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Celebrate Parenting Milestones With These Fun Ideas

Highlighting your baby's accomplishments is important. But learn why one mama thinks we should also celebrate parenting milestones!

Published September 8, 2016

When our baby takes their first steps months in advance, we post a humble Facebook brag. We shout from the rooftops when they say “Mama” for the first time and when they are finally (FINALLY) potty trained. We practically host a parade saying, “We DID it! We’re DOING it!” We are raising these babies, and we’re rocking it! But do we celebrate our parenting milestones? We should!

Celebrating your baby’s milestones feels so validating. These milestones help us feel like we’re on the right track and doing our part in helping our littles check off these daily accomplishments that come along as they grow and change.

With our first baby, we are obsessed with hitting these milestones, and when they are delayed (or you are impatient), it puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on you and your baby. We’ve learned that most babes will do things in their own time (if you have genuine concern about delays, your pediatrician is a great place to start). It won’t do you any favors comparing your little Johnny to little Peggy Sue around the corner who can read at 3. Different kids, different timing.

Instead of fretting too much about milestones that will come when they come, we want to celebrate parenting milestones you may have already accomplished on your own. Because moms have their own moments that truly encompass parenting and deserve a trophy of their own.

Mama Milestone 1: Successful Sneak Out

You might as well be a secret agent or a ninja because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is more challenging than laying that baby down and army crawling your way out of the nursery unnoticed without waking your wee one.

Reward: A chilled glass of rosé — you earned it!

rose, mommy time out

Mama Milestone 2: No-Cry Car-to-Crib Transfer

It always happens. You pull into the driveway, put the car in the park, and your eyes go straight to that rearview mirror. Lo and behold, the baby’s asleep. You must now pull off an advanced maneuver of getting baby from car seat to crib without waking him. If you can manage this, you’re on a whole new level. (Also, teach me your ways!)

Reward: A solo trip to Target, don’t forget to grab a Starbucks!

Mama Milestone 3: Public Diaper Bomb

This is every parent’s biggest fear when taking their new baby in public: a massive and messy blowout when you’re away from home and have to think on your feet. We have ALL been there, and honestly, nothing makes you feel more badass than when you can manage a blowout like it ain’t no thing! You’re prepared, and you got this. Mic drop? More like a diaper drop!

Reward: Mani-pedi, because you know where those hands have been… 

mama milestone, parenting milestones, manicure and pedicure

Milestone 4: Thirsty Thursday To-Go

Baby’s hungry, and you’re out and about. It’s your first time breastfeeding in public, and whether you’re using a cover or not, it can be intimidating. But the baby’s got to eat, so you bust out the boob, and everything goes smoothly. After the first time, your nerves subside, and you find your stride. When a second baby comes along, you’ll nurse anywhere without a care. You go, mama!

Reward: A fabulous new bra for the girls and an adorable comfy tee! 

parenting milestones, mama milestone

Milestone 5: Baby Takes Flight

Parenting level: expert. Nothing validates your #1 mom status like making it through a flight with zero incidents while baby is on board. You strut down that jetway like the mama goddess you are because your baby slept from Houston to New York like a champ. #momgoals

Reward: Call a sitter because it’s a mom’s night out for you, sister! 

team baby chick, vegas, mama milestone, parenting milestones
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