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9 Tips for Working Moms to Stay Healthy While at Work

Being a working mom can be challenging, but making just a few changes will help you to establish healthy habits while at work.

Updated March 29, 2024

by Alayna Pagnani-Gendron

Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractor D.C., CACCP

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Working in an office can make it hard to keep a healthy routine, and it can be especially challenging for moms who juggle work and home life. It seems like there is no time for yourself. It can be especially difficult to make time to exercise or eat right. Here are a few tips to keep your work life as healthy as possible.

1. While at Work, Work, and Then Leave Work at Work

This seems obvious. But how many of us schedule birthday parties, carpools, and dance classes at work? We also check our socials, and emails, and return calls. As moms, we are juggling 500 things at one time. Set aside time to return calls and emails, but while at the office, commit to getting your work done so you don’t fall behind and need to bring it home. Organizing and prioritizing your day helps to keep you more focused and balanced.

2. Sit on an Exercise Ball or Get a Standing Desk

Sitting is the new smoking. Humans are not designed to sit for most of the day.1 Our bodies are meant to be upright and active. Sitting for long periods leads to back pain, headaches, tight muscles, and an increased incidence of injury. What mom has time for that? A good alternative is sitting on an exercise ball. This helps to strengthen your core, which will help to prevent back injuries. Another highly recommended option is to opt for a sit-stand desk. This allows you to spend more time standing upright for most of the day while working. By standing, you will help to prevent tightness in your lower back and hips. Plus, you will burn more calories, and who doesn’t want that?

3. Make Your Workstation Ergonomic

Many corporate offices offer ergonomic checks. They will set your computer and desk chair at the appropriate height for you.3 This allows you to sit with better posture, which will decrease computer neck strain, carpal tunnel, and other work-related injuries.

4. Every 30 Minutes, Get up and Take a Break

Your body and your mind need a break from the computer screen. Move away from your desk every thirty minutes and take a one-minute break from the screen. Getting water, running to the bathroom, or visiting a coworker will help you reset and refocus.

5. Bring Your Lunch

Getting caught up in your office’s sweet treats is easy. It is also easy to grab fast food during your short lunch hour. Packing a well-balanced, healthy lunch will help you to stay focused throughout the day. No need to worry about that full, sleepy feeling after eating the salad or soup you packed. It is helpful to meal prep over the weekend so you can grab and go during your busy morning.

6. Drink Water, and Only Water

Water will keep you hydrated and satisfied. Try to avoid energy drinks, sodas, and coffees that are high in sugar. These can cause you to crash and feel bloated and tired later in the day. Who wants to attend that meeting with the CEO with a bloated belly and sleepy eyes? Try adding lemon to your water for flavor. Another good alternative if you crave carbonation is seltzer water.

7. Meditate.

Take a minute here and there to close your eyes and meditate. This will help you to regroup. Deep breathing has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety.2 Breathe in for a count of 10 and breathe out for another count of 10. Try it, and you will feel amazing!

8. Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils are the new craze, and I love them! They can help you to breathe better, focus more, and decrease stress. Try getting a small diffuser and adding some lavender oil on high-stress days. Need energy to meet that deadline? Diffuse some lemon or orange oil.

9. Move More

On those every 30-minute breaks (you should be taking), do some neck, hip, and wrist stretches. Stretching will help get your blood flowing, giving you more energy. It will also help to prevent tightness and pain by the end of the day.

It can be very challenging to be a working mom, but just a few simple moves throughout the day can help you to be more productive and less stressed.

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