fed, the reality is that two babies will often need to be fed at the same time. And while you are already a super mom, you only have two hands and two arms. That’s where the Twin Z Pillow becomes the perfect accessory for any twin mom. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed, the Twin Z allows you to have two babies supported safely in one spot, allowing you to feed both however is best for your growing family.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

Must-Have Products for Twins
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If formula is the way for you and your babes, look into the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced. It’s like your own milk barista and will help dissipate those “hangry” baby meltdowns. Its ability to mix and dispense a warm bottle in whatever size you need at the perfect temperature will help keep feedings stress-free for you and your babies, even during the middle of the night.

Baby Tracker App

Must-Have Products for Twins
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If you’re anything like me, I struggle with remembering my schedule – add to that “mom brain,” sleep deprivation, and two babies’ schedules, and it can get a bit hectic. And while I’ll always say it worked best for our family to have the twins on the same schedule, that’s not always possible.

That’s where the Baby Tracker app helps take the responsibility of remembering some of those critical things during the newborn days, such as feedings, naps, and diaper changes. Plus, the syncing feature means multiple users can access the same information. Did I mention that it’s free?

Sleeping & In the Home with Twins

Graco Pack’ n Play Playard with Twin Bassinet

Must-Have Products for Twins
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One of my most used items with my twins was the Graco Pack’ n Play. While you always want to make sure they’re sleeping safely, it was the perfect place for them to be for those mid-morning naps or to put them in as they began sitting up and exploring the world around them – all safely contained and without them taking off in opposite directions!

HALO BassiNest Twin Sleeper

Must-Have Products for Twins
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After giving birth to twins, the HALO BassiNest Twin Sleeper is a great help to new moms recovering from childbirth. It’s gentle and calming, allowing your babies to sleep close to each other (yet safely in their own space). The vibrations and soothing sounds make it the perfect partner in your nighttime feedings and one of the best baby products for twins.

4moms Mamaroo Multi-Motion Baby Swing

Must-Have Products for Twins
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Inevitably, your babies will need you at the same time. The Mamaroo swing will be one of the best partners you can have when you’re out of arms for your little ones. With the ability to mimic your sways and bounces, it’s the perfect way to provide comfort to an overtired or colicky baby. Plus, with its machine washable (and super easy to remove) cover, clean-up will be a breeze if either of your babies were like mine and filled their diapers best while swaying in it.

HALO SleepSacks

Must-Have Products for Twins
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While some babies love to be swaddled, some fight it as mine did. HALO SleepSacks were a fantastic addition to our bedtime routine for this reason. Providing the weight of a blanket in a zipped-up sack, I could sleep at night (when they allowed me to!) knowing that no blankets would get near their faces, and they would still be warm. Plus, the ability to zip from the bottom made it easy for nighttime diaper changes. Not to mention, the cotton blends meant it washed up great every time.

Dekor Diaper Pail


Must-Have Products for Twins
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Dirty diapers are a given with babies. Add two babies to the mix, and you’ll be impressed with the number of diapers you’ll find yourself changing and piling up. The Dekor Diaper Pail is one of the best baby products for the twin household. It holds more diapers than the average pail. Plus, you can use a regular garbage bag inside, which definitely passes the smell test!

Best Baby Products for Getting Around with Twins

Binxy Baby Hammock

Must-Have Products for Twins
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One of the hardest things for me as a twin mom was trying to grocery shop with my kids, especially when they were still in their car seats. As much as we’ve made advancements in various things, carts meant to hold two babies either don’t exist, limit your cart space, or are highly inconvenient to maneuver through the store. However, the Binxy Baby Hammock can save your maneuvering skills and allow your babies to safely travel through the grocery store aisles or even the Target dollar bins for when you need an outing. Made to hold up to 50 lbs and machine washable, I promise this will become one of your favorite purchases. And don’t forget to check out shopping cart covers for twins for when those little ones of yours are ready to sit up.

Double Stroller Options

Mockingbird double stroller

Regarding double strollers, there is a variety for everyone’s budget and configuration preferences. Depending on where you’ll use your stroller and how you use it, it’s essential to make sure you can fit through standard doors, the stroller is easy to maneuver, and storage of any kind is accessible. Not to mention, you need those ample cup holders for bottles, pacifiers, and snacks! Double strollers like the ones listed below are wonderful options to help you accomplish all your twin adventures.

Other Best Baby Products for Twins

Store memberships

Must-Have Products for Twins

There are two guarantees when it comes to being a parent of multiples. 1) Going through lots of wipes and diapers, and 2) feeling overwhelmed when taking your babies out in public. And that’s okay–I promise it gets easier.

For the large quantities of diaper-changing items you’ll go through, it’s often great to check the prices at some stores that allow you to purchase larger quantities, including Costco or Sam’s Club. The membership cost for each will help ensure you always have supplies on hand. You might even find a few munchies for yourself for when you are awake at night feeding and the cravings hit. Your secret is safe with me if you buy the large supply of cookies alongside your diapers and wipes.

Another advantage to various memberships, such as Amazon Prime or Walmart+, is the ability to ship directly to your home. While getting fresh air does everyone good, a shopping trip with two babies can be daunting, especially during flu season. Having supplies like food, nursing pads, and diapers delivered to your door takes some stress out of your world and might be one of the best baby products for twins.

Give Yourself Grace!

Lastly, while this isn’t a tangible product, I hope you give yourself some grace too! Caring for two babies is a lot as a new mom, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and lonely amidst some of the happiest moments of your life. Know that we’ve all been there and believe in you – even on the days when you feel like you’re at your worst. That grace might be the best baby product for twins!

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