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How to Stay Organized in the New School Year

The school year is right around the corner! Are you ready? Here are some must-have products and helpful tips to get your organized and ready!

Published August 3, 2021

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Another new school year is about to start, which means everyone is getting back into the swing of things. Being organized once school begins means less chaos for parents and students alike! I am a mother and a teacher, so I truly understand the importance of making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the week. Planning and organizing before the week begins will set the tone in a positive way!

It takes a little extra work on the weekend that you will be glad is done once the week rolls around. I have found through experience that going the extra mile to make sure everyone is organized and on the same page truly makes all the difference. By implementing a few simple habits and practices, you will have the most organized school year ever! 

How to Stay Organized for the School Year

Start Planning

I know everyone has a calendar on their cellphone, but I truly believe in having things written down as well. So, I save important events and dates into my Google Calendar, followed by writing them down in a planner. The daily, weekly, and monthly combination planners are so easy to throw in your purse or bag for work. This means they are with you at all times to help you stay organized with what is happening.


Erin Condren Day Planners

Life in Little Squares Planner

A spiral-bound planner with a collage of colorful images on the cover, including various people, artwork, plants, a car, and food. The name

Create Your Own Design Planner

A woman and a child with curly hair are posing together on a cobblestone street. The woman wears a black leather jacket and sunglasses, while the child is dressed in grey. Appearing on the cover of a spiral-bound planner labeled

Metallic in Bloom Daily LifePlanner Duo

An illustration featuring various flowers in shades of white, blue, purple, and rust on a pastel pink background. Delicate leaves are interspersed among the flowers.

Erin Condren is a great choice for a personalized planner. You can customize the colors, name/title, and even add your own photos to it! They come in two separate bound 6-month books. These planners include extras like stickers, productivity pages, and quotes.


Target Day Planners

The Happy Planner

A spiral-bound notebook with a cover featuring abstract shapes in orange, green, purple, and beige. The text

The Home Edit Planner

A planner with a white background, featuring a colorful grid pattern made of vertical and horizontal lines in various colors. The cover has a gold label in the center that reads,

Sugar Paper Pink Stripe Planner

A beige agenda book with white polka dots and the word

My other favorite place to pick up a portable planner is Target. There are a variety of different brands and styles. They are all extremely affordable as well!


Wall Calendars

Sugar Paper Glass Dry Erase Calendar

A white glass dry erase calendar featuring a grid layout from Sunday to Saturday. The corners are reinforced with silver hardware. The rectangular grid cells offer ample space for notes, helping you stay organized. The top border includes decorative elements with an

Sugar Paper Wall Calendar

A wall calendar page for July, featuring a gold spiral at the top. Dates are printed in black with holidays noted, such as Independence Day on July 4th. The bottom right corner includes dates for June and August for reference, helping you stay organized all summer long.

Bloom Daily Planners Wall Calendar

A desk calendar for August 2022 with a floral design at the top and bottom. There are large daily squares for writing notes and a section on the right side for additional notes, ideas, and to-dos, helping you stay organized. The calendar also displays mini calendars for the previous and next months.

Large Professional Desk Calendar

The image shows four monthly calendar pages for June, July, August, and September 2021, arranged in a cascading manner. Designed to help you stay organized, each page includes dates, days of the week, and holidays with the months labeled at the top.

Acrylic Monthly Wall Calendar

A blank, white, wall-mounted dry-erase monthly calendar with a five-week grid helps you stay organized. Each column is labeled with a day of the week, and all squares are empty. The calendar has four metal hooks, one at each corner for mounting.

Dry Erase Wall Calendar

A white wall-mounted weekly calendar with a grid layout consisting of seven columns labeled from Sunday to Saturday. The grid includes five rows for writing dates or notes, helping you stay organized. Four gold-colored fixtures in the corners secure the calendar, adding a touch of elegance.

Dry Erase Calendar Decal

A blank monthly calendar template on a sleek white marble background. The calendar grid starts with Sunday and has columns for each day of the week. The top row lists abbreviated months from January to December, with a

Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Calendar

A white dry-erase monthly calendar board with a wooden frame to help you stay organized. The board has individual cells for each day. There is a black marker and three black magnets attached to the board. Days of the week are labeled from Sunday to Saturday at the top.

A monthly wall or desk calendar is a great option to keep the entire family organized at home. Place it in a central space that all members have access to. This will make it easy to add events and important times to the calendar.

A more modern approach to the monthly calendar is a dry erase option! They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to change since you can erase them.

Get Organized

Although every family may not have a separate workspace for homework, you can still create a functional and organized space! Having the supplies on hand that are needed will help kids get started tackling the homework much quicker. Storing these supplies in a caddy will make it easy to move them, especially if you do not have a dedicated homework station.

How to Stay Organized in the New School Year

This caddy has eight separate plastic bins that you can fill with anything your child needs to get their homework completed. The bins do come out individually for easy usage but can easily be put back into the caddy to keep it organized.

How to Stay Organized in the New School Year

A larger and truly mobile homework station supply organizer is a rolling cart. I love these because you can roll them into a closet when you are not being used. This cart comes in 14 different colors, but the rose gold is my personal favorite!


Homework Supplies

Crayola Colored Pencils

A yellow Crayola box of 36 colored pencils with the text

Crayola Crayons

Image of two Crayola boxes, each containing 64 ultra-clean washable crayons. The yellow boxes with blue, green, and orange designs feature a character holding a crayon. The crayons are arranged in rows to help you stay organized, showcasing a vibrant spectrum of colors.

Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers

Image of two boxes of Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers, each containing 10 broad line markers in classic colors. The front of each box displays the Crayola logo, the

Crayola Washable Markers

A box of Crayola washable markers with 64 different colors. The packaging highlights three kinds of washable markers and states that the markers work great with an air marker sprayer. Stay organized with this brightly colored box, featuring images of marker tips for easy selection.

Paper Mate Pencils

The image shows six packages of Paper Mate EverStrong #2 pencils. Each package contains 24 yellow pencils with erasers. The packaging highlights features like reinforced, break-resistant lead, helping you stay organized and prepared. The pencils are neatly arranged upright in clear plastic packaging.

KAISA Loose Leaf Paper

Three packs of Kaisa brand wide-ruled filler paper are displayed, each containing 150 sheets. The dimensions listed are 10.5 inches by 8 inches (26.7 cm by 20.3 cm). The paper packaging features a red cover with white and black text to help you stay organized.

Oxford Loose Leaf Paper

The image shows a package of Oxford Filler Paper, which is college-ruled. The package contains 500 sheets of 11

4-Pack 12-Inch Plastic Ruler

Five transparent plastic rulers are arranged side by side. Each ruler has measurements in both centimeters and inches, with clear markings and a small circular hole near one end for easy hanging or storage, helping you stay organized.

Ticonderoga Wedge Erasers

A package of three pink Ticonderoga erasers in a green and yellow blister pack. The packaging highlights features like

Sharpie Liquid Highlighters

A 24-count pack of Sharpie highlighters is shown, featuring various bright colors. The packaging highlights the

Handwriting Paper

A sheet of handwriting practice paper displaying eleven horizontal blue lines with red dashed lines in the center, dividing each row into two halves. The paper is designed to aid in practicing precise handwriting and helps users stay organized during their practice sessions.

Supply Box

An assortment of school supplies including crayons, colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, a composition book, notebooks, a ruler, erasers, scissors, and a pencil box arranged neatly to help you stay organized. The items are from various brands and are displayed clearly.

Electric Sharpener

A black and silver electric pencil sharpener with a transparent shavings container at the bottom helps you stay organized. The word

Dry Erase Board

An image of a white magnetic dry erase board made by Paperage, measuring 8.5 inches by 11 inches. It includes a dry erase marker attached to the side of the board, and a round magnet positioned at the bottom right corner, perfect to help you stay organized.


Three pairs of scissors are displayed in a row, perfect to help you stay organized. Each pair is colorful with a matching protective cap. The first pair is pink with a pink cap, the second pair is red and yellow with a red cap, and the third pair is blue and turquoise with a blue cap.

Construction Paper

A fan arrangement of bright, assorted colored paper sheets in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink hues helps you stay organized.

I recommend stocking your homework caddy with essentials like crayons, colored pencils, markers, paper, erasers, rulers, highlighters, and pencils. Other items that might be good to have one hand include a pencil sharpener, construction paper, glue, tape, scissors, index cards, sticky notes, and a dry erase board with markers.


Portable Desks

The Surf Portable Lap Desk

A young girl sits cross-legged on the floor, using a red lap desk to stay organized while writing in a notebook. She wears a pink patterned long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. She holds a pencil and focuses on her work.

Kids Lap Desk Tray

A pink lap desk holds a drawing of two cartoon characters outlined in crayon. Various colorful toys and crayons are placed in the desk's side compartments, helping you stay organized. Two crayons and a cartoon character figurine are on the desk's surface.

Portable Lap Desk With Pillow

A rectangular mouse pad with a galaxy design featuring swirling stars and cosmic dust on the surface. The border, colored maroon and padded for comfort, not only enhances durability but helps you stay organized by keeping your workspace tidy.

If you do not have a dedicated desk for your student to work at, think about using a portable lap desk instead! It can be used anywhere throughout your home and easily stored when not in use. You can also set up a dedicated area at your table or kitchen island if that better suits your needs!

Prep for Lunches and Snacks


Meal Planning

What to Eat Notepad

A teal-colored meal planning notepad titled

Sweetzer & Orange Magnetic Meal Planner

An angled view of a meal planner shows sections for each day of the week (Monday to Sunday) and a shopping list on the right side with checkbox lines. The top of the planner says

Pearhead Meal Planner Pad

A meal planner with handwritten entries designed to help you stay organized. It features daily meal categories for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday to Sunday, with spaces for each day, though Saturday and Sunday are blank. A shopping list section at the bottom lists eggs, chicken, pasta, tuna, turkey, and yogurt.

I highly recommend writing down what lunch will be each day of the week on Sunday. Whether it’s a Lunchable, leftovers, or lunch money for the cafeteria—planning it out in advance will save a lot of chaos. Check the school menu and if your student eats lunch in the cafeteria, then make sure they have money in their account or an envelope ready to go. Do the grocery shopping on the weekend if possible to make sure you are stocked for the week ahead. Plan your dinners out to ensure you will have leftovers if you intend to use those as lunches. In addition, I have found that if we write down our menu for the week ahead of time, we are much more likely to stick to it and eat out less.


Lunch Boxes

Jayden Pink Lunch Box

A pink and white backpack with the name

Jayden Gray Lunch Box

A small, grey and black backpack with a neon green stripe and the name

Grey Camo Lunch Box

Two camo-print lunch bags with a handle and zippered front pocket are displayed. One bag has the name

Mickey Mouse Lunch Box

Two grey lunch bags featuring images of Mickey Mouse against a white background are perfect to help you stay organized. Each bag has the name

Insulated Lunch Box

A dark gray, rectangular lunch bag made of fabric with a zipper closure and a handle on top. The bag features the Hydro Flask logo on the front and the brand name on a tag on the side, helping you stay organized for your day.

Astronaut Lunch Box

A rectangular lunchbox with a navy blue background featuring colorful space-themed illustrations, including astronauts, rockets, planets, and stars. The lunchbox has a grey zipper and handle to help you stay organized, with the brand name

Shark Print Double Insulated Lunch Box

A blue lunch bag with a shark pattern and

Lavender Floral Lunch Box

Two floral-themed lunch bags with lavender trim and handles are shown against a white wooden background. Both bags have

Waterproof Name Labels

A turquoise water bottle with a carabiner clip displays a sticker label that reads

Once you have it all planned out, then it is time to pack the lunches. I highly suggested doing this the night before instead of the morning of! I love a personalized lunchbox so that if/when it does end up in the lost and found, your child will easily be able to find it since it has their name on it. Another option is personalized name stickers. We use these and they are washable and stay put even once they go through the washing machine.


Bento Boxes

Bentgo Kids Prints

An open Bentgo lunch box with a purple exterior and teal interior is filled with various foods in its compartments: pasta salad, goldfish crackers, yogurt, almonds, grapes, and raspberries. The lid, also purple with a teal pattern, is placed beside it. Perfect to help you stay organized at mealtime.

Bentgo Kids Chill Lunch Box

A purple bento box with rounded edges and a latch on the front is displayed against a white background, helping you stay organized for meals on the go. The brand name

Bentgo Classic All-In-One Bento Box

A stackable, rectangular bento box with a marble-patterned lid and pink base helps you stay organized. It is secured with a fabric strap wrapped around the middle and features the brand name

Bentgo Stainless Steel Bento Box

A green Bentgo lunch box is shown. The lid is teal with the brand name

Bentgo 4-Compartment Lunch Box

A green and dark teal lunchbox with six compartments is shown open, perfect for helping you stay organized. Inside, there are two sliders, sliced bell peppers, dip, and grapes. The image also includes a detachable cooling lid depicted with snowflakes and an arrow pointing towards it.

Using bento boxes is the perfect way to keep all the food organized and in one place when you pack the lunch! We use the Bentgo Chill Boxes and love the space they offer for food. They also have a separate frozen ice pack you slip on. The entire thing is easily cleanable in the sink or can be put in your dishwasher. They’re highly durable and will last for years! I have three of them, so I can pack multiple lunches at once for my son.


Keep Cool & Hydrated

Bentgo Buddies Reusable Ice Packs

A set of four plastic cutting boards shaped like a dinosaur head. The boards stack together in green, red, orange, and blue layers, showcasing the profile of a dinosaur with an open mouth and visible teeth. These colorful boards make meal prep fun and help you stay organized in the kitchen.

Bentgo Ice Chillers

A set of four blue Bentgo ice packs is shown standing upright. The packs are rectangular with rounded edges and feature the Bentgo logo along with recycling and non-toxic symbols on the front. These ice packs are perfect for helping you stay organized on-the-go.

Unicorn Soft Freezer Pack

A transparent plastic pouch shaped like a unicorn with a white body, rainbow-colored mane and tail, and light blue hooves. The unicorn has a pink heart on its cheek and a happy expression. Perfect for helping you stay organized with style.

YETI Kids Rambler

A blue Yeti water bottle with a straw lid and handle, ideal for those looking to stay organized. The bottle features a silver band near the bottom and the Yeti logo printed in white. Its sleek, functional design makes it perfect for carrying beverages.

Camelback Insulated Bottle

A blue and green CamelBak water bottle featuring a children's underwater theme with illustrations of sharks, a scuba diver, and a snorkeling character. The bottle has a flip-top drinking spout and is perfect for kids to stay organized with their hydration.

Contigo Trekker Kids Water Bottle

The image shows two travel mugs with

Hydro Flask Kids

The image shows a stainless steel water bottle with a blue powder coat finish. This bottle features a flip-up straw lid, a carrying handle, and a blue silicone sleeve with ventilation holes to help you stay organized. A logo is printed on the front.

Contigo Kids Water Bottle

Two Contigo water bottles are displayed. The bottle on the left has a dinosaur design and a blue lid, while the bottle on the right is clear with a blue lid. Both lids feature a push-button spout and carry handle, helping you stay organized and hydrated on the go.

CamelBak Kids Water Bottle

A children's water bottle featuring an underwater theme with illustrations of sharks, fish, and a sea creature. It has a blue spout, an orange lid, and the brand name

Reduce Water Bottle Kids

A blue reusable water bottle with a green button and lid by the brand

It is also a great idea to include a reusable water bottle to make sure they stay hydrated! There are many different brands and styles to keep water cold all day long. We personally love the Yeti Kids Water Bottle since it has a straw cap and is easy to clean. I’ve included some other kid favorites that are perfect for kids of all ages! Most of these styles can be engraved with their name or initials. Another great option is a washable sticker label!


Snack Attack Organization

Back Seat Organizer Caddy

A black car seat organizer with multiple compartments, including mesh pockets, helps you stay organized by holding items such as a water bottle, baby wipes, a tablet, a small container, books, a phone, and sunglasses. The organizer also has a handle for easy carrying.

Hanging Pocket Organizer

A transparent over-the-door shoe organizer with 24 pockets. The organizer is hung by four hooks and has white edges framing each pocket. Made of clear plastic material, it allows you to easily see stored items and stay organized effortlessly.

Everyone is typically hungry when they come home. Make sure you have snacks easily accessible! Have a basket of them in the car if the trip home is lengthy to avoid stopping to pick up snacks. At home, I like to organize my snacks inside my pantry door using an over-the-door shoe caddy! I stick the snacks in the pockets so everyone can easily see what is available. This keeps it all organized and helps keep the pantry neat.

Things To Do The Night Before

1. Check the calendar for any events the next day. Be sure to speak with babysitters, partners, grandparents, etc., to ensure everyone is on the same page about drop-offs and pick-ups.

2. If there are any sports practices/games or dance lessons, be sure the bags are packed and ready for those. Even put them in the car!

3. Check folders for important notes and make sure everything is signed. Pack backpack and place by the door or in the car.

4. Check the weather. Find out if you will need a jacket, rain boots, or umbrella.

5. Have the entire family pick out their outfit down to the underwear, socks, and shoes, keeping the weather in mind.

6. Decide what breakfast will be to reduce wasted time in the morning.

7. Make sure you have enough gas in your car. It always sounds like a good idea to stop by the gas station in the morning, but I promise you it never is! Just go ahead and get it done.

8. Go to bed at a reasonable time to ensure a good night’s rest for all. Set your alarm for plenty of time in the morning to get out the door!

Hopefully, these must-haves and tips will come in handy in helping you prepare for the best school year yet!

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