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To The Helpful, Present Grandparents: Thank You

Grandparents hold a very special place in our hearts and lives. To those helpful, present grandparents, we thank you and appreciate you.

Published September 21, 2020

Dear Grandparents,

Because of you, life is a little bit sweeter, much more manageable, and a lot more full of zest. There wouldn’t be highly anticipated trips to visit grandma and grandpa’s house without you in it. Or bellies full of extra desserts (often before dinner has been served). Or a constant smile beaming across our children’s faces as you read them book after book before bedtime. We are constantly in awe of the love, support, and sense of family that you provide your grandchildren and us. It’s a blessing to be able to call you ours. And we are so grateful to have present grandparents like you in our children’s lives.

Where do we even begin in saying thank you? Let’s start at the very beginning.

Before life as a grandparent fully begins, you are there. Thank you for being the many happy tears upon sharing our new baby news. As well as the constant reassurance that we will indeed make it through the never-ending morning sickness and backaches that come along with pregnancy. Thank you for excitedly anticipating the long-awaited phone call screaming, “We are going to the hospital! This baby is finally coming.”

Thank you for being the visitor patiently sitting in the waiting room, late into the early morning hours, until you can finally meet your newest grandchild. You quickly filled the shoes of a new grandparent, greeting them with the sweetest smile and the most loving look. One, of course, that only a grandparent can give. Did we tell you that you were a natural? You took on your new role, and you shined.

You continue to outdo yourself as a present grandparent time and time again.

When baby number two (and three, four, and sometimes more) makes their grand entrance, you’re also the middle-of-the-night caregiver watching over the new big brother or sister. You ensure that they understand their big responsibility in caring for the new baby. And we can’t forget your role as art director and interior designer, as homemade “it’s a boy” and “welcome home” signs greet us as we make our way through the door with the newest addition to the family. We are so grateful for you.

Thank you for the early morning, much-needed coffee delivery after sleepless nights. And boy, there are a lot of them. For always being the loving arms to comfort a fussy newborn so that mama can take a shower for the first time in what feels like days. And, let’s not discount the clean kitchen and full refrigerator that miraculously keep us going those first days, and often weeks, after returning home from the hospital. We do not know how you do all of this so effortlessly and yet so full of love.

Thank you for being the go-to sitter for a needed date night when the babysitter cancels. And did we say thank you for doing it free of charge? You have jumped in to help us out and provide us with relief more than once, no matter the distance or often the time of day. We couldn’t make it through without the late-night counsel when a kiddo is up crying and nothing seems to be working. Or when potty training starts to go south and when the big kid bed seems way less appealing than the new baby’s crib. You somehow have every magical remedy or solution up your sleeve.

Year after year, milestone after milestone, you are always there for us. You are our unwavering support, consistent guidance, and our biggest cheerleader. There are certainly not enough words in the English language to craft the proper way to say thank you. You mean so very much to us.

But for as much as you mean to us, to our children, you are everything.

The unbreakable bond that you have built and will continue to build with them is something that is beyond special to watch, and it simply grows sweeter with time. The way that you comfort them, read to them, sing to them, teach them, play with them, entertain them, and so frequently have them downright giggling until they cry. This is love in its purest form.

They adore you, they look up to you, and they think the world of you. You are the steady presence of positivity, joy, love, and a whole lot of fun in our little ones’ lives. Trust us when we say that your role as a present grandparent has more impact than you will ever know. You are unrivaled and, without a doubt, irreplaceable.

As parents, we couldn’t do what we do if it wasn’t for you as a present grandparent. Our children are so lucky to call you their grandpa, grandma, papi, nana, granddad, grammy, meemaw, popo, and every name in between.

We love you. We appreciate you. And we are thankful for you.

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