How-To Host A Kid Friendly Thanksgiving 


How-To Host A Kid Friendly Thanksgiving 

Beautiful and towering floral centerpieces, crystal candle sticks, small votives providing ambient glow placed along the length of the dining table. Sounds like a lovely holiday dinner party… Unless you’re a mommy to a baby whose favorite game is “grab and toss” or have a toddler who is a tiny pyromaniac constantly flirting with open candle flames. Nothing will make you more thankful right? Yeah…Thankful for holidays that include wine! But rest easy mamas because today I’m letting you in on my turkey day tips for hosting a kid friendly thanksgiving that the whole family can enjoy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One roll of craft paper the length of your dining room tablecraft paper

  • Festive washi tape (to secure the paper to the table without damaging it)

  • Crayons or colored pencils for the littles, metallic paint pens for the adultsmetallic pens

  • Mason jarsmason jars

  • Flowers of your choice


    Flowers by The Backyard Bouquet

  • Votive holdersvotive holders

  • Flameless votive candlesflameless candles


We’re going to craft our craft paper runner. To start you’ll want to run the craft paper down the length of your table and trim to fit. I prefer the paper to fold under the table edge, so allow for a few extra inches if you’d like to do the same, tape in place with your washi tape and really make sure it’s secure as we’ll be coloring and writing on the paper.


Grab your mason jars! In one, toss in your colored pencils, crayons and metallic markers. For the other jars, fill them with the flowers of your choice and simply line them up down the length of the table.



Turn on your flameless votives and I drop them into your votive holders and sprinkle your votives around your flowers. I think it looks best when everything is clustered together and the light bounces off of the different pieces of glass, but use your creativity and arrange the florals and candles in a way that feels fabulous to you!

Now all that’s left is to invite your guests, young and old to come and decorate your table. Encourage them to write down what they are thankful for, draw hand turkeys, footballs, leaves and anything else they love about fall and thanksgiving! It’s such a joy to sit down for dinner on a day that celebrates gratefulness and be able to admire the art of your family.

At Baby Chick, if we were to write down all the things we were thankful for this year, YOU, our readers and followers would be at the top of our list! Wishing you a most plentiful and pleasant Thanksgiving friends!



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