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Baby Sleep Must-Haves: 6-12 Month Olds

Looking to encourage restorative sleep for your baby? Discover the baby sleep must-haves for a happy and well-rested home.

Updated March 31, 2024

by Leah Nolan

Certified Sleep Expert

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Congratulations, your little one is potentially old enough to sleep through the night! After six months, a good night’s sleep can happen with proper routine and nutrition, a calm sleep environment, and support. But there are certainly some must-have sleep products that can help your baby.

Your baby’s sleep is precious and having the right products to help aid in restorative sleep is an absolute must for a well-rested home. So, let’s dive into the must-have products so your baby can get restorative sleep and hopefully sleep through the night.

Safe Sleep Space

The first thing we think of when it comes to our little one’s sleep is their sleep space and making sure it is age appropriate and safe. The safest way for your baby to sleep is in their crib, alone, and on their back.

At 6-12 months, you are approaching the age when your baby may decide to climb out of the crib. By fully babyproofing their room, you will know that on the chance they do manage to climb out during the night, they are safe in their room.

Pregnant women using a baby gate near her staircase.

Regarding baby proofing, Qdos and Safety 1st are a couple of one-stop shops for babyproofing your home inside and out. They offer furniture anchors for ensuring your little ones’ furniture won’t tip over if they attempt to climb up their dresser. They provide outlet covers, door knob covers, lever handle locks, and more.

Wall Cable Hider
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When placing the baby monitor in the best place, you want to hang it over their crib so that all four corners can be seen. A wire covering adhered to the wall prevents children from pulling on the wire and taking the camera off the wall.

bink Up & Away, Magnetic blind cord safety (2 Pack)

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If your blinds have cords, ensure they are always out of the baby’s reach. Bink can assist as a magnetic cord safety solution, keeping the cord high and safely tucked away.

Lastly, please double-check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website (CPSC) to ensure your crib doesn’t have any recall or hazards associated with it. A crib is the only place your baby should be sleeping, not on your bed or sofa.


Blackout EZ - Total Sunlight Blocking Window Cover
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Now that your baby’s room is safe, it is time to make it pitch black so they can get quality, restorative sleep at night and during naps. When it comes to blackouts, you want to ensure that during the day, when you shut the door and turn the lights out, you cannot see your hand in front of your face. There shouldn’t be any light coming in or around the window. You can achieve this level of darkness with Blackout EZ Window Covers.

Tommee Tippee Sleeptime Portable Baby Travel Blackout Blind, Medium
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Or, if you are looking for a more temporary option, Tommee Tippee makes portable blackouts so you can easily get those naps in when traveling.

Sound Machine

Do sound machines actually work for our little one’s sleep? Yes! Playing static white noise on a sound machine can help your little one fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. The static white noise mimics what your baby heard in the womb and cuts out background household noise that may wake your little one or prevent them from falling and staying asleep.

Marpac Yogasleep Dohm (White/Gray) The Original White Noise Machine
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The Yoga Sleep Dohm Sound Machine is the most natural sounding for your little ones under three. It produces a soothing ambient sound of rushing air without disrupting the surrounding air in the room.

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light
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If you have a toddler who has transitioned to a toddler bed, you may want to consider switching to the Hatch Rest Sound Machine, which offers a nightlight and a sound machine. With the Hatch, you can select the color, brightness, timing of the light, and sound. Having your toddler choose a color for staying in bed during a sleep session and another for when it’s time to get up will give them visual sleep and wake cues. (Read our full review of the Hatch Rest here!)

Baby Monitor

Collage of baby monitors

When selecting a baby monitor, a few features are an absolute must-have. You want to ensure the monitor has a camera, night vision, and a two-way intercom for speaking to your baby, especially once they are older than 12 months and start standing in the crib. Some great affordable options with these features are the Hello Baby Monitor and Motorola. If you prefer to use your cell phone as a monitor, you can select one that operates off Wi-Fi, like the Owlet Cam. If you don’t mind spending a little more, the CuboAI, Nanit, and Miku monitors are incredible, with the ability to monitor your baby’s breathing during a sleep session, giving you extra peace of mind.

Sleep Sacks

Once your little one has begun to roll over, it is time to graduate to a sleep sack, also known as a wearable blanket. A sleep sack is an absolute must for your little one’s sleep. You should never place a conventional blanket in a baby’s crib until they are at least one and your pediatrician has given you the go-ahead. Waiting until the age of 1 reduces the risk of SIDS.1 Until then, a sleep sack is a safe way to keep your baby warm throughout their slumber since it cannot slip over your baby’s face and obstruct their breathing.

3 Kyte baby sleep bags
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There are a couple of factors that come into consideration when it comes to selecting which sleep sack is suitable for your little one. First, you want to look up the sleep sack’s TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) and the material’s thickness.2 Once you know the TOG needed for your home, it will help you find the best sleep sacks. Check out the Kyte Baby sleep sacks if your little one is starting to roll. Their sacks are made from bamboo and spandex, giving them the most luxurious buttery feeling, perfect for a new baby’s soft skin.

Two sleep sacks for toddlers

Once your little one has begun to walk, look into an easy walking sleep sack like Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Walkers or the On-The-Move Walking Sleep Sack from ergobaby. These sleep sacks have two leg holes, allowing little ones to walk around without tripping.

Overnight Diapers

Collage of overnight diapers for babies

Now that your little one’s environment is all set and they have their age-appropriate sleep apparel, it’s time to talk about night waking due to a leaky diaper. When it comes to sleep sessions, you want to ensure you always use an overnight diaper sized up by one size. This will provide more absorbency to help prevent night waking due to a full diaper or, worse, the need for a total bed change. There are many great overnight diapers on the market, like Pampers Overnights, or if you are looking for organic diapers, Seventh Generation Overnights are a great option.

If you find that your little one needs more absorbency than a sized-up overnight diaper can provide, it’s time to bring in the big guns with Sposie Booster Pads. These pads are inserted into your little one’s diaper or pulled up to add even more absorbency. Once the diaper is full, the booster pad will prevent leaks and keep your little one dry and asleep.

Lovey Security Blanket

Elegant Baby Flatso Giraffe, Beige
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Let’s talk about loveys! You may introduce a lovey to your little one at six months during wake windows, but they are never to be left in the crib with your baby. Your baby should have nothing in or around their crib until after their first birthday and with your pediatrician’s approval. Once your baby has had their first birthday, and your pediatrician has given you the green light, you may introduce a small lovey like an Elegant Baby security blanket. Your baby can use this as a comfort item when going down for a sleep session. If they use a pacifier, a lovey will help them eventually wean off of the pacifier since they’ll still have a comfort item.

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are an absolute must for your baby’s bedtime routine! They provide a time before each sleep session for cuddling and calming down. This helps them go into their crib, calm but awake. Now that your baby is six months or older, you may notice they are interested in the book by pulling on the pages, holding the book, or chewing on it. For some great books for kids, check out these articles:

Now you know the must-have baby sleep products that will help provide your baby with an ideal sleep environment. These tools will help them get restorative sleep during naps and bedtime! With some support and encouragement, you will have a well-rested home in no time.

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