Essential Oils for Soothing Baby’s Tummy

soothing baby's tummy

Essential Oils for Soothing Baby’s Tummy

When it comes to having a newborn, you know they cry over everything. Usually, they cry when they’re tired, they cry when they’re hungry, they cry when they poop, they cry when they get startled, they cry when they have occasional gas. And lots of times, when babies do cry, it usually surrounds the topic of their tummy.

Fortunately, our family started using essential oils before I had my first child. We became obsessed with using them on ourselves, and were floored by the relief they provided for our own tummies. So when it came time to start exploring this natural route for my own first born, I felt equipped in my arsenal of plant juice. Ready to tackle anything about her little life that needed some soothing or support.

It got me thinking about my favorite essential oils for soothing the tummies of both my babies. And as I thought about it, it wasn’t just one oil that worked, it was a few. In fact, for my daughter, I remembered certain oils that helped her. And for my son, I remembered different ones that helped him. This is because every tummy responds better to different plant ingredients. Essential oils are never a “one size fits all” kind of thing. But since this is such a natural and safe alternative to try for our babies, we were very comfortable trying out different oils that best suited our kids’ needs.

When it comes to giving you an idea of different essential oils to try for your own baby or toddler, here are some that we enjoyed:


This essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils for babies. The aroma itself provides calming relief when inhaled, and eases the tummy when applied. Not only does it do a great job calming down the body and mind. It also can help a restless baby sleep better at night. Because of this, our house is never without at least one bottle of Lavender in each kid’s bedroom.

Because Lavender is so gentle to the skin, many moms feel comfortable applying this essential oil undiluted on their little one’s tummy and feet. However, if your baby has sensitive skin, or if you choose to dilute, a 1:1 dilution ratio with a carrier oil would work great.


DiGize is a blend of Tarragon, Juniper, Ginger, Peppermint, Fennel, Anise, Lemongrass, and Patchouli essential oils. All of those combined have been known to provide powerful relief when applied, and supports a healthy tummy. This essential oil blend is also a popular one to have on hand as your baby gets older and begins to explore new food groups.

Since this blend contains a powerful combo of essential oils, diluting before applying on your baby is recommended. A 1:1 ratio of carrier oil and essential oil should do the trick! Both DiGize and Lavender come in a convenient starter kit, which is a great place to begin if you’re new to essential oils.

Gentle Baby

Gentle Baby is a blend of Coriander, Geranium, Palmarosa, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose, Bergamot, Lemon, and Roman Chamomile essential oils. But most importantly, it’s a momma’s best friend! When I simply wasn’t sure if my newborn was cranky, uncomfortable, or gassy, I would apply this essential oil on his/her tummy and feet. And every single time, within minutes, my baby would calm down and stop screaming.

I didn’t dilute this essential oil on my baby’s tummy, however other moms choose to dilute, since citrus oils are present and might feel “warm” to the skin. Again, a 1:1 ratio is perfect!


TummyGize is a blend that is specifically designed with babies and kids in mind. A perfect combination of Spearmint, Peppermint, Tangerine, Fennel, Anise, Ginger, and Cardamom essential oils. It is gentle to the skin, and absolutely perfect for little tummies (hence the cute name!). I always make sure to gift a bottle of this to every expecting mom-friend of mine, because I was blown away at the comfort it provided my kids.

The beautiful thing about TummyGize is this essential oil is already pre-diluted, so you don’t need to worry about mixing this with anything additional! It makes it easy on mommy and baby.

Peace & Calming

This is a gentle, sweet blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy essential oils. The ingredients behind this blend provide calming relief and a peaceful tummy, which perfectly describes its name! Not only would I apply Peace & Calming on my baby’s tummy before and after breastfeeding, it was also my very favorite essential oil to diffuse in their room while they slept.

This essential oil is gentle-feeling to the skin as well. However, if you choose to, dilute 1:1 with a carrier on your baby when you apply on the tummy.

The fact that there are natural solutions to help calm our babies and their tummies is awesome. As a mom, I want nothing more than to provide my kids with the best remedies that this world can provide. And lots of times, that lies within mother nature herself.

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